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original title: Noche de los Diablos, La


  • Free TV: Spain
  • International Version
Release: Jul 02, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut broadcast on somos and the uncut Japanese version.

As usual for Spanish productions from that time, two different versions were shot. One for the domestic market and one for the international release, containing alternative naked scenes. For this comparison, a Spanish TV broadcast from the channel somos was at hand. It seems that for this broadcast, a VHS master was used which was created from a release print. This version is in a particularly desolate state. For one thing, there are very many film tears. For another thing, there are also some longer plot cuts. Most of the scenes of violence are still intact. In this censorship report, only changes regarding the Japanese version are mentioned (in other words, the alternative scenes). In two further scenes, in which breasts can be seen (Elena and Jovan get close & Elena is bitten), the corresponding shots have been removed from the somos broadcast. Image comparison:

somos: ~2.65:1

Japan: ~1.87:1

Run times:

somos: 72:04 min. (PAL)
Japan: 89:15 min. (NTSC)


After Nicola passed out, miscellaneous flashbacks follow. In between, scenes in the hospital.

1:21 min.


The flashbacks are missing completely. Instead, there is alternative material of Nicola's examination.

1:10 min.



Sdenka takes off her night gown and stands naked before Nicola.

18 sec.


Sdenka takes off her coat and stands before Nicola in her night gown.
18 sec.


Another alternative scene. Sdenka stands naked, or in her night gown respectively, before Nicola. Nicola goes to her.

Japan: 30 sec.
somos: 29 sec.


When they hug and collapse into bed, alternative scenes are seen again.

Japan: 26 sec.
somos: 25 sec.