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  • US TV Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Mar 11, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
The atmospheric horror thriller starring Famke Janssen and directed by Eric Red (among genre fans known as the director of "Body Parts") was apparently planned as a movie for the big screen as the R rating given by the MPAA shows but was then released directly on DVD, including a promising "Unrated and Uncut" slapped onto the front cover. This version was then released worldwide.

The US TV channel Sci-Fi (now known as SyFy) shows an exactly five minutes shorter version. Apart from several storyline cuts a sex scene has been cut as well. We cannot tell for sure but considering the manner in which the cuts have been made this just might be the original R-Rated Version.
The TV Version is still watchable and does not lose its edge, although the aforementioned sex scene as well as the finale do appear rounder and better in the Unrated.
Typical for this TV channel is the drowning out of curse words like "Fuck!", "Motherfucker!", "Shit!", "Prick!" the moment they are uttered not the best kind of censorship, especially when the actors are swearing directly into the camera and we can read the words from their lips but hear nothing. Due to the obvious nature of these editing without any alternative whatsoever they are not mentioned in this report.

Time indexes are taken from the uncut version. The remaining difference occurred due to rounding.
Comparison between the cut US TV version on SyFy (TV-14), aired Dec. 20th 2009 at 11 pm, and the uncut Unrated DVD from Asylum Home Entertainment.

US TV Version:1:28:19
Unrated DVD:1:36:24

11 Cut scenes = 5 Min.
Completely missing: Marnie is in the bathroom, brushing her teeth. She hears a creaking sound and water, looks out the door, goes back to the sink and finishes brushing her teeth. Then she walks to her bedroom, undresses, blows out the candles and wants to lie down when she hears a scratching noise. She thinks it's a rat, looks under the bed and is scared to death when the cat explodes out from under the bed. She pulls herself together and baits the cat into her bed to cuddle when she hears another noise. Armed with flashlight and kitchen knife she searches the house until she is again scared to death by a homeless man appearing behind her. Using the knife she drives him out the front door where he promptly flees into the night while she stays behind.
180 Sec.

A short pan to the blinking device is missing.
7,5 Sec.

Marnie searches the house longer.
21,5 Sec.

Marnie crawls around under the floor longer.
19,5 Sec.

Marnie sits longer in front of the money she has found.
12 Sec.

In the TV version a side shot of the sex scene is missing.
The TV version fades from the previous shot into the next one while the Unrated fades into the shot that was cut from the TV version and changes to the next shot with a hard cut.
8,5 Sec.

After discovering Mike at the ceiling, Marnie is a bit unsecure but then starts to enjoy it.
7,5 Sec.

The shot from above is a bit longer.
2,5 Sec.

The shot starts earlier.
5,5 Sec.

Shanks walks across the street, the camera moves up the house to the bedroom window.
11,5 Sec.

Marnie searches Shanks for the keys to the handcuffs while the fire spreads.
11 Sec.

More fire in the basement, the following shot starts earlier.
7 Sec.

Due to the commercial breaks a few seconds of Marnie in the basement are missing.
6 Sec.

The credits are shown in a small frame and in fast motion in the TV version while a commercial for the following show is aired. On the DVD the credits roll much slower and therefor longer of course (not included among the cuts).
216 Sec.