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Godfather: A Novel for Television, The (3/4)


original title: Godfather: A Novel for Television, The


  • TV Version
  • Theatrical Version
Release: May 23, 2011 - Author: Karl Gustav - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB - more from this series

The shooting of the first Godfather movie were really nerve-stretching for Coppola, thus he originally decided not to direct the sequel. However, after the first movie was a huge box office success and praised by both the audience and the movie critics, Coppola didn't have to fear to be fired by the studio. Therefore, he was also able to set conditions if he was to direct and co-write the second Godfather movie.

One of these conditions said that he would be allowed to take all the scenes from both the first and the second movie to re-arrange them chronologically for a TV mini series. In addition to this structure the TV version also offers a few additional scenes or shows alternative footage (which - of course - also replaced too violent or sexual content).

5 years after the 2nd Godfather movie the TV mini series was aired on an US TV channel. To this day there does not exist a DVD version of this mini series.

The 4 reports will follow the TV version's structure, thus all the cuts will be listed in the correct chronological order. The first part mainly shows scenes from the second movie's theatrical version - only at the end of the first part you will finally see a few scenes from the first Godfather. The time designations will always be listed for both the TV and the theatrical version. The different types of cuts will always be listed as follows:

Exclusive Scenes in the TV Version

Exclusively Shown in the Theatrical Version

Alternative Scenes

The Godfather - A Novel for Television: Part 3

TV: 0:00 | P1: 91:10

Vorspann und Rückblende auf Teil 1. The theatrical version shows longer how Sonny and Hagen walk downstairs after having talked to Vito.


TV: 6:13 | P1: 93:57

The TV version shows Michael and his bodyguards while resting. One of them asks Michael about America and if he is really such a bigwig and if the people over there are really rich. He wishes to come to America with Michael and starts singing the national anthem. The theatrical version only shows further takes of Michael and his bodyguards while having a walk.

TV version: 54s

Theatrical version: 15,5s

TV version

Theatrical version

TV: 7:25 | P1: 94:32

Michael fragt die beiden Bewacher, wo denn alle Männer in diesem Ort hingekommen sind. Die starben alle in Vendettas und an den Häuserwänden stehen ihre Namen.


TV: 7:35 | P1: 94:54

Michael arrives his father’s birthplace and asks an old woman if the Andolinis are still living here (his family name) but all of them are either dead or have moved overseas. The theatrical version shows an alternative transfer. 1,5s


TV: 14:26 | P1: 101:00

After the diner Michael and Appollonia are having a walk. Their families are following them.


TV: 16:33 | P1: 103:37

Sonny beats up Carlos a bit longer.


TV: 16:40 | P1: 103:50

Alternative takes of the clash. Sonny uses a garbage bin to beat up Carlo. The tv version does not show this action in detail because splashing water hinders a clear view.

TV version: 8s

Theatrical version: 17s

TV version

Theatrical version

TV: 16:51 | P1: 104:09

More beating up, now with the bin cap which is punched in Carlo’s face.


TV: 17:07 | P1: 104:30

Carlo is lying longer on the street.


Kay visits Tom Hagen. This scene can be seen before Michael’s wedding in the tv version at TV: 17:07 | P1: 104:30. The theatrical version this scene follows the wedding at TV 20:14 | P1: 115:43. Through different transfers the scene runs longer for 8s in the theatrical version.

TV: 19:16 | P1: 105:35

Further takes at Michael’s wedding in Sicily. Appollonia collects gifts from the guests.


TV: 20:00 | P1: 106:49

During bridal night Appollonia gets undressed and her breast is visable .. at least in the theatrical version. The TV version prohibits nudity and therefore an alternative take was used in which only her back is visable. The theatrical version runs a bit longer as well.

TV version: 14,5s

Theatrical version: 50s

TV version

Theatrical version

TV: 20:00 | P1: 106:49

After the phone call Connie is arguing with Carlo. Here alternative material was used because the TV version runs longer. Here, Conny already talks to Carlo while he is having a shower. She is angry because his affaire just called him, but he denies it. She becomes hysterical but he remains calm and sends his wife to the kitchen to prepare food. The dialogue in the bedroom is identical but different takes were used.

TV version: 73s

Theatrical version: 24s

TV version

Theatrical version

TV: 24:55 | P1: 112:45

Sonny is longer under fire.


TV: 24:56 | P1: 112:51



TV: 24:57 | P1: 112:54

After his father survived the assault, Sonny is taken down by secure and other bullets are fired into his body when he is already dead. Afterwards one of the shooters kicks his face.


TV: 28:11 | P1: 116:14

Bonasera dresses up after Hagen yelled for him who wants a favour. He is worried that his favour would make him a complice and he has to go to jail. He curses the day when his wife became friend with Mama Corleone.


TV: 28:11 | P1: 116:14

The theatrical version shows instead a scene in which Vito walks back to the bedroom.


TV: 33:34 | P1: 120:57

After the explosion Michael is at the hospital and can barely keep his eyes open. When he is told his wife is dead he orders Don Tommasino to look after Fabrizio before he loses his consciousness again.


TV: 40:43 | P1: 127:30

After Michael returned from Sicily he walks with his father through his garden. Michael asks what happened to Sonny. Michael is out for revenge and thinks the peace which is wished by Vito can be seen as a sign of weakness for the Corleones. Michael says that Vito might have promised peace, but he does not. Vito avoids the conversation.


TV: 46:53 | P1: 132:32

Hagen is disappointed because he will not bet he consigliere of the family but only the lawyer. Michael explains it that the family business has to be legal in future and he can not understand why this is that important to Hagen. Hagen says that he fells betrayed because Rocco’s men are messeging Michael directly without telling something to Hagen. Vito says he told Michael that Hagen would be a problem.


TV: 48:05 | P1: 133:18

After Hagen left both version use different alternative takes. The theatrical version shows Vito slightly longer who he slackens Michael’s tie. Then he slaps on his shoulder and says that Michael now found his ‘Luca Brasi’. The TV version shows the room in a total shot and how Michael sends away his men and slackens his tie. Vito comes forth and slaps his shoulder while using the same words. Afterwards Vito asks Michael to follow him into the garden to have a talk.

TV version: 48s

Theatrical version: 15s

TV version

Theatrical version

TV: 54:49 | P1: 139:30

When Michael tells his brother Fredo that he has taken party for anyone but his own family he repeats „Never ever!”.


TV: 56:43 | P1: 141:24

Michael says that his son can read comics by the age of 3. Vito is proud.


The transfer from the garden to the graveyard is differend. The TV version shows a blackscreen, the theatrical version is longer. 1s

TV: 61:40 | P1: 146:34

The cars are driving by a bit longer.


During the funeral there occur various frame cuts which have a complete duration of 2,5s.

TV: 68:52 | P1: 153:53

Blood is dripping out of one killed Don.


TV: 69:03 | P1: 154:05

One of the Don’s is shot in the breast twice.


TV: 69:04 | P1: 154:08

The 4th shot is missing.


TV: 48:05 | P1: 133:18

Barzini is shot in an alternative take. The TV version offers a long shot, the theatrical version shows it in 3 takes incl. a close-up of the bloody wound on his back.

TV version: 11s

Theatrical version: 11s

TV version

Theatrical version

The transfer from the baptism to Corleone’s home. The TV version shows a black screen, the Theatrical version is slightly longer. 1s

TV: 75:59 | P1: 161:05

Carlo is being strangled longer. After he tries to free himself he crushes a window with his foot.


At TV: 80:11 | P1: 165:32 the credits begin in the theatrical version. 152s

TV: 80:11 | P2: 10:30

Only the theatrical version shows the communion of Anthony Corleone in a church in Nevada before the party at the lake starts.


TV: 80:11 | P2: 10:30

The TV version now has to find a transfer between the last scene in New York and the communion in Nevada. Therefore one can see some night shots from the new home of the Corleones and Michael who plays with the dogs. Than appears a cut to the communion party while the party can only be seen in the theatrical version. The party is crowded. Hagen is there with his wife and 2 kids. Suddenly a car drives by and an angry-looking woman gets out and yells at her husband because he wants her to be quiet. This guy is Fredo Corleone who does not seem to be the head of the family. She runs away and wants to see Michael. Fredo holds her back. His wife is wondering why he is that afraid of his younger brother whereas he responses that Michael is the family’s head.


Akin his father to the beginning of the 1st part of the Godfather, Michael welcomes guests during the party. The order of the conversations differs in the TV version. Persons in brackets only appear in the TV version.

TV: (Francesca), (Al Neri), Connie, Johnny Ola, Senator Pat Geary

Kino: Senator Pat Geary, Johnny Ola, Connie

TV: 83:43 | P2: 12:46

Frankie Pentangeli is thirsty. The Champagner cocktails will not please him. Because he can not find red wine of beer he uses the garden hose. The theatrical version shows him as well drinking at the hose, but without explanation.


TV: 85:12 | P2: 20:59

Michael welcomes Sonny’s widow, her daughter and her fiancé. Francesca wants to get a blessing for her wedding. Fredo enters and says that Frankie wants to talk to Michael. One of Michael’s men pushes him out. After Sonny’s dead Michael was like a father for Francesca so he asks Gardner what he does. Gardner studies history of arts and is son from a wealthy family. Of course they receive the blessing. Francesca is very pleased about it and tells the message to Kay. Michael orders Hagen to provide a good dower because Gardner seems to think that Italian girls must be poor.


TV: 87:51 | P2: 12:46

Preview on the last part and credits.