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Heroes, The

original title: Siu Lam Ying Hung


  • US DVD
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 30, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut US DVD by Tai Seng and the "extended version" on the German Blu-ray

- 10 cuts
- Runtime difference: 715 sec (= 11:55 min) in PAL

In addition, 7 spots on the US-DVD with a duration of 25.2 sec, which are missing in the "extended version". 2 additional spots are exclusive on the Hong Kong Laserdisc.

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.

In the comparison between the extended version on Blu-ray and the Hong Kong Laserdisc, we have already mentioned that the Eastern rarity The [Shaolin] Heroes is unfortunately not included completely uncut on the worldwide Blu-ray premiere by the German label filmArt, available since November 13, 2020. As described, in addition to a scanning of a German 35mm cinema reel, an "extended version" was also created there, into which only selective violence cuts in the finale were added again, but not smaller submission-related missing moments throughout the rest of the film.

The US DVD by Tai Seng was shortened considerably more. A copyright notice at the beginning of the DVD indicates that Ocean Shores is the source of this DVD. In contrast to the uncut Hong Kong Laserdisc, however, there are English credits and 12 minutes are missing here, which probably had to give way mainly for reasons of streamlining. Right at the beginning, there is a particularly long scene block that shows some background information about the various parties. Later, there are some scenes missing in which Ti Lung can demonstrate his acting skills. A little fight with him was also deleted.

All in all, therefore, not really a version that can be recommended. Fortunately, thanks to the German Blu-ray, which also comes with an English audio track, you no longer have to put up with this old full-screen DVD.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: US DVD in PAL speed / Extended version Blu-ray

The US DVD has English credits above the intro sequence.

US-DVDGerman Blu-ray

10:12 / 10:38-19:28

Ti Lung gallops longer through the village. Danny Lee comments that he is probably putting people in jail again and that the jail is probably already full. The monks are taken away and Danny watches in shock. Mia holds him back to take up the pursuit. The two go to Dorian and tell him about it. It is discussed that Ti Lung is a traitor and would also know many of their hiding places. Danny says that he will talk to friends who can help them.

Arriving at the prison, Ti Lung looks satisfied and orders his people around a bit. One of the prisoners says that the remaining monks will take cruel revenge. Ti Lung gives him a set of sore fingers with his stick. Then he announces various new torture methods.

Ti Lung is ordered to the prince, who praises him for the hard crackdown. The remaining monks would be searched by his men. After that, we see like Dorian and co at a shelter full of corpses. Mia mourns for her mother.

Now the wife of the prince comes back and announces that the prince would be promoted to first minister. His men also arrive and report that the monks have escaped them. Ti Lung calms them down: He knows of another hiding place and wants to set off.

total 508.5 sec (= 8:28 min)

18:14 / 27:47-28:02

After the shot of Ti Lung, the camera pans up to the room and over the flowers.

15.6 sec

40:24 / 51:05-51:27

The blurred shot of Mia a little longer, then the following scene begins earlier with a dance performance at the Prince's.

21,9 sec

61:05 / 72:57-73:08

Ti Lung arrives a little earlier at the emperor.

9.7 sec

67:16 / 79:34-80:21

Ti Lung mourns longer for the deceased Li Fung (Dorian Tan). We see him again, then Ti Lung drops his shield and almost collapses emotionally. A short cut into the prison follows, where the info about the death also spreads already. After that, Ti Lung again somewhat earlier, before the emperor's wife with an umbrella joins him.

44.9 sec

68:00 / 81:07-81:13

Ti Lung walks away with his wife in another shot through the rain.

5.3 sec

68:26 / 81:40-82:54

Another shot of rain outside, then the thoughtful Ti Lung in his room. He paints and walks over to the prison. The wife also draws something and looks up at him.

71,2 sec (= 1:11 min)

77:04 / 91:54-92:24

The students run away a few frames longer, then further fighting of Ti Lung against some men of the emperor is missing.

28.7 sec

77:27 / 92:48-92:57

Again, Ti Lung is allowed to fight a little earlier.

9 sec

78:17 / 93:50

Probably not a deliberate cut, this was already noticeable with the HK Laserdisc: The blow with the lance is less than a handful of actually insignificant frames earlier in the master of the German Blu-ray.

0.1 sec

The US DVD contains almost all the short moments we have already described in the separate comparison between the extended version on Blu-ray and the Hong Kong Laserdisc. Only two of the total of 9 spots are missing on the US DVD because they were lost during longer cuts. Here again with the corresponding timecodes and screenshots only from the US DVD.

11:20-11:23 / 20:39

As the camera moves along the letters, there is a jumpcut and so a part of the camera movement is missed.

+ 2.8 sec

11:56-11:59 / 21:15-21:16

Ti Lung finishes his sentence on screen at the end of the shot.

Strangely enough, Dorian and Danny are then briefly looped in the follow-up shot for the German Blu-ray: the first half second is repeated immediately. At least the synchro remains complete, because without this loop the following answer from Dorian would have overlapped with the previous sentence from Ti Lung.

US-DVD 1.7 sec longer

28:59-29:00 / 39:16

The camera movement from the chains to the head has a jumpcut and runs through in one.
Again, the Blu-ray seems to be very choppy here, because the rest of the shot is only 0.5 sec long and the picture jumps noticeably.

+ 1.4 sec

31:29-31:31 / 41:50

Danny a bit longer and the follow-up shot of the brush a few frames earlier.

+ 2.1 sec

39:39 / 50:19

Jumpcut at the shot of the prisoners, when one of them is just laughing a little.

+ 0.9 sec

50:08-50:12 / 61:37

The total from above a moment longer. Then, the camera drives past several people. That shot is missing.

+ 4 sec

89:27-89:39 / 105:28

The two of them continue along the path until the bottom of the picture.
On the German VHS, this even takes 5 sec longer (until they disappear from the picture) than on the US DVD as well as on the Hong Kong Laserdisc.

+ 12.2 sec

The US DVD then has an end insertion and the copyright notice from the underlying VHS. On the Blu-ray, instead, about half a minute of music runs over black screen.