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original title: Tutti i colori del buio


  • Alternate US Version
  • Uncut
Release: Nov 08, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The alternate US version was compared with the uncut version. Both are on the US Blu-ray by Severin.

Jane lives together with her husband Richard, a pharmaceutical representative, in a fancy apartment in London. Jane lost her mother at a young age and recently her unborn child due to a car accident. Traumatized by this, she has nightmares at night in which she is threatened by a man with dark eyes. Richard tries to treat Jane with vitamin preparations, but Jane's sister Barbara suggests that she should see a psychiatrist. Again and again, Jane meets the man from her dreams who seems to be chasing her. A neighbor suggests to Jane to go to a black mass with her, which will certainly help her. A very bad idea, because as it turns out, Jane soon no longer knows who she can trust.

The viewer is in a similar situation. It should be clear that the cultists in their black capes, who give Jane the blood of a dog to drink, are up to no good. The grim looking Ivan Rassimov doesn't belong to Jane's friends either. But what about Richard, who is always on a business trip and gives Jane dubious vitamin preparations? What is Barbara planning, who Richard doesn't like and insists Jane is sent to the psychiatrist Dr. Burton? Does the psychiatrist really want to help her? Based on a psychological trauma, Sergio Martino sends his disturbed heroine on a wild journey and manages to keep the confusion exciting until the end. With the surreal opening scene and the evil cultists, Martino appropriately expresses the spirit of the time. Edwige Fenech seems more confused than ever before and Susan Scott is another Giallo legend who manages to shine here. This is a movie very worth seeing, even if a little weaker than other Giallos by Martine like Torso or The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh / The Next Victim.

On 29 January 2019 the film was released in the US by Severin on Blu-ray. In addition to the uncut version, the bonus material also includes a cut US version entitled "They're coming to get you". Based on the tread stripes, which can be seen briefly at one point, and the somewhat bleak sharpness of the images, it is reasonable to assume that Severin resorted to an old video master for this. With an image format of 1.85:1, image information is unfortunately lost on both sides. The opening and closing credits are also compressed so that the credits are not cut off. In this US version the opening credits were radically shortened. Only Jane, who tried to defend herself against Mark, was left. The scenes with the woman with the wig, the pregnant woman on the table and the car accident were removed. Also missing is the scene where Jane wakes up in front of the castle and is brought back by Mark. Most striking is the removal of the scene between Barbara and Richard, when Richard confronts her and kills Barbara. Barbara's death is mentioned later, so it might cause some confusion that this scene is missing. The version is a little curiosity for fans, basically you should use the uncut version. The US Blu-ray is mainly advisable because of the English sound and the possibility to watch the movie in Italian with English subtitles. In addition, the bonus material is quite extensive.

US version: 87:18 min.
Uncut: 94:41 min.


The US version has newly designed opening credits in which various star constellations can be seen.

After that you see a dream where Jane defends herself against something, but finally dies.

The original version shows a lake at sunset. The credits are faded in.

A surreal dream scene follows in which a pregnant woman lies on a table, another woman in a wig laughs and Jane is threatened by something. All three people die, a car ride ends in a tree and is blended into the picture.

US: 1:53 Min.
Uncut: 3:57 min.


Mark is longer visible as he disappears into the darkness.

Seems to be a film tear, because the picture of the US version flickers a bit at this point.

Uncut: 6 sec.


After Mary was killed, Jane wakes up in a field. She gets up dazed and runs to a tree. Mark unexpectedly appears from behind and tells her that she is now one of them. He tells her to come with her as she is expected. Together they run to the castle.

Uncut: 1:24 min.


Barbara comes into her apartment and changes her clothes. Suddenly she notices Richard sitting in an armchair in the dark. He says he was in the castle. Barbara says that he is now aware. He tells her that the day he watched her in the bathroom, she noticed her symbol on her arm. Barbara says that she will not allow Richard to marry Jane. She is in love with him and wants to be with him. While she tries to convince Richard to join the cult, she secretly reaches for a revolver. Barbara tries to kiss him, then a gunshot can be heard. Richard has turned the revolver and Barbara sinks to the ground. He says that luckily he has read the contents of the letter and throws it to Barbara. Barbara yells after him.

Uncut: 3:46 min.


Jane sinks to the ground after the sect leader has stabbed her.

Probably a film tear, too.

Uncut: 3 sec.