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PC (Worldwide) / European Xbox
Rating: BBFC 15
Region: Großbritannien

UK PS2 Version
Rating: BBFC 15
Region: Großbritannien

Release: Sep 15, 2011 - Author: Motoko - Translator: Matar
Agent Bloodrayne, half human, half vampire, is instructed in 1932 by the secret agency Brimstone Society to observe strange killings in the Louisiana swamps. She figures out that the people are transformed into undeads by an ancient artefact. Bloodrayne is able to save the artefact but looses it to Nazi officer Jürgen Wulf. He leaves her back, badly hurt. 5 years later the trace for the artefact leads to a submarine shipyard in Argentina in which an occult special commando has been formed. This commando wants to summon the demon Beliar to empower the German Reich and make it invulnerable.

Concerning the censorship:
All versions released outside of Germany where uncut in terms of violence. However, all PC versions (even the US ones), as well as the PAL version for the Xbox, lack swastikas which have been replaced by triskelions (the sign of the GGG). The gameplay video, which is played after a while in the starting screen, does not show any scenes in which swastikas appear. Only the PS2, GameCube and the US Xbox version are uncut. Unfortunately the censorship was done badly. There are two videos, in the manual, in the menu and ingame which show swastikas. SS runes remained untouched. Hitler can be seen on several pictures and he also does the Hitler greeting. Even some sentences from his speech can be heard. Out of this reasons the game has never been released in Germany.

Compared is the censored UK XBox version and the uncensored UK PS2 version.

Censorship of the levels (German)
Uniforms (German)
Censorship of the levels


The flags have triskelions which replace the swastikas. Some flags are colored blue in the censored version instead of red. The dagger flag was colored blue as well.

Uncensored version:Censored version:


Various propaganda pictures can be seen. In two variations the swastikas are deleted, the rest was replaced.

Uncensored version:Censored version:


Some doors shows a hawk with a swastika in the uncensored version. The second picture shows one of these symbols with a strange text: “Treasurehold of the summer”(?).

Uncensored version:Censored version:


There are various chests in the game in which the swastika is completely missing or was replaced by a triskelion.

Uncensored version:Censored version:


Some machines lack the swastika. The first picture shows a radio which can be seen with a swastika in the ingame video.

Uncensored version:Censored version:


While the red lockers lack swastikas (replaced by triskelions), the green ones have an empty part below the hawk.

Uncensored version:Censored version:


Close to castle Gaustadt there are various tents which show swastikas in the uncensored version.

Uncensored version:Censored version:


A lot of enemies’ uniforms lack swastikas which have been replaced by triskelions.


The swastika on the armlet has been replaced by a triskelion.

Uncensored version:Censored version:

GGG Officers

Beside the armlet, swastikas on sleeves and the belt buckle were deleted. However, the txture seem to be a bit muddy in both versions but one can recognize the darker parts.

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Priest of blood

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Kommando, Head of the infantry

The swastika emblem on the metal mask was deleted.

Uncensored version:Censored version:

GGG Elite Soldier

Beside the armlet, the helmet was censored as well. The fact that the Xbox version uses dual-layered textures, therefore it is hard to recognize it.

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Dr. Bathory Mengele aka "The Butcheress"

She lacks swastikas on her chest.

Uncensored version:Censored version:

GGG Jet-Pack Soldier

The uncensored version shows a small, red swastika on the Jet-Pack.

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Infantery Kommandeur D. Mauler

His tattoos’ on his arms and belly were edited.

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Simon and Sigfried Krüger aka "The Doppelgänger Twins"

The swastikas on armlet, tie, breast-pocket and below the hawk where replaced by triskelions. The swastika on his cloak was deleted.

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Scharführer of the GGG

Uncensored version:Censored version:

Jürgen Wulf

Beside the armlet another emblem on his arm was censored. The rendered video, which starts after the killing of Beliar, shows Wulf even in the Xbox version with an armlet and the swastika on it.

Uncensored version:Censored version: