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Twin Dragons

original title: Shuang long hui


  • US / UK Version
  • HK Version
Release: May 03, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US DVD by Buena Vista and the uncut German DVD by Splendid (= HK Version).

- 76 cuts
- Total cut length: 942,6 sec (= 15:43 min)


After Jackie Chan's international breakthrough in the 90ies, US companies were searching his older movies for titles they could rerelease on a bigger scale - with alterations to adapt the movies to the Western audience as had already been the case with Rumble in the Bronx. The success of this movie was e.g. responsible for the mutilated version of Police Story 3 - Supercop, which featured a Hip Hop soundtrack and was cut by almost 10 minutes.

1999, shortly after Jackie's huge hit Rush Hour, the 1992 movie Twin Dragons was reedited. It also received some new soundtrack pieces, though not as much and bad as Police Story 3, and was cut down to 90 minutes running time.
Almost 80 cuts are responsible for the difference of 15 minutes, which is a lot more than the wikipedia and imdb entries suggest.

The Movie Version

Next to some rather irrelevant filler material and rather weird HK humor, some important scenes for the character development were removed. Especially Maggie Cheung's character had to suffer: Her first musical performance, the dreams sequence at Jackie's piano and several dialog pieces are missing here and there. The gues appearance by Wong Jing as a healer was cut out completely as well as a mistaken identity scene with Rocky.
However, it has to be emphasized that there were NO cuts with the fighting scenes.

The cut version can not only ne found on the US DVD and Blu-Ray, but also on the UK discs. There is also a comletely uncut version with English audio available (this was the first VHS version as well). The audio for the new version was completely redone with Jackie dubbing himself again. Uncut versions can be found in Germany and Hongkong.

Running times are formatted like this:Laufzeitangaben sind nach dem Schema
US DVD in NTSC / German DVD in PAL
00:00-00:38 / 00:00-01:04

Different company logos can be seen at the beginning.

Uncut 27 sec longer


Alternative Footage
00:38-00:53 / 01:04-01:22

In the Uncut Version, the curtain goes away and an exterior shot of the hospital can be seen. During the next shot showing the babies the US Version was zoomed in so the curtain cannot be seen.

Uncut 3,6 sec longer


00:53 / 01:22-01:37

The shot is a bit longer and some dialog is following. It is about the rather big nose and when Jackie's father says that he would have a liked to get a girl as well, his mother answers that no girl could have looked nice with that kind of nose.

15,1 sec

01:31 / 02:14-02:15

A short shot of Jackie's mom panically asking Crazy Bull questions.

1,5 sec

03:09 / 03:49-04:02

The parents cry a little more and say that they could not even look after a twin. Afterwards, the scene in the plane starts a bit earlier.

13,3 sec

05:49 / 06:36-06:38

John bows down a bit longer.

2,4 sec

06:38 / 07:24-07:28

Barbara sings longer and the following shot starts earlier as well.

4,2 sec

06:42 / 07:32-07:40

The uncut version features an additional tracking shot and the following shot starts a bit earlier as well.

7,7 sec

06:46 / 07:44-07:49

The shot of the people in the club starts a lot earlier.

5,5 sec

07:07 / 08:10-08:18

Brother Wing can be seen a bit longer with the burning photographs in his hand, then another shot of the singing Barbara.

8,1 sec

07:33 / 08:43-08:50

Tyson and Boomer can be seen going away longer, they talk about the alleged girlfriend of the former. The following shot starts insignificantly earlier.

6,6 sec

08:08 / 09:24-09:34

Another shot of Barbara singing. The shots before and afterwards are a tiny bit longer as well.

10,4 sec

12:57 / 14:11-14:19

Additional shots of Boomer and Brother Wing commenting the fight.

8,5 sec

13:09 / 14:30-14:32

The shot is a bit longer, Brother Wing turns around to Boomer.

1,5 sec

13:14 / 14:37-14:40

The bad guy with the baseball bat approaches in the same shot.

3 sec

13:49 / 15:14-15:16

Boomer provokes Wing a moment longer.

1,8 sec

13:55 / 15:21-15:27

They talk a bit longer about the bet's conditions, Boomer can be seen.

6 sec

13:57 / 15:29-15:31

The shot of Brother Wing starts a bit earlier, he looks confused.

2,1 sec

14:47 / 16:19-16:21

Tysons talks some nonsense.

2,4 sec

17:28 / 18:56-19:23

In the US Version, it seems that Boomer only threatened to beat the employee in the car shop. However, the conversation goes on and he blackmails the employee as well.

Boomer pulls out a picture showing the employee together with Susan, his bosses girlfriend. When the employee says that they had been together before Susan met his boss, Boomer answers that there is no date on the picture. The guy now rips the picture out of his hand, but Boomer just tells Tyson that they should get more copies of it.

26,5 sec

18:46 / 20:37-20:39

Jackie looks confused a bit longer and touches his face again.

1,7 sec

22:09 / 23:53-24:07

Boomer and Tyson can be seen with the suitcases longer. Tyson says that he wants to call Barbara, but Boomer says that he does not have her number. Tyson then pulls a huge telephone book out of his suitcase, explaining why he carries it around in the next scenes.

13,5 sec

22:14 / 24:12-24:14

The man can be seen a moment earlier and looks down to the water at first.

2,3 sec

23:42 / 25:39-25:41

When Boomer and Tyson have started the boat ride, John can be seen involuntarily repeating the movement in a restaurants.

2,2 sec

24:50 / 26:46-26:49

Shots of John and the confused waitress.

2,8 sec

25:08 / 27:06-27:10

Tammy can be seen again, then John tells her to sit down as far away as possible.

3,4 sec

28:01 / 29:56-30:02

The restaurant can be seen a bit longer after John and Tammy left. Someone murmurs something about his attacks. The first shot in the hospital starts earlier and as a tracking shot to Tyson's bed.

6,5 sec

28:35 / 30:35-31:40

A rather long part in the hospital is missing.

The physician (Lau Kar Leung, known for e.g. Drunken Master II) is being called off because a faith healer has arrived. He enters (cameo appearance by Wong Jing, director ofCity Hunter and Naked Killer) and soon starts moaning strangely. Inbetween, he further hurts Wing and at some point the physician has had enough: He punches the healer out of the room, he then can be seen hanging at the wall like it can be seen in comics.

64,8 sec

29:27 / 32:29-33:30

The scene in the concert hall starts a lot earlier. The orchestra is playing while Tammy is bored. John tells the musicians to play with more feeling and to pay more attention to his movements.

61,8 sec

30:32 / 34:33-34:39

The musicians seem shocked and Rocky briefly poses on the stage.

6,1 sec

30:36 / 34:43-34:54

The shot is a bit longer: Barbara notices that her lighter is empty and Boomer helps her.

11,5 sec

31:36 / 35:52-36:03

Barbara says that she likes music, Boomer mocks her.

10,6 sec

31:49 / 36:16-36:50

There is a lot more dialog before they ask for the bill.

Tammy says that she likes John despite the disadvantages compared to Rocky and Boomer talks her into meeting Tyson. Both parties briefly mix into the other's conversation, e.g. Boomer briefly answers to one of Tammy's statements.

33,4 sec

36:52 / 41:39-41:56

John says that he sometimes sings opera pieces. Tammy starts singing one and John praises her talent. He moves his fingers to it and she asks whether he knew the piece, which he affirms.

17,2 sec

37:12 / 42:15-42:36

The car ride is longer and John talks about Barbara's musical talents. She talks about her heavy childhood and that her father died early resulting in her having no money for a good education. John says that she will make it eventually.

21,1 sec

39:14 / 44:34-45:55

Barbara's dream sequence is missing completely.

At first, the shot is longer and Jackie says she should close her eyes and imagine she could do it. Barbara does this and starts singing imagining herself in a fine dress in front of an audience.

80,8 sec

40:08 / 46:46-46:51

John and Barbara kiss a moment longer, the tracking shot to Boomer and Tammy in bed starts a bit earlier as well.

4,7 sec

42:01 / 48:39-50:47

On the way to John's hotel room a rather long scene is missing again. Rocky wants to become John's apprentice and John is of course confused because Boomer was the one who beat up Rocky earlier. When Barbara talks to him again, he says that he has to go to the press conference. The US Version starts again when they are in the elevator.

At first John sees Rocky waiting, gets scared and goes into hiding. When Rocky stands in front of him, howeve, he does not attack him but goes down on his knees and begs him to accept him as his apprentice.
John asks him whether he had held a stick yet, but Rocky does not think of conducting and starts talking about his black belt in Taekwondo instead. John now emphasizes that he is only a musician and does not fight. Barbara disagrees and says that he had superhuman powers and Rocky also presents his bruises.
After some more talking John agrees and tells Rocky to buy a piano and practice six hours a day. At first he is a bit confused, but then Rocky realizes that this will strengthen his finger and leaves. Barbara says that John should have hired a better actor for that show, but he just answers that his press conference will start soon and he has to hurry.

127,6 sec

42:14 / 50:59-51:05

The shot in the elevator is longer, John kisses Barbara again.

5,5 sec

44:19 / 53:05-53:09

Barbara can be seen asking herself where Boomer/John is.

4 sec

44:32 / 53:22-53:35

Longer shot in the car: John asks Tammy why she is in such a hurry and she says that he obviously had liked it earlier. In the interior there are some additional shots in which Boomer asks himself why Barbara claims to have had sex with him while she is angry about his denial.

13 sec

44:35 / 53:38-53:46

More dialog in the car and the interior until Boomer's phone starts ringing at John's.

7,8 sec

44:52 / 54:02-54:07

A bit longer in the car, then Boomer says they should not trust musicians.

4,8 sec

46:33 / 55:44-56:07

Barbara says that she has enough and wants to go but John stops her and says he knew what happened. After some more dialog the baddies get nervous and push them away. John asks who they are.

22,8 sec

47:05 / 56:37-56:39

The audience can be seen a tiny bit longer.

2,1 sec

48:28 / 57:58-58:01

The tracking shot to the helpless Boomer in front of John's ochestra starts a bit earlier.

3,2 sec

50:25 / 59:54-60:28

A part of the phone call is missing. John says that he is being shot at and his phone gets hit. However, it is still working and they give each other advice. John is supposed not to get himself killed while Boomer is only supposed to move his arms around a bit as the orchestra will do the rest.

33,7 sec

50:32 / 60:35-60:45

John is being told to get out of the car again. Boomer is getting a light for his cigarette before returning to the lobby.

10,2 sec

51:55 / 62:04-62:07

One of the stressed musicians can be seen in an additional shot.

3 sec

53:33 / 63:41-63:43

Another shot of the same guy was removed.

1,6 sec

56:31 / 66:33-66:41

Tammy can be seen downstairs while the brothers can be heard talking. She approaches the stairs.

7,9 sec

57:51 / 67:58-68:07

John wants to open the door bur Boomer comes back so he closes it fast. Boomer tells Johnny not to come too close to Tammy because he would have to suffer for it later.

9,1 sec

60:34 / 70:44-71:42

The mistaken identity game in the bath tub goes on longer and eventually it seems that they are able to get out of the situation without Tammy noticing.

John dives and when Tammy wants to leave, Boomer resurfaces again. He makes and pushes her head underwater, in this moment John can leave the tub. Tammy also wants to leave the tub, but unfortunately John is standing in the living room. She is briefly shocked and confused but then just gives him a towel. Now, the door bell rings and Barbara is standing in front of the door.

58,4 sec

64:59 / 75:56-75:58

A shot starts insignificantly earlier, the US version does not start before the pan shot.

1,5 sec

65:22 / 76:20-76:23

Again, the beginning of a shot is missing.

2,8 sec

66:21 / 77:19-77:21

Tyson is hanging at the magnet a bit longer.

1,8 sec

66:48 / 77:47-77:57

Tyson has to suffer longer and John pretends not to recognize him longer. At first, Boomer says that he should buy them some time. John then says that they would not get on without proof. Tyson then comments that he or Boomer had already measured his penis with the disappointing result of 11 centimeters.

9,6 sec

66:51 / 78:00-78:11

While Boomer climbs up, Tyson continues to list bad things about Boomer, who gets a bit annoyed now and tells him to stop. In order to buy some more time, John now asks whether he did not know anything nice. However, the bad guy has enough and ends the conversation.

10,7 sec

70:17 / 81:28-81:31

The shot is longer, the baddie in the background pulls his weapon.

2,8 sec

72:16 / 83:24-83:28

The guy is going to the door in an additional shot.

3,1 sec

73:25 / 84:34-84:37

Cut to the desperate Tyson when John gets beaten up by the gangster.

3,3 sec

74:30 / 85:40-85:41

Insignificant shortening of a shot after Jackie went down in the washing saloon.

1,2 sec

74:32 / 85:43-85:48

The shot starts earlier and the guy announces his second kick.

5 sec

74:52 / 86:07-86:14

Tyson applauds Boomer and asks why he had acted weirdly before.

7,1 sec

74:59 / 86:21-86:24

Tyson starts to fiddle around with the buttons earlier.

3,4 sec

76:20 / 87:42-87:43

John runs towards the door a bit longer.

0,8 sec

76:21 / 87:44-87:58

The shot of Tyson and the guy is longer, suddenly Boomer comes out of the door behind them. The two are rather surprised since John had just entered another door. Boomer kicks the baddie away and talks to Tyson. The guy goes inside and meets John, which shocks him further.

14,7 sec

76:22 / 87:59-88:11

Directly after Boomer's call the confusion continues. Tyson wants to follow him when suddenly John gets out of the other door and says that he is walking in the wrong direction.

12,2 sec

76:23 / 88:13-88:28

Instantly afterwards the same game with the different instructions of the two Jackies and Tyson thinks he is going crazy.

15 sec

80:07 / 92:02-92:03

A bad guy asks where all the others are.

1,2 sec

82:42 / 94:33-94:36

Another shot of Boomer calling and John staggering.

2,9 sec

83:42 / 95:33-95:44

John looks at his hands in surprise and then starts dancing with joy. Boomer angrily tells him to open the grate.

11 sec

84:45 / 96:44-96:48

The car can be seen from another perspective.

3,9 sec

84:53-84:55 / 96:56-97:02

The Us Version lacks some footage of the brothers and the first short shot of the flower bouquet.

Uncut Version 4,5 sec longer

85:23 / 97:29-97:56

The fact that Boomer does not want to appear was removed.

At first, he can be seen standing around a corner, then John is handed a letter. Via a commentary from the off, we learn that Boomer is afraid of the new world and tells John to look after the girls.

27 sec

85:25 / 97:58-98:02

The shot starts earlier and John is still holding the letter while Boomer's goodbye can be heard.

4,1 sec

85:31 / 98:08-98:11

John can be seen thinking in a close-up.

3,2 sec

86:37-89:00 / 99:14-100:25

The ending credits are different as well, however, this was not included in our list of alterations.

US Version 67,2 sec longer