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  • Original Version
  • Long Version
Release: Mar 12, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Normal Version and the Long Version, both taken from the German Blu-ray by Paragon/Edel.

- 11 alterations, three of which including alternative footage
- Difference in running time: 348,6 sec (= 5:49 min)

This is an amusingly trashy genre mix containing both horro and buddy movie elements. Adding a lot of stupid remarks by the protagonists, solid shootouts and Vincent Price in a minor role, it it can be recommended to 80ies fans without any hesitation. The movie was directed by Mark Goldblatt, who did the same with The Punisher and is maybe more famous for his editing for movies like Terminator 2, Starship Trooper and many other action flicks of the last decades.

The additions for the Long Versions are mostly flashbacks and rather unnecessary plot scenes with dialogs, however, there are also a few additional shots of zombies and corpses to be found. It should be noted that these do not shows anything special or excessively brutal and were certainly not removed from the original cut for censoring reasons and in order to receive the R-Rating.

The extended version is therefore something that is only really interesting for fans of the movie, the average viewer does not miss anything if they simply watch the original cut.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
Normal Version / Long Version
11:07 / 11:07-11:18

Rebecca explains why she said that this is not the first times theses corpses are on her autopsy table.

Roger: "You wanna elaborate on that?"
Rebecca: "Certainly. These are the bodies of Robert Cristoph and Sam 'Smitty' Greene. Names sound familiar?"
Roger: "Yeah."

10,7 sec

11:24 / 11:35-12:06

More dialog and Rebecca goes into further detail after she cynically said that she usually does not write out death certificates for people who are just not feeling well.

Dr. McNab: "Oh, yes, I couldn't agree with you more. But the question is whether you ever gave them one?"
Rebecca: "Oh, I gave them one, all right. But it appears there's someone out there who likes to sew up dead bodies and bring them back to life. Last week I estimated these boys' time of death as 1-4 a.m., Tuesday, June 30th. This morning I did the same test on them, I got the same results. They have been dead since Tuesday."
Dr. McNab: "Well, if you examined them on Tuesday, what happened afterwards? Didn't someone come and claim the bodies?"
Rebecca: "I never forget a body, Doctor."

The following "Well, I would hope not" by the doctor can be heard in both versions again shortly afterwards, which is why it sticks out as the only part in this addition that was taken from the HD master as well. (Compare the picture quality in the last screenshot.)

30,8 sec

13:28 / 14:10-14:26

Some more dialog between Rebecca and Roger-

Rebecca: "So I checked my handy database for recent pharmaceutical imports."
Roger: "For what?"
Rebecca: "I keep tabs on all legal drugs brought into the city. Kind of off the record."
Roger: "Isn't that invasion of privacy?"
Rebecca: "Yes."
Roger smirks.

16,4 sec

25:26 / 26:24-26:36

The Long Version features a flashback to Doug's fight against the monster when Roger mentions it as one of his last memories.

11,7 sec

49:35 / 50:45-51:45

Randi goes through the library and takes a book from a shelf. There are suddenly zombie hands coming out from behind it, but Roger and Doug come for the rescue and handcuff the monster.

Roger: "Cuffs, in my right pocket. Cuff his hands. They shouldn't let people in here if they can't behave."
Doug: "Hey Roger, should we, uh, pardon the expression, book him?"
Roger: "Get outta here"

60,1 sec

Alternative Footage
54:40-55:00 / 56:50-57:50

When Roger and Randi enter, different takes were used and the Long Version features a significantly longer additional scene based on this.

After a moment, only in the Long Version the door behind Randi opens up and a rotting corpse falls in front of her feet.
Roger: "It's your father. Whoever took his money didn't want a zombie millionaire for a senior partner, so they brought him back and sealed him in. Looks like he spent all his resurrection time in here."
He takes the corpse, puts it back and closes the door.
Randi: "Oh God. When I think of my father..."
Roger interrupts: "Ah, will you cut the poor daughter routine?"

The Normal Version features them just going to the closed door and Roger says: "Looks like he's resting comfortably."
Randi can then be seen a moment earlier.

Long Version 39,9 sec longer

55:58-56:00 / 58:48-59:43

This scene is a lot longer, a security man (Dick Miller) joins and asks them about the case.

He approaches from behind, touches Randi at her shoulders and says: "Evening, folks. I'm sure you have a good reason for being here, I'm just dying to hear it."
Roger shows him his badge: "I'm Detective Roger Mortis, LAPD."
Security: "Of course, I can tell by the clothes."
Roger: "I'm investigating a murder. Arthur P. Loudermilk was involved."
Security: "So you just drop by to question him, huh? You got a warrant or something?"
Roger: "Yeah, as a matter of fact I do. Signed by a former United States president."
Security: "Listen, anyone else you wanna drop in on? I can get you a group discount."
Roger: "Thanks anyway. We gotta be going."
Security: "Loudermilk's calendar is wide open."
Roger finally reacts to the stupid remarks: "Are you always this hilarious?"
Security: "What do you want for 50 bucks, Eddie Murphy?"
When the two leave, he calls out behind them: "Hey, Don Hope(?), whose murder are you investigating?"
Roger grins: "Mine."

The following shot starts earlier in the Normal Version. (no pictures)

Long Version 53,3 sec longer

57:30 / 61:13-63:14

Roger has another flashback to a statement by Doug when he sits next to his corpse. "Nobody's got all the time they need, Roger. Nobody."

Then Roger goes to Randi, who says, "I'm here if you need me."
They kiss and cuddle a little.
After an exterior shot, Roger can be seen sleeping on the couch and having further flashbacks, this time about his own reanimation and and the previous fight against the monster.
He panically wakes up and then says, "This is what it feels like to wake up dead."
He gets up: "Randi?"

121,4 sec

Alternative Footage
61:11-61:12 / 66:55-66:57

The Normal Version shows Roger saying "Wait a minute" while the Long Version cuts to the hidden number code.

Long Version 0,4 sec longer

Normal VersionLong Version

Alternative Footage
61:39-61:41 / 67:24-67:26

Same thing: at the same time when Roger deciphers "Body" from the code, the Long Version shows the respective license plate. The Normal Version shows Roger longer instead.

Long Version 0,4 sec longer

Normal VersionLong Version