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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Apr 22, 2008 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: robbiminator - external link: IMDB
This cut-report compares the US DVD by 20th Century Fox (R-Rated) with the US DVD also by 20th Century Fox (Unrated).

The movie and its Unrated version
2006's remake of Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes found favour with the reviewers, however the same could not be said of Martin Weisz' sequel. But, as is so often the case these days, even so two vesions of the movie were released on dvd:
The R-rated version on double sided disc with both wide and full screen transfers and the unrated-dvd, which over two sides also presents bonus material and arrives in a slip case. It is worth mentioning that the two prints differ only slightly, there are no alternate or extended scenes and only the more visceral scenes have been altered to suit the respective rating. The gore sequences however, don't really gain that much from the extra frames, bearing in mind just how short some of these rather graphic images are actually seen on screen. "The Hills Have Eyes 2" on unrated disc is a slightly more blood filled affair without improving on a rather average movie. The unrated disc gets the nod over the R-rated version purely for the bonus features and better cover.

The R-rated edition has 15 cuts totalling 26.34 seconds, but also one scene longer by 1.79 seconds compared to the unrated disc.
Running time of the unrated dvd without end credits: 1:25.30 Min (NTSC)
R-rated version running time: 1:25.05 Min (NTSC)
times quoted are from the unrated dvd.
The black screen before the start is slightly longer on Unrated.
0,79 Sec

The mutated baby's arm exits the woman's body. The darkened shot of her vagina a few seconds previously however, was left in the R-rated edition!
1,58 Sec

This time a slightly different angle of the arm is shown only in the R-rated.
+1,79 Sec

The scond shot of the vagina during birth has been trimmed.
0,625 Sec

These alterations result in the opening credits being different. They only vary in the footage over which they are displayed though.

The arrow penetrating Col. Redding is seen longer and the mutant's hands are shown for a few extra frames.
2,5 Sec

(Sarge: „Army’s business, dumbass and definitely none of your business.“)
Soldat 1: “Sorry, I am in the army.”
Soldat 2: “Which gives you the right to shut the fuck up.”
Soldat 1: “Okay, I’ll just shut the fuck up, then.”
7,25 Sec

Chamelon's eye, having being gouged by Amber's finger (still seen), falls out of the eye socket in a close up shot.
0,5 Sec

Chameleon's caved in head is shown and Napoleon hits him with a stone one more time.
0,42 Sec

Alternative material used. R-Rated: Napoleon is seen for longer.

Unrated: The shot of Napoleon is shorter, but we get to see the rock connecting with its target again.

0,29 Sec difference

The rape sequence has been changed by using different footage.
The very vague and dark shot of the wall and the actors is longer.

Unrated: Here the woman and a mutant are shown in a series of fast intercut shots although nothing disturbing can actually be seen.

1,54 Sec difference

The naked body of a man cut in half is shown and the following shot of the soldiers is also a tick longer.3,54 Sec

Different shots in both versions were used again.
R-Rated: Some body parts are shown and the shot of the soldiers ia longer than on the NR disc.

Unrated: The camera pans across a cut in two body which could also be seen in from a different, less graphic perspective on the R-rated disc.

0,67 Sec Differenz

In the NR a shot of amber has been split into two with a camera pan across human remains spliced in.
2,83 Sec

As Amber thrusts the bajonet into Stabber the shot is again divided and footage of the bajonet entering Stabber added.
1,67 Sec

The shot of Papa Hades before he grabs his head is a little longer.
0,76 Sec

Amber's fingers are boring in Papa Hades' head wound.
1,375 Sec