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UK Blu-ray with 3 versions (Flipside 030) (DVD + Blu-ray)


The Last House On The Left

The Outpost


Beat Girl


  • UK Theatrical Version
  • Alternate Version
Release: Jul 16, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Alternate Version. Both versions are available on the UK Blu-ray by BFI.

With his new wife Nichole, architect Paul returns to his London estate. He is estranged from his 16-year-old daughter of the first marriage, Jennifer, and he hopes that they would get closer again with his new wife Nichole. Nichole makes a hell of an effort but Jennifer is quite repellent and rather spends time with her friends. In a bar, she coincidentally meets stripper Greta who remembers Nichole from the old days. Jennifer assumes Nichole worked as a stripper as well and pays Greta a visit at her workplace to get more sleazy details about her new stepmother. But she falls into the hands of slimy strip club owner Kenny who believes Jennifer has great potential and preferably would like to run off with her. From experience, Nichole sees right through him and tries to get Jennifer back on the straight and narrow but a rebellious teen is hard to handle.

"Beat Girl" is half a family drama and half exploitation. Jennifer feels misunderstood by her dad and alienates herself more and more. She finds support from her friends and the Beat music. With the strip club scenes, the exploitation level rises quickly. A surprise are the (in the Original Version) quite revealing striptease scenes and Christopher Lee as sleazebag. Oliver Reed has a minor role - he plays one of Jennifer's friends.

There are several existing versions of the movie. Three of them are available on the UK Blu-ray by BFI. At first, there is the UK Theatrical Version. In addition to that, there is a so-called Alternate Version that lacks some rather revealing scenes but it also contains two additional plot scenes that are not in the Theatrical Version. Last but not least, there is an Extended Version. This Extended Version is basically the Theatrical Version but the additional plot scenes from the Alternate Version are in it as well.

Running Times:

Theatrical Version: 87:42 min
Alternate Version: 92:09 min
Extended Version: 92:38 min

Paul and Nichole are sitting in a train compartment. He wants to know what she thinks about England and points out the countryish character. One gets to know that they got married 5 days ago and that they are still fired up for each other. The conductor informs them that the train will arrive in London in 20 minutes. Nichole is worried that Jennifer will refuse to accept her asa stepmother. Paul admits he and Jennifer were also estranged. Nichole explains Jennifer needed a female person to relate to and looks forward to her new family. A dissolve to the street follows.

Alternate Version: 2:01 min


The Theatrical Version dissloves to the scene at the table.

In the Extended Version, Paul suggests something to drink. Martha has already prepared some champagne. She approaches Jennifer and implies that the latter could be a little more friendly. Paul poors some champagne while Nichole admires the living room. They chink glasses. Jennifer comes in but she acting cold again. Nichole goes to her and finds out that Jennifer does not like the house very much. Nichole intends to change her mind and suggests to chink glasses with Jennifer as well. She explains she was too young but Paul makes an exception to mark the occasion. Nichole pretends to be interested in the Jazz book Jennifer is actually reading. She opens the book and discover a picture of Jennifer's biological mother. Nichole says the looks ran in the family. Paul and Nichole kiss.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec
Alternate Version: 2:58 min


In the Theatrical Version, the black dancer's striptease is a bit sleazier.

Theatrical Version:

Alternate Version:

Theatrical Version: 1:19 min
Alternate Version: 55 sec


The Theatrical Version shows the dancer via close-up one more time. She grabs her crotch. During the dance, she already takes off her bra before she takes the guest's cloth.

The Alternate Version shows Jennifer's eyes longer. Then the black dancer but she does not take off her bra until the end of her dance. In between, a few cuts to the guest from whom she took the cloth.

Theatrical Version: 30 sec
Alternate Version: 30 sec


The Theatrical Version contains a close-up of the exposed shoulder while the Alternate Version sticks to Jennifer and Kenny.

Theatrical Version:

Alternate Version:

Theatrical Version: 4 sec
Alternate Version: 3 sec


Further close-up of the shoulder in the Theatrical Version. Kenny then ruffles Jennifer's hair. Also, the shot of the letter opener starts a little earlier.

The Alternate Version shows Jennifer and Kenny instead.

Theatrical Version: 7 sec
Alternate Version: 6 sec


Jennifer's eyes in the Alternate Version one more time.

Alternate Version: 2 sec


The naked dancer longer.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec