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Fear Chamber


  • US Version
  • Spanish Version
Release: Jun 14, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Version (US DVD by Elite Entertainment) and the uncut Spanish Version (Mexican DVD by Televisa).

Scientist Dr. Karl Mantell does research on livig matter that is supposed to be in the interior of the earth. In some cave, his daughter Corinne and his employee Mark discover some rock formation that moves and it has a onscious mind as well. They take the stone creature to their lab and during some experiments, they realize the creature feeds on human fear. As an alleged women's shelter, they keep their eyes peeled for new victims. At night, they mess with their minds only to tell them in the morning it was nothing but a nightmare. Employee Roland's relationship with the creature becomes more and more worrisome because Roland starts getting new victims for the creature at some point. Helga helps him.

It is really amazing in what kind of movies Boris Karloff was in when he was older. Fear Chamber aka The Torture Zone is one of four movies produced as US/Mexican co-production. The other three are Dance of Death, Alien Terror and Cult of the Dead. Due to the fact that Karloff was too sick to travel to Mexico, his scenes were shot in Hollywood, directed by Jack Hill. The result is a rather wild movie about some creature from the interior of the earth which is after human fear at first, followed by the desire for human blood. Mantell's horror show is about alleged human victims incl. a dwarf. Later on, there is a topless stripper but she winds up in the stone monster's tentacles as well. The props and special effects are rather cheap and Karloff is either on the phone, on a chair or in bed. The result is a weird feeling because seeing Karloff in such a movie just seems like a waste even though the trash flick is not entirely unappealing.

In the US, the movie was relased on DVD by Elite Entertainment. The version is in widescreen and the picture quality is pretty decent. The framing does not appear to be 100% correct though. In numerous scenes, the top shows too much while the bottom shows too little. In addition to that, the Spanish credits have been replaced by freeze frames with English credits. As a consequence thereof, a few scenes are missing. Interestingly enough, the end credits are still in Spanish. Furthermore, a huge part of the striptease scene is cut. To be more specific, every single time when someone is topless. At least, the scene is available as bonus.

A decent release is still not available though. The Mexican DVD only contains Spanish audio and the US DVD lacks the striptease scene. Nonetheless, the US DVD is probably the best choice at this point because the missing is at least available as bonus and there are not any further cuts. The only other difference are the English credits.

Screenshot Comparison:


Mexican DVD:


Spanish Version: 87:32 min (87:41 min incl. end credits song)
US DVD: 86:11 min

The US Version starts with a freeze frame.

The Spanish Version shows two guys instead.

US Version: 9 sec
Spanish Version: 8 sec


Freeze frame in the US Version when the title "Fear Chamber" appears on the screen.

When the Spanish title appears, Syed keeps walking around.

US Version: 3 sec
Spanish Version: 2 sec


The US Version contains two freeze frames with the opening credits in English.

The Spanish Version contains further scenes in the torture chamber.

US Version: 43 sec
Spanish Version: 44 sec


In the US Version, the image freezes for further credits.

More torture chamber footage in the Spanish Version.

US Version: 25 sec
Spanish Version: 25 sec


The docs longer in the US Version. Also, the subsequent shot starts earlier.

US Version: 1 sec


The US Version lacks a huge part of the striptease scene.

Spanish Version: 1:25 min


When the monster attacks the stripper, the US Version lacks the pan shot to her breasts.

Spanish Version: 1 sec


The stripper is being attacked longer.

Spanish Version: 12 sec