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Steve-O Video Vol. III, The - Out On Bail

original title: Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video Vol. III - Out On Bail


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 29, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK-DVD (BBFC 18) and the german DVD (not rated)

In the year 2000, the infamous Stunt-/Comedy-/Trash-Show"Jackass" debuted on MTV.

One can safely emphasize three persons who have remained in the audience's heads, not least because of their other following public performances.

Johnny Knoxville has worked on several other Mainstream-Comedies such as "Dukes of Hazard" or "Walking Tall" and therefore has set foot in Hollywood.

Bam Margera has, shortly before Jackass, already released the first part of his Skate-, Comedy- and Stuntshow-series "cKy", which consists of four parts now. But probably more famous are his MTV-Shows "Viva La Bam" and "Bam's Unholy Union". Also, he appears as a character in several video games of the Tony-Hawk series.

Then there is Steve-O, formerly employed at a circus, who has also travelled the world with colleague Chris Pontius for the MTV-show "WildBoyz".
Incidentally, the three Don't Try This At Home"-Videos have been released, as well as the virtually-sequel "The Early Years", showing old footage that has not been released before.
Also, he has released a Rap-Album. Otherwise, Steve-O was mostly getting attention in a bad way - after his drug problems got worse and worse and an attempt to kill himself, he was taken to an asylum. In June, he confessed himself guilty of owning cocaine, so he is facing a suspended sentence.

But that only as a sideline and moralizers who already thought "Jackass" was going too far should be warned. Steve-O solo puts the thing to a whole new level. A body hair waxing in the pubic area, the consumption of grilled rats or the testicles stapled to the thighs might be too much for some audience.

Any of the Steve-O movies was censored by the BBFC, so the (also the often in online shops advertised copies) UK-DVDs of all installments are cut, even though they have got the highest rating, "BBFC 18"! So, before buying, better take a close look or ask what country the advertised DVD comes from.

Don't Try This At Home Vol. 3 - Out On Bail

"Out on Bail" surely is the most extreme part of the series. Again, the boys have been accompanied during their tour and pointless vandalism in hotel rooms is a big priority. In between, the guys play pranks on each other with everything the own vomit, urin and fecies have to offer.

As the title suggest, the third video is based on the fact that Steve-O has been let out on bail - among other things he had been arrested for stapling his testicles on his thighs yet again.
Malfeasance is the main theme in the rest of the video, and next to the consumption of several drugs, Steve-O swallowing Marihuana in condoms and smuggling it over the borders is clearly documented - for this resp. for showing off about that in public, he is being arrested in Sweden and, again, a deposit had to be paid on him.
The Video ends with the attempt of director Nick Dunlap trying to get arrested in Finnland as well. To do that, he gets drunk in a restaurant in broad daylight and demolishes the local interior etc...

Questionable if you can get entertained by stuff like this. The BBFC wasn't very amused by the drug consumption, but at least the scenes with the soft drug Cannabis have not been cut. But it was more bothered by the "strangling until unconciousness", which is thoroughly shown in the movie, on Steve-O as well as on stage on some fans.
Due to the possibly dangerous consequences for copycats, all scenes of that kind had to be removed. Scenes in between, showing people talk about this have been left in for no reason. Some other cuts, e.g. the ones with the naked women in the beginning are rather questionable, too...

The Bonus-Video "PCP saved my life" was censored. While you can see Steve-O's behaviour during the entire week after consuming the anything else but harmless drug, the BBFC was only bothered with one scene. Preston Lacy pulls on a plastic bag from a garbage can and tries to blow it up.
Due to the choking hazard, this was removed completely for the British DVD, any actions of intoxicated Steve-O are left, though.

Runtime designations relate to the cut BBFC 18-Version Out On Bail

- BBFC18: 85:12 min
- Uncut: 92:00 min

- 14 cuts
- Length of cuts: 407,6 sec (= 6:48 min)

PCP Saved My Life (Bonusfilm)

- BBFC18: 32:32 min
- Uncut: 33:05

- 1 Cut
- Length of cut: 33 sec

Out On Bail (main film)


After Ryan Dunn jokingly wondered how many times he really could choke Steve-O unconcious, a short, quickly edited preview of what is going to happen.

2,4 sec


First, Steve-O jokes ("I might not ever get this wasted again in my life..."), then it gets down to the nitty-gritty.
Even though he cannot hide his delight, he is a little scared about getting choked unconcious.
Ryan Dunn smokes behind him for a moment and then strangles him. After a few seconds he loses conciousness and drops on the ground.

26,7 sec


After the short shot on the parking lot, back to Steve-O.

The camera moves around him a little, then he wakes up confusedly.
Again on the parking lot, the cameraman says they had to do it again, because something didn't work out right during the first take.
They do it.

34,6 sec


First, black frame for a little longer, then someone says "We gotta do it again..."

Then several shots of Dunn strangling Steve-O unconcious in the car.
Common laughter, and Dunn says laughingly that Steve-O wanted it.

24 sec


In the UK-Version, Steve-O may just tell on the telephone that he has been strangled unconcious. Then, after a short black frame, he perplexedly gets up from the ground.

In the uncut version, the take is longer, Ryan Dunn suddenly comes from behind and strokes Steve-O again (with the mobile phone in his hand).
He drops on the ground again and the occupants laugh, his fall with expressionless face is shown from another perspective.

20,9 sec


After the black screen a long cut, Steve-O is being strangled unconcious several times.

He says "Welcome to Leeds!" as he stands before the respective sign and gets taken into stranglehold.
Steve-O stays motionlessly laying down much longer.
Later, on the parking lot, he is baffled himself that this has already been the sixth time.

The next time he drops on the ground in front of Sheffield's sign.
Dunn directly bows down to him since he is afraid Steve-O dropped to hard this time.
He knocks against his head and shoulders, the image detail with Steve-O's completely spaced out facial expression is shown in greater detail.

The previous takes are repeated, this time with several special effects (Black&White and mirror reflexions) and are set to psychedelic music.
Then you see Steve-O's hard drop from before. Ryan Dunn calms that this is just hard ground, but no concrete.
Steve-O wakes up and only confusedly says: "No one's ever gonna seperate you and me!"
He is being asked if everything was okay, Steve-O only laughs and someone helds out the prospect of beer.
He gets up and disorientedly staggers around.

119,7 sec in total


Back story: one of the guys has rand the fire alarm in the noble hotel and among all the guests, Steve-O appears with three naked (alleged) Playboy-Girls and marches out. There, the get in a taxi and drive on.

The camera swaying to the taxi's interior is missing.
Steve-O wants to say something, but interrupts as one of the girls waggles her breasts.
Steve-O says that this was a cool way to get away: in a car full of naked chicks. With a wink he says that it was still a bad situation and leans against one of the girls.
He grabs her breast and she says that this would cost extra.

38,6 sec


After Steve-O has shaken hands with the employee, the UK-Version stops.

One of the girls sucking on another one's breasts and Steve-O being happy before a fade-out is missing.

10,3 sec


The boys are in Mexico here, and after a guy cluelessly licking Nick Dunlap's Urin off of Trishelle's leg has been shown, a short sequence in a hotel room is missing.
Steve-O snores several lines, possibly ketamine.

You see him in the hotel room, he pours some of the liquid onto the table while several others are standing in the background. With dryer and lighter, he heatens it and at little white powder remains.
Steve-O says that this was totally legal in Mexico, at least he thinks so.
He snores two lines then some is falling from his nose and he takes some more.

He strikes up "We are retarded...!" and laughs again, then he admits outside that he is totally out of control and is on a special mission in Mexico.
The scene explains his following behaviour, after having almost been arrested by the security people with sunglasses that his special mission is accomplished.
53,8 sec


Someone from the audience gets choked unconcious by Ryan Dunn.
He struggling drops to the ground and is being celebrated by Steve-O as he gets up.
The guy hits Steve-O in the head and gives him a friendly clout.

25,1 sec


After the airplane shots, a short sequence showing Ryan Dunn choking someone unconcious takes place.
This time, the singer of the opening act from Norway is going down voluntarily after Steve-O has introduced him and the guy was allowed to say something cool.

31,6 sec

Before Steve-O is being arrested, the black screen is a little longer on the German DVD.
0,6 sec


A shot of Ryan Dunn strangling a spectator unconcious is missing again.

5,8 sec


After the ending credits you can see unconcious Steve-O on the ground in a small window. He gets up and laughs, someone says: "Let's get you some beer!"

13,5 sec

PCP Saved My Life (Bonus movie)


You see Preston a little longer after his behaviour when Ryan Dunn was in bed with the girl gets explained.
Steve-O says that Preston has freaked out and thrown the telephone against the wall. He laughingly admits that he loves him for actions just like these.

Then the probably actual reason for the cut, of fear of copycats who might suffocate.
Preston pulls over the plastic bag from the garbage can, it is pretty tight.
Immediately, still pretty mashed Steve-O jumps to him and laudates him for the cool action.
Close-Up of Preston blowing up the bag with his nose. Again, Steve-O euphorically smacks his shoulders.
Preston takes away the bag again, and Steve-O again babbles something about a miracle.

33 sec

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