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Sweet 16

original title: Sweet Sixteen


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Nov 29, 2009 - Author: wiccankm - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
In the wake of similar slasher films of the early 80's Sweet 16 was made. The movie got a special Opening Credits-sequence in the Theatrical Version, so absolutely every audience should get that this is a horror film. This scene has nothing to do with the rest of the movie, especially comparing it directly to the actual, relatively calm, beginning sequence. Although there is only this small difference between the two versions, the different beginnings put a completely different female character in the spotlight. In the Theatrical Version, it's the sheltered rube Marci Burke (played by Dana Kimmel who is known for Friday the 13th part 3), whereas in the Version preferred by director Jim Sotos the focus gets put on the premature Vamp Melissa Morgan (played by Aleisa Shirley). She is also the actual main character of the movie. It is her sixteenth birthday that is giving the flick its title.

The Theatrical Version has been compared to the Director's Cut. Both versions are on the DVD released by Code Red Home Entertainment and both show a different image detail. Here the comparison (left Theatrical Version, right Director's Cut)

There is one alternative and one additional scene with a total difference of 28 seconds. (Even though the runtime of the Theatrical Version should be longer than the Director's Cut's, it isn't, because the DVD is based on a damaged master. That is why there are many film tears and jumps, especially during the reel changes.)
0:00:00 - 0:00:04: The Director's Cut misses the R-Rated Logo in the beginning.
4 Sec.

0:00:04 - 0:03:10: While in the Theatrical Version the names get faded in, you can see Marci sitting in an old castle reading a book while there is a storm outside. She hears a knocking, takes a big candle holder and takes the way to the masonry's door. After she opens it, she get startled by a zombie. Suddenly she wakes up and realizes all this has just been a nightmare.
7 Sec.

0:00:00 - 0:02:59: In the Director's Cut, the names get first faded in before after approx. one and a half minutes the movie begins. Now, the camera first whirrs through Melissa's bedroom while water is heard rustling in the background. Slowly, the lens zooms in on a mirror in which you can see Melissa taking a shower in her bathroom.

0:16:27 - 0:16:49: The shower scene has been added in the Theatrical Version here.
22 Sec.

0:23:30 - 0:23:32: The Director's Cut shows Marci and her brother continue walking a little. The Theatrical Version misses this and the following scenes due to bad footage.
2 Sec.

0:23:55 - 0:23:56: The Theatrical Version misses a short bit showing Melissa's mother getting out of the car.
1 Sec.

1:17:32 - 1:17:39: After Marci has discovered a corpse, she runs through the forest, shocked.
7 Sek.

1:27:19 - 1:27:21: The R-Rated logo is shown longer in the Director's Cut.
2 Sec.