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Needful Things

The War of the Worlds

The Burning

To Live and Die in L.A

Blade: The Series

1.01 House of Chthon Part 2


  • Regular TV Version
  • Movie Version
Release: Mar 29, 2011 - Author: DJ SHADOW - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the (shortened) Regular TV Version and the Uncut Movie Version from Spike TV.
On Spike TV in the US, the two first episodes was aired as a movie version. Producing a movie version and two regular episodes isn't uncommon. Some insignificant plot scenes are being removed to reach the usual length of ~ 43 min.

The time index refers to the Regular TV Version.
Regular TV Version = 41:07 min (credits excluded)
Uncut Version = 41:53 min (credits excluded)

7 cuts = 46 sec + 1 scene with censored audio track
02.37 (Tonschnitt)
Krista looks at Marcus' bodyguard and says "Familiar".
1 sec

Missing shot of Blade taking his cell with before the credits begin.
5 sec

Krista's little brother circles the play equipment.
6 sec

Krista's gets on it.
5 sec

After her brothers wants her to help him, his statement "Dream is die" is missing. The younger version of her brother wants to know if she got it, she shakes her head. Then a shot of a painted vampire.
5 sec

Shot of a dead body on the ground.
1 sec

The hooker looks at her pimp and the crooked cop shows his badge.
She gets into the cop's car.
15 sec

Extended shot of Blade on his bike.
7 sec

Missing credits.
31 sec