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  • TV-Version
  • Unrated Extended Edition
Release: Apr 23, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the TV version and the Extended Version, which are both available on the Unrated Extended Edition from Universal.

'Razor' chronologically takes place after episode 17 of the 2nd season and tells what happens on board the Pegasus under the command of new Captain Lee Adama. A short while later a Raptor disappears entirely, with crew and everything. Lee gets an assignment by his father, Admiral William Adama, to set out on a search & rescue mission.
The movie repeatedly shows flashbacks of some characters' pasts, including Kendra Shaw, Admiral Helena Cain, and Admiral William Adama.

Runtime of TV Version w/o end credits: 1:26:42 / 1:27:42 (NTSC)
Runtime of Extended Version w/o end credits: 1:39:47 / 1:43:38 (NTSC)

13 additional scenes in Extended Version
1 re-inserted scene of the TV version
5 prolonged black screens in TV version = 789 secs resp. 13 mins. 9 secs.

The additional runtime difference is a result of roundings to full seconds.
Time index: TV/Extended

The flashback happens one scene earlier in the Extended Version. On the Capricia, Kendra Shaw is talking with a man.
Kendra: "Kendra Shaw."
Man: "Shaw? Does that mean your mother was..."
Kendra: "Quorum delegate Mrta SHaw. Cue drum roll, thank you."
Man: "Well, she'd be proud of you. Pegasus, huh? Half the officers on this base would kill to get to that ship."
Kendra: "It's jsut temporary. Got my eye set on Fleet Command. A couple of years baby-sitting Admiral Cain. I figure I should be able to call my own shots."
Man: "Sounds like you've got your career all mapped out."
Kendra: "Yeah, well, I just don't see myself spending the rest of my life on a Battlestar."
Man: "Good luck to you."
47 secs.

Due to the aforementioned flashback, the flashing of "Ten months ago" during this scene is missing in the Extended Version.
No runtime difference
TV versionExtended Version

During exercises, Admiral Cain is reading blueprints and function plans. Belzen enters her quarters and they start talking with each other. Belzen asks the Admiral how she is planning to spend her days off. Cain replies that she had meant to visit friends of hers on Tauron, but not made up her mind yet. Belzen offers her to spend time with him and his family on Gemenon. Cain tells him that she wouldn't leave the Pegasus unless it has been repaired. Belzen leaves and Cain continues her exercises. Meanwhile, she remembers her little sister Lucy.
1 min. 35 secs.

The aforementioned scene can be seen at this point of the movie in the TV version. Contrary to the Extended Version, Cain's remembering her sister at the end of the scene is missing.
+1 min. 24 secs.

The impact of the enemies' missiles can only be seen in the Extended Version, as well as the following explosion.
17 secs.

A black screen in the TV version.
+2 secs.

A black screen in the TV version.
+2 secs.

When Admiral Cain shoots Colonel Belzen, you can see Belzen for a few frames longer in the TV version. In the Extended Version you see his blood spatter on the window.
No runtime difference

In the TV version Belzen falls to the floor for a longer time. In the Extended Version you se the blood-spattered window once more.
1 sec.

A black screen in the TV version.
+2 secs.

In the Extended Version, there is an additional dialogue between Dr. Gaius Baltar and No. Six.
No.6: "Why would you assume that?"
Balter: "Well, it can't be pleasant, can it, to confront, from the evidence, that in the not-so-distant past, your people really were walking appliances?"
No.6: "These models served a vital purpose. They liberated us from our human oppressors."
Balter: "And having achieved that worthy goal, you chose to emulate said oppressors even more closely."
No.6: "God made man in his image. Why shouldn't humanity's children choose to acknowledge their debt to their ultimate creator? Besides, these bodies allow us to better appreciate his creation in all its glory."
Balter: "Amen to that."
45 secs.

The Extended Version offers, contrary to the TV version, a long flashback of William Adama's past during the first Cylon-war 41 years earlier. The TV version continues several minutes later.
Adama and others are attacking enemy shuttles. You see the main vessel Columbia being under severe attack. Adama and other fighters try to avert the attack. More missiles hit the Columbia and Adama destroys an enemy shuttle. The Columbia explodes and Adama hunts after two Cylon Jets into the orbit of a planet. By a cunning maneuver he manages to destroy the first shuttle. Due to a collision with the second one, Adama is forced to save himself by catapulting himself out of the cockpit. While in the air, he is pursued by another Cylon. There are a shooting and a mid-air brawl. Adama activates his second parachute and escapes his foe. Afterwards, he glides towards a building and crashes through the glass roof. The Cylon fell into the building, too, and Adama beats on him with an iron bar. After the Cylon's destruction, Adama lets go of his equipment and leaves the room, with his weapon in his hand. That's where the TV version sets in again.
5 mins. 15 secs.

As the aforementioned part of the story has been shown already in the Extended Version, the text flash is missing. In the TV version, the backflash starts with this scene.
No runtime difference
TV VersionExtended Version

Here we have different tint of the picture in the Extended Version.
No runtime difference
TV VersionExtended Version

In this scene, the order of cuts is different. Only in the Extended Version Adama sees a man bound to a table, partly cut and skinned. You get a close-up of said man. A Cylon cuts his chest. The man screams. Adama looks around further. He discovers a man and a woman in cages.
Those scenes are missing in the TV version, but you get a longer shot of Adama looking around the room. The people's screams can be heard in the background.
1 sec.
TV VersionExtended Version

Here we have different tint of the picture in the Extended Version..
No runtime difference
TV VersionExtended Version

A black screen in the TV version..
+2 secs.

Helena Cain tells Kendra about the day when the Cylons raided her and her sister Lucy and kidnapped the latter. It was on the last day of the Cylon war.
The house in which Helena and Lucy are is under fire by the Cylons. A soldier tries to evacuate the girls. Helena says goodbye to her dead mother. During the flight through the staircase the soldier gets heavily injured, Helena and Lucy leave the building alone. A Cylon shuttle hovers above them. Lucy stumbles and Helena runs into a container for hiding. Little Lucy calls for her sister. A Cylon enters Helena's hideout. Helena takes a knife from the ground and points it towards her enemy. She asks what it is waiting for. The Cylon turns around and walks away. Helena searches for her sister, but she has disappeared. She can only find Lucy's doll. She looks up, after the shuttles.
3 mins. 4 secs.

Present Day. Search & Rescue Mission:
While Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace is preparing the shuttle for liftoff, she is talking with Kendra.
Kendra tells her that the shuttle has already been checked, but Starbuck says it might be better to check everything herself. After that, they talk about Starbuck's mother who once told her daughter: "Fear gets you killed. Anger keeps you alive." And about Admiral Cain, who once told Kendra: "If you can be this for as long as you have to be, you're a razor." In doing so, she is holding Cain's knife.
1 min. 25 secs.

You hear the voice of the Hybrid.
"At last they have come for me. I feel their lives, their destinies spilling out before me. The denial of the one true path played out on a world not their own, will end soon enough."
Meanwhile, Starbuck and her group are moving along the corridor.
23 secs.

You see the Hybrid during his monologue.
"Soon, there will be four, glorious in awakening. Struggling with the knowledge of their true selves. The pain of revelation brining new clarity. And in the midst of confusion, he will find her, enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. The way forward, at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw towards the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. I can see them all. The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin. But in time, it is sin that will consume them. They will know enmity, bitterness, the wrenching agony of the one splintering into many."
Starbuck and her group move on through the corridors.
1 min. 5 secs.

There is an additional short scene of the shooting in the Extended Version.
4 secs.

A black screen in the TV version.
+2 secs.

The end credits are rolling faster in the TV version.
2 mins. 41 secs.