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Iron-Fisted Monk, The

original title: Sam Dak Woh Seung Yi Chung Mai Luk


  • UK DVD (BBFC 18)
  • US DVD
Release: Oct 15, 2017 - Author: ~ZED~ - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut UK DVD by Hongkong Legends (BBFC 18) and the uncut US DVD by 20th Century Fox (R-Rated)

- 7 cuts
- Length difference: 75.6 sec (= 1:16 min)

In 1977, Sammo Hung started directing and the result was The Iron-Fisted Monk. The revenge plot is simple but it works better than it does in many similar flicks. The numerous fights are choreographed magnificantly and the violence is decent. Other than Sammo, there are several familiar faces involved - "Shaw Villain" Fung Hak-On, James Tien, Chen Sing or Dean Shek and more.

There is one particular scene that is really rough, even for today's standards: The (for the plot quite essential) rape scene was quite an issue for the BBFC, huge alterations were required. Even though it has been several years since the DVD was released, that scene might still be considered difficult if the movie was required to be rated nowadays. Internationally, the release that should and can be recommended is the US DVD. It is uncut and the quality is great.

Time index refers to
The UK DVD contains a Media Star logo, the US DVD contains a Golden Harvest logo.

UK DVD 11.9 sec longer

24:58 / 25:50-26:04

Fung Hak-On tears off Liang's sister's shirt and gropes her resp. kisses her breasts.

13.4 sec

25:15 / 26:22-26:26

After getting slapped in the face, the shot of the sister falling backwards is longer. She just lies on the bed.

3.8 sec

25:20 / 26:31-26:48

The camera sticks with her longer. As a result, one gets to see her nipple. She then regains consciousness and wants to run away but Fung slaps her back on the bed. On top of it, he gets rid of her pants as well.

16.3 sec

25:41 / 27:09-27:27

After the shot of the people in front of the door, she keeps whining while enduring the rape. In addition to that, there are cuts to Dean Shek and the others every now and then.

17.1 sec

25:44 / 27:30-27:52

Further shots until he finally climaxes - with him crumpling, the versions are back in sync.

21.2 sec

25:49 / 27:57-27:59

Before Fung puts away the fan, the camera pans from Liang's sister to him.

2.5 sec

26:24 / 28:37-28:38

When the mother enters the room, another small shot is missing.

1.4 sec

Due to alternate copyright notes, the UK DVD is a little longer at the end.

UK DVD 15.6 sec longer