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original title: La noche de los brujos


  • US DVD
  • Dutch VHS
Release: Oct 06, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US DVD released by BCI/Eclipse and the Dutch VHS Tape released by Sunrise.

For a long time, Amando de Ossorio's "Night of the Sorcerers" could only be purchased from obscure sources until it was released on DVD by BCI on august 21st, 2007. Regarding the image quality, this release is far surperior to any other version. Unfortunately, some minor scenes were cut out.
The Dutch VHS tape released by Sunrise is uncut, however, it has many flaws. For one thing, the image quality is awful. Some scenes were shot at night, and due to the bad image quality you can hardly see anything (check out the comparison of the images below). For another thing, the sound quality is pretty bad, too, plus the Dutch subtitles are out of sync with the soundtrack (which probably is only a disadvantage for the Dutch audience). Unfortunately, the English dubbing of the BCI is slightly out of sync, too.

Even though the BCI version is not 100% uncut, you should rather buy this DVD, since the image and sound quality is FAR surperior.
Comparison of the images:

Dutch VHS 1.33:1

US DVD 1.33:1

Example for a scene that was shot at night:

Run Time:

US DVD: 84:53 min. (NTSC)
Dutch VHS: 81:41 min. (PAL)

On the Dutch VHS, there is no overlay that says "Bumbasa 1910". Also, a short part of the next scene is missing, too.

8 sec.


The strapped girl is flayed by the native a little longer.

11 sec.


The girl screams a little longer. The natives run towards her.

Then you see a group of hunters who wander through the woods. (This scene was included later on in the US version; see below)

The BCI version continues, when you see the girl from behind.

34 sec.


In the BCI version now follows the sequence of the hunters.

In the Dutch version there's no cut; you see the native wrapping the girl up in leopard fur.

The BCI version coninues when the girl is completely wrapped up.

BCI: 25 sec.
Dutch: 4 sec.


Slightly altered scene during the opening credits.

No difference in time (the scene in both versions lasts 3 seconds).


Slightly altered scene during the opening credits.

No difference in time (the scene in both versions lasts 4 seconds).


Minor differences during the love scene. In the BCI, the events are shown from a different angle for 3 seconds. The Dutch version continues the scene without this cut.

BCI: 3 sec.
Dutch: 6 sec.


A part of the love scene is missing. After the girl insinuated herself with the camera, you don't see her taking a picture while the camera zooms to the couple.

4 sec.


A short missing sequence of the leopard girl; she's still drinking blood.

1 sec.


After Tomunga threw the knife to the ground, there's a short missing dialogue.

Tunika: "What do you pretend to demonstrate with that?"
Tomunga: "I must kill him."

5 sec.