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original title: Atomic Hero


  • Director's Cut
  • Extended Cut
Release: Mar 22, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Unrated Director's Cut, represented by the US VHS by Troma Team Video has been compared to the Unrated Extended Cut, found on all of Troma's German releases as well as two British tapes; here represented by the German tape by Troma.

Initially badly treated by censors and only released heavily cut for the theatrical resp. first VHS-release by UFA in Germany, the first part of the "Toxic Avenger"-series later was released by Troma. This time, it was not only distributed completely uncensored, furthermore Germany received almost exclusively (apart from two negligible British tapes, of which one is even a misprint) a rare long version of the movie, into which all the scenes, which are contained in other releases as bonus material at best, were reintegrated.
This concerns mostly some humoristic scenes as well as the "subplot" about the mayor's selling Tromaville to some dubious backers. Apart from two rather pointless scene-extensions, the enhanced scenes actually make the movie more sensible and "apt" (if you can say this about any Troma-production at all).

The US Director's Cut-version is much brighter than the German Extended Cut-version ( left US-version / right Ger. version):

The cut scene's runtime designations relate to the Unrated Director's Cut. The rest of the runtime differences result from the different runtime speeds PAL-NTSC and the respective rounding of several cut scene's runtimes to whole resp. half seconds. Runtime of the Unrated Director's Cut: 1:21:57 min. (1:18:56 min. w/o ending credits)
Runtime of the Unrated Extended Cut: 1:31:17 min. (1:28:23 min. w/o ending credits)

11 extended scenes = 12 min. 40 sec.
The extended cut features the warning notice'Warning: "The Toxic Avenger" Contains scenes of extreme violence.' before the movie begins.

8 Sec.

The sec scene with Wanda & Slug starts much earlier with a little foreplay in the ectended cut.
36,5 Sec.

Melvin says goodbye to his mother in front of the door and says that his boss praised him the other day for his good work. There is a goodbye-kiss, then Melvin descends the veranda steps, waves to his mother once more and trips over his own feet in the process.
15 Sec.

The conversation between Cigarface resp. his "gang" and the policeman O'Clancy is a little longer in the extended cut before he gets out the money out of his breast boket. He only wants to put them into jail for trying to bribe him, whereas they only laugh maliciously and say he should better take the money, otherwise he'd go on a long travel very soon - in a wooden box.
32 Sec.

The worker, who is standing on his ladder in front of the advertisement poster tries to drop the paintbrush stuck in his mouth into the bucket - but he misses and the brush drops down.
Change of scene: Mayor Belgoody and his shady business partner play golf. Just as Belgoody wants to wind up, his companion talks inbetween, so he nicely hits the shrubs with his club. Then, the two talk about the attack on Cigarface and his men and wonder if it could have been O'Clancy, who mauled the men like that. The mayor excepts that, though. His companion is worried because his boys didn't even dare to make their circuit; Belgoody calms him, though, and says he'd get the city without a corn of dust.

Change of scene: The mayor arrives at his bureau and calls for his secretary. She immediately hops in happily and wants to eagerly throw herself at Belgoody; but he only wants her to write a few letters for him. After she finally understood that, she seems to be very proud of him.

95 Sec.

Sara tells Toxie she wasn't blind all the time, but that she had a terrible accident two years ago. Initially, she thought her life was more or less over, but later she found out she could do many things even better than before - cooking, for example. As she talks, she makes a sandwich for Toxie, who impatiently keeps moving his feet, but she uses ingredients such as grease, detergent and drain cleaner.
After she handed it to him, he takes a quick look at it, politely thanks her - and then throws it out of the door, where it drops on a man's face who was unsuspectingly looking out of the window.

Change of scene: A illustrator tries to make a phantom image of the "monster" in the police headquarters; among others based on O'Clancy's and the drunkard chef's (from the Mexican restaurant) descriptions, but soon the illustrator gives up doubtfully.

104 Sec.

The obese girl also wants to take a look at Julie's and Wanda's pictures, but only gets laughingly pushed away by Julie. Then, the obese girl acts as if there was something wrong with her index finger and asks Julie if she could take a closer look at it. She pulls the finger whereupon the obese girl blows off nicely. The two girls run away disgustedly; the fat girl laughs.
29 Sec.

Mayor Belgoody sits in his bureau, half-naked, with his secretary and another lady; the police chief and the dubious business partners enter.
The latter ones make reservations, that the promised building plot is being bought away in front of their noses, because everyone wants to live in Tromaville now, due to the "monster", which keeps them all safe so well. Belgoody says, they were going to do something about that.
46 Sec.

The montage, in which Toxie and Sara are shown having Sex resp. being happily together as the song "Is This Love" is played in the background is much longer in the extended cut - many more scenes with Toxie and Sara are shown, also some flash backs of what happened earlier in the movie, like the raid on the restaurant resp. Sara's rescue as well as Melvin's accident and transformation to the "Toxic Avenger" for example. Some gore effects are shown here once more, too.

Change of scene: Toxie calls his mother and tells her he is now engaged to a beautiful woman. In the meantime, some guy in the Tromaville Health Club tries to hit on Julie, who is just eagerly training in front of a mirror. In "return", he only gets a nice smack in the crotch with her towel, whereas he collapses and Julie goes away conceitedly.

147,5 Sec.

At the police station: The obese girl very excitedly tells a small group of law enforces that Melvin was the "monster" and about his accident with the radioactive waste. In the meantime, Wanda is being brought to the station by O'Clancy, who wants to make a complaint, even though O'Clancy is not convinced of her innocence. Funnily enough, after she has turned her back to the camera, you see a giant gauze bandage on her butt which she burnt in the sauna earlier (over the panties, though!).
Then, Julie gets brought in by another policeman; she obviously misses all of her head hair since Toxie's attack. As Wanda notices this, she sponaneously starts laughing, whereas Julie at first states it was Wanda who put her up to driving over all those people and then attacks Wanda. The other policemen try to seperate the two squabblers.
67 Sec.

Mayor Belgoody arrives at Tromaville's national guard and makes sure everyone is briefed and he now has the command over the troops; the troop's general makes reservations that he wants to simply kill the "monster", but Belgoody appeases. The latter orders his police chief, to firstly observe the "monster" 24/7 until everything is ready. Then he goes to a small group of children, who all wear a "I Love The Monster"-shirt with his men, is terribly upset about this and asks, whose children they might be. O'Clancy joins and says they were his kids and that this was the way children were. Belgoody angrily says he should take vare of his kids getting rid of these T-shirts again.

The following montage, in which the national guard sets off under Belgoody's ward starts much earlier in the extended cut and is therefore much longer. There are some flash backs from what happened earlier in the movie are shown here again.

180 Sec.