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Long Swift Sword of Siegfried, (Aka The Lustful Barbarian), The

original title: Siegfried und das sagenhafte Liebesleben der Nibelungen


  • US Version
  • German Version
Release: Jun 09, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

"Fighting is a man's business, we women are more for love." (~ Kriemhild)

After killing the dragon and bathing in its blood, the self-confident Siegfried returns to King Gunther's court with his squire Hansel. Siegfried wants to marry Gunther's pretty sister Kriemhild, but before he can do so, he amuses himself with various female members of the court. Meanwhile, Gunther intends to take the strong Brunhild as his wife and therefore travels with Siegfried to Iceland. Thanks to his invisibility cloak, Siegfried can pretend to be Gunther and satisfy Brunhild so well in bed that she agrees to marry him. Back in Gunther's castle, Brunhild sees through the deception, much to Gunther's displeasure. The sinister Hagen is ordered to kill Siegfried, but at the last moment Kriemhild manages to save her Siegfried from the deadly lance thrust.

Before Raimund Harmstorf became known to a wide audience with The Seawolf, he starred in the sex comedy The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried directed by Adrian Hoven and Mark of the Devil. A rather inconsequential film was cobbled together from elements of the Nibelungen saga, focusing primarily on the lovemaking of its heroes rather than a coherent narrative. In one of her first roles, the enchanting Sybil Danning can be seen as Kriemhild, who ends up saving the life of sexual powerhouse Siegfried, despite the fact that she had previously only been a pleasure object.

"The worst thing that can happen to you is the most beautiful thing in the world." (~ Hansel)

The film was shown on the German TV station Tele 5 on June 27, 2020. The German version of the film was broadcast. For the US market, the notorious producer David F. Friedman, who besides various sexploitation films also produced some films by Herschell Gordon Lewis and Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS, had his own edit made. In the credits of the US version, it is no longer Adrian Hoven but now David F. Friedman who appears as director, which may be doubted. Raimund Harmstorf, by the way, is listed there as Lance Boyle. The US version is based on the German version, but has been shortened by a good 6 minutes. The cuts are very well placed and do not stand out. For the most part, they are simple scene cuts of mostly just one second. Cuts below that are not listed in the report. The opening scene, in which the narrator tells the legend of Siegfried, was removed, as was the scene in which the image of the Saxon king was egged by the populace. For US audiences, this historical political context is likely to distract too much from the naked women and sex scenes.

The US version, however, offers a few special features. For example, the scene in which Siegfried enjoys himself with the woman in the hay was prefaced with the music of Richard Wagner and the credits were superimposed over it. A more brilliant opening of the film. In the US version, a short shot of the woman grabbing her legs was added to this scene. Later, when Siegfried is pleasuring himself with Kriemhild's three servants, the US version shows a few brief snippets of Siegfried's penis. These brief snippets were probably inserted specifically for the US version. During the orgy at the castle, Gunther and his two brothers are orally pleasured by three women who are under the table. In the German version, there are a total of four cuts to the women during the scene. In the first and last cuts, the women are clothed, while in the other two cuts they are completely naked. This is an obvious movie mistake. In the first cut on the women, the US version shows an alternate shot in which the women are also completely nude. The last shot has been removed. Towards the end at the tournament, the US version starts in one shot earlier. The German version probably has a film tear here. Otherwise, the US version has a "The End" card at the end. The US version is to be seen as an independent cut. More briskly cut, with different music, a few unnecessary penis inserts and an alternate scene.

The US version is on Empire's Dutch VHS, Something Weird Video's US VHS, and an Australian VHS. The Dutch and US VHS are cut differently, while the Australian VHS features the completely uncut US version.

Picture comparison:

German version:

Australian VHS:


German version (Tele5): 94:44 min (PAL).
Australian VHS: 88:10 min. (PAL)

Comparison between the US version and the German version (Tele 5 broadcast on June 27, 2020).

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The German version starts with the atlas international logo.

The AU shows various landscape shots right at the beginning.

German version: 20 sec.
AU: 29 sec.


When the woman is seen on the castle, the German version fades in the titles.

No time difference.


The woman is seen longer, after which she is seen walking across the castle earlier.

German version: 16 secs.


The German version shows more scenes of the woman in the castle.

After that, the woman is seen with her lover. She asks the audience if they know the sagas of Siegfried and the Nibelungen.

German version: 1:00 min.


Hansel is seen for a longer time, followed by more landscape shots while Siegfried's wife narrates.

German version: 11 secs.


After Siegfried and Hansel are seen, it cuts back to the woman telling that Siegfried was in love with Kriemhild.

German version: 3 secs.


The AU fades in to show the castle of Gunther of Burgundy.

No time difference.


After the rider was seen, the German version cuts again to the woman being disturbed having sex. She says that she didn't want the viewer to go into the story unprepared.

German version: 12 secs.


Before the rider is seen, the German version shows the woman at the window.

German version: 2 secs.


German version shows the woman at the window.

The AU shows the previous shot of the woman at the window instead.

German version: 1 sec.
AU: 1 sec.


Kriemhild is seen earlier saying that fighting is men's business.

German version: 1 sec.


Gunther can be seen earlier.

German version: 1 sec.


After Gunther was seen, the horsemen are seen leaving the castle.

German version: 12 secs.


The next scene with Kriemhild follows in the AU at [00:09:59]


In the AU, a shot of the horsemen in front of the castle as Kriemhild is being bathed is missing.

German version: 7 secs.


In the German version, Kriemhild is doused with water for longer, then a cut to one of the women.

The AU shows the harp player instead.

German version: 2 sec.
AU: 1 sec.


The harp player can be seen earlier.

German version: 1 sec.


The harp player is seen for a longer time. One of the women refers to her as a fat blonde witch.

German version: 6 secs.


The scene with Siegfried in the hay comes in the US at [00:04:06]


The US fades in the titles as Siegfried enjoys himself with the woman in the hay.

No time difference.


The sleeping Hansel can be seen longer.

German version: 3 secs.


In the German version, Siegfried and the woman can still be seen. Siegfried pushes her forward.

In the AU, the woman grabs herself between the legs.

German version: 4 secs.
AU: 4 sec.


In the AU, the guard can be seen earlier looking into the barn.

AU: 1 sec.


In the German version, the barn can be seen longer after the guard runs off to the side.

German version: 1 sec.


The German version cuts to the woman briefly, then a shot of Siegfried fighting the guard.

German version: 2 secs.


Siegfried is seen earlier fighting.

German version: 1 sec.


In the German version, the sword slides down.

In the AU, you can already see the next shot where the sword is further down.

German version: 1 sec.
AU: 1 sec.


The German version now shows the shot here that was seen in the AU before, then a cut to the woman.

German version: 2 secs.


The scene in which Siegfried rides into the castle comes in the US at [00:13:24]


In the German version, the women listen longer at the door, then a cut to the maid.

German version: 4 secs.


In German version, the maid is seen once again, then the women at the door earlier.

German version: 4 secs.


Again, the AU is missing a cut to the maid.

German version: 5 secs.


Missing from the AU is a shot of Siegfried having sex with the three women.

German version: 7 secs.


The German version continues to show Siegfried having sex with the women.

The AU instead shows the woman laughing and then Siegfried's penis.

German version: 4 sec.
AU: 3 sec.
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