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2.23 Tequila


  • US Version
  • German Version
Release: Apr 18, 2015 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut episodes on the US DVD by Lions Gate / FOX and the uncut episodes on the German DVD by Warner Home Video.

The differences:

6 cuts = 1 minute and 36 seconds
1 alternative scene = 1 minute and 10.5 seconds

One certainly needs to make no words about the hilarious TV show "ALF". Even those who have not seen it have at least heard of it even though it has been quite some time since something new from the ALF universe was released. Anyway, the show consists of 4 seasons and was aired in the late 80s and early 90s. Furthermore, there are two animated series ("ALF: The Animated Series" & ALF Tales) and a motion picture from the mid 90s.

As for the US Versions, a few minutes of each episode were cut for syndication in order to show more commercials. Unfortunately, these syndication versions were also released on DVD. Understandably, the fans were disappointed that the DVDs do not contain the uncut episodes. Whether or not the uncut episodes will be released one day (perhaps on Blu-ray?) is the million dollar question.
1 min
The intro was shortened. We do not see Alf's point of view when opening a door and walking to into the room.
3 sec

1 min
Another minor part from the intro was cut out when Alf wants to get his hands on the cake in the fridge, but Katherine hinders him.
8 sec

4 min
Maura: (Now, tell me, what have you been up to?)
Betty: (Same old thing! I'm still selling houses on the west side!)
Sylvia: Yeah, yeah! Number one in sales again! They gave her a Cadillac to match her blazer!
Betty: Yeah, but beige is so noncommittal!
Katherine: I've heard that!
10 sec

6 min
Katherine leaves the table and leaves Maura behind in the restaurant. The latter puts sunglasses on and takes a sip from her drink.
9 sec

8 min
After Alf fell off the ladder with the bucket of paint, Brian helps him get back up.
Alf: Well, at least I didn't get any on me!
Then follows an exterior shot of the house. The scene fades to Willie inside the living room who puts clean sheets on the mattress.
Alf: Works for me!
Willie: Thank you for the Alf Housekeeping Seal of Approval!
Alf: I'll be going to the garage now!
Willie: No, you won't!
Alf: I won't be going to the garage now! Where will I be going?
Willie: You will be sleeping in Brian's room tonight!
Alf: I don't wanna sleep in Brian's room! His Smurf clock offends me!
Willie: You will be sleeping in Brian's room!
Alf: I will be sleeping in Brian's room, even though his Smurf clock offends me!
Katherine (von draußen): Well, here we are, Maura!
Willie: Alf!
Alf: I'll be in Brian's room along with that grinning, blue idiot!
Alf walks to Brian's room. Then the scene cuts to Katherine and Maura who are standing in front of the door.
Katherine: I'll just open the lock and in we'll go!
Maura: Fine, Kate! Go ahead! Whatever you say! I'm ready!

The US Version instead shows Willie at the phone a little longer. Additionally, the exterior shot of the house looks different.
US Version: 4.5 sec
German Version: 75 sec

14 min
Longer shot of Katherine.
2 sec

15 min
Willie: I can't believe you and Maura got drunk together!
Alf: Yeah! And now she thinks I'm her imaginary drinking buddy who appears after she's had half a fifth! Which must be a tenth! Math hurts!
21 sec

17 min
After Katherine's and Willie's conversation inside the bedroom we can hear Alf throwing up in the bathroom. Subsequently, Alf says: I don't remember eating that!
Willie and Katherine look a little grossed out.
Cut to the kitchen. Maura sits at the table while Lynn pours some juice in a glass.
Lynn: So, what's the main attribute for a layer facing the Supreme Court?
Maura: A lack of ethics and shiny shoes!
Lynn: I'm sorry! Is it a little too early to talk shop?
Maura: Well, maybe a little, Lynnie! How early is it, anyway?
Lynn: Seven-thirty!
34 sec

18 min
Katherine: You mean nothing strange happened? Maura schaut Katherine fragend an. Katherine: You slept okay? I mean, you didn't hear anything or see anything?
Maura: What are you getting at, Kate?
Katherine: Nothing! I just wondered if you slept okay!
Maura: Fine! I slept fine!
20 sec