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  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 02, 2013 - Author: Buster - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series

In the US Drama series Sons of Anarchy we follow the adventures of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO). Jackson 'Jax' Teller, son of founding member John Teller, is the main character. The core business of SAMCRO is buying and distributing illegal weapons. When Jax's stepfather and President of the club Clarence 'Clay' Morrow intends to expand their business with drugs, the young man begins to question the club and his own values.

Season 3 started to air on 09/03/2008 on FX and the ratings went through the roof. With almost 5 million viewers a week, the show had become more successful than other hit shows such as Nip/Tuck or The Shield.

Creator Kurt Sutter (husband of lead actress Katey Sagal) once explained that he had enough ideas for seven seasons. Well, it looks like he's going to make it because Season 6 has started to air in September 2013 and the final Season 7 has already been confirmed.

Since there's only a limited time window for TV, a few scenes needed to be cut out. In addition to the uncut TV Versions, the Blu-ray/DVD contains a few Extended Versions.

For this report we compared the TV Version of the 8th episode of season 4 titled "Family Recipe" with its Extended Version.

TV: 45:39 min. NTSC (without credits)
Extended: 49:30 min. NTSC (without credits)

The TV Version misses out on 3 minutes and 51 seconds:

2 additional scenes: 2 minutes and 51 seconds
2 extended scenes: 1 minute
Exteded Scene in the Extended Version:
Chuck 'Chuckie' Marstein brings an empty pot to the clubhouse. Opie watches him incredulously. Jax explains that Chuckie wants to make som Chili for a fund-raiser which his mom will also be a part of.

20 sec.

Chuckie: "Morning, lads."
Jax: "He's making chili for my mom. Charming Gardens potluck thing."
Opie: "Dude creeps me out."
Jax: "Accept that."

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
After the clubhouse was raided by members of the Lobos Sonora Cartel, Clay tells Tig to take care of Gemma. Duing an additional sene we see Gemma and Tig in the former's house. Tig tries to become friends with Gemma's new parrot. Then follows a short conversation.

1 min. and 26 sec.

Tig: "Hey, Gem. I'll take that."
Gemma: "Thanks."
Tig: "Hey, what happened to Chaney?"
Gemma: "Heart attack."
Tig: "Oh. Who's this?"
Gemma: "Clay. Long story."
Tig: "Hey, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, Gem."
Gemma: "Peace of mind. Where you land with all this drug stuff?"
Tig: "Oh, I'm backing Clay."
Gemma: "You think he's got it handled?"
Tig: "Much as I can tell. You know, he doesn't tell that much to me anymore. I'm stuck mostly doing bitch work."
Gemma: "Literally."
Tig: "No. No. Watching you is a pleasure."
Gemma: "He loves you, Tig. Wouldn't trust anyone else to watch me."
Tig: "Yeah. Yeah."
Gemma: "Don't shit on anything. Clay."

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
Mayor Jacob Hale, Jr. enters lieutenant Eli Roosevelt's office and asks him to cancel the fund-raiser because of the outbreak of violence that morning (the Lobos Sonora Cartel's attack of the Sons). Roosevelt thinks that he is more than capable to ensure the safety of the event.

1 min. and 25 sec.

Roosevelt: "CSU is there now. We're putting it together."
Hale: "I know your wife's been working really hard on this Charming Garden event."
Roosevelt: "Well, it's her fund-raiser."
Hale: "You know, the Sons of Anarchy via Teller-Morrow are all over this thing. I think it's too dangerous, I want you to cancel it."
Roosevelt: "That won't be necessary."
Hale: "Can you promise the violence that happened this morning won't repeat?"
Roosevelt: "The only thing I can promise is that I'll do my job."
Hale: "I've seen firsthand what happens when the club's business bleeds into this town. My brother died because of it."
Roosevelt: "No disrespect for the dead, but how long are you gonna beat that drum?"
Hale: "You're way out of line, lieutenant."
Roosevelt: "And were are those lines, mayor? You know, the ones that separate public service from self service?"
Hale: "This isn't about my real estate..."
Roosevelt: "Oh, sure it is! You can wrap it at any type of 'I love Charming' package that you want. But it still funnels back to your pocket. Now, I will have adequate protection at the fund-raiser. Charming will be safe."
Hale: "I'm going over your head on this."
Roosevelt: "Knock yourself out."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
During the fund-raiser, Gemma, Tara, Tig, and Chuckie are sitting together at a table. Rita - Eli Roosevelt's wife - is the organizer. She comes to the table and introduces herself to the rest. Tara is a little surprised to welcome Rita as a new member of the committee. She does not know that Gemma donated 5,000$ in her name.

40 sec.

Rita: "Hey."
Gemma: "Good turnout."
Rita: "Was hoping for more, but yeah. It's good. You're Dr. Knowles."
Tara: "Yes."
Rita: "Rita Roosevelt."
Tara: "Hi."
Rita: "Thank you so much for being part of our committee."
Tara: "My pleasure."
Gemma: "Uh, so how much have you raised?"
Rita: "Some."
Gemma: "Excuse me."
Rita: "It was nice meeting you."
Tig: "You, uh... You didn't know you were part of the committee, did you?"
Tara: "No."