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4.01 Judgement Day Part 1


  • Syndicated Version
  • Uncut
Release: May 06, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut Syndicated Version (UK BD by Fabulous Films / First Edition) and the Uncut Version (UK BD by Fabulous Films / New Edition).

- 3 cuts
- Length difference: 430.2 sec resp. 7 min 10.2 sec

Please note: Since the Uncut Versions are available as two-part episodes while the Syndicated Versions are available as two single episodes (for obvious reasons), the Uncut Version lacks the end credits of Part 1 & the opening and recap at the beginning of Part 2. Furthermore, the commercial breaks differ which may result in minor differences such as a longer or an additional black screen. All that has not been considered in the following comparison which only lists the actual cuts/differences made for syndication. There is one exception though: Occasionally, the Syndicated Version lacks a small shot due to a commercial break. This will also be listed as cut in the following comparison.

Basically, the UK Blu-ray box set is a very nice release. Except for one thing: The two-part episodes of seasons 2, 3 and 4 are only available as Syndicated Versions. Those versions are cut in order to fit in the (US) time slot. Since those versions have a length of approx.45 minutes (Blu-ray / NTSC) each, the time issue is not an issue anymore.
But this is only the case with the first 500 box sets. According to Fabulous Films, the subsquent box sets do contain the Uncut Version. For those of you who have bought one of the first 500 box sets: You can send the discs with the Syndicated Versions to Fabulous Films and get them replaced with the discs containing the Uncut Versions - for free. If you want to keep the Syndicated Version, you can get the replacement discs for a small fee (£10 incl. shipping to Germany but I do not know if it is cheaper within the UK or more expensive if the discs need to be shipped to a different country).

As for the Syndicated Versions: They are still watchable but a fan notices the missing footage. For that reason, one should watch the Uncut Versions.

As already mentioned, the two-part episodes of seasons 2, 3 and 4 are cut. Be that as it may, there have been comparisons for the season 3 ("The Bend in the River") in our archive for quite some time now: Comparison for Part 1 & Comparison for Part 2. The reason is simple: This two-part episode is cut on the UK DVD and it turns out that the UK DVD contains the Syndicated Version. This has been checked and confirmed.

Time index refers to
Syndicated Version - Uncut Version.
11:30 / 12:32

Murdock's first appearance in this episode is missing. Once again, Murdock is in the nuthouse. To be more specific, he is in a whole he started digging in his room and gets out of it because the phone is ringing. The caller is Face who is in the parking lot outside. And as always, Face wants to get him out.
Murdock: "At the tone, the time will be 12:22 in Hong Kong."
Face: "Murdock, will you listen to me? We got a job to do and here's how we gonna run it. Now, General Barnaby, he was your C.O. in Nam. You got that? And he needs a kidney transplant. So…"
Murdock interrupts him: "Wait a minute, wait a minute. I gave a kidney away last year to eh… to eh… Colonel Morgan. And the year before that, it was Westmoreland. And I gave my lung away the year before that to my aunt Sophie."
Face: "We even took your spleen eight months ago, didn't we?"
Murdock: "I'm practcially a shell of my former self."
Face: "Well, I'll tell you, sometimes this is moving too fast for me, you know. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Did we ever give you a lobotomy?"
Murdock: "No sweat. Oh, Guy of the Countenance. I've got this thing handled."
Face: "Now wait a minute, Murdock. The Colonel is waiting for us, huh? And this is a kidnapping so, you know, we don't have a lot of spare time."
Murdock: "I've tunneled my way out."
Face: "You tunneled… Murdock, that went out with 'Hogan’s Horses'."
Murdock: "Right behind the psychiatric boardroom, there's a sundeck. Right behind that is a walkway with a tree. Meet me right there. Bye-bye."
Murdock hangs up.
Face decides: "I give him 10 minutes, then I go for the lobotomy."

Murdock pulls his bed over the whole he dug so it remains undiscovered. Murdock then climbs down the whole and makes his way through the tunnel. While doing so, Murdock also has something to say about the phone conversation he just had with Face.
Murdock: "I can't believe he wanted me to give another kidney. Give, give, give."

In the meantime, Face is on his way to the rendezvous point.

Murdock keeps making his way through the tunnel.

Face is at the rendezvous point. He impatiently paces.

Back to Murdock in the tunnel.

Subsequently, a meeting is taking place in the mental institution.
Doctor: "I've seen too many cases of schizophrenia and way too many cases of thos trying to perpetrate a fraud on hospitals and government funding."
During that comment, one gets to Murdock one more time. He has reached the end of the tunnel.
Murdock: "Face, I'm here."

Face is incredibly impatient. He takes a look around, then he puts his ear to the ground. A woman walking by is confusing. They are looking at each other.

Back to the doc who makes another comment regarding Murdock's mental condition. Again, one gets to see footage of Murdock while the doc is speaking. Murdock attempts to get to the surface. Some of the other people at the meeting are irritated because they hear some weird noises (made by Murdock, of course).
Doctor: "Look, you've asked me here specifically to review Mr. Murdock's case. I continue to feel the man's a fraud. Certainly, you all have a chance to review Mr. Murdock's file, yes. And there are times where he appears quite lucid. So these reports of violent outbursts add aberrant behavior… I mean, is there a… You just can't put a credence in them. I know this man. I've been in the same room with him. We're soul brothers."
During the doc's last words, Murdock sticks his head out of the whole under the table.

Doc keeps talking: "That man is as sane as I am."
This is when Murdock shows up next to the table all of a sudden.
Murdock: "What's up, doc?"
Murdock climbs over the table and tries to get away.
Doctor: "Bob, call security. Quickly."
Murdock opens the doors but there are already two guards waiting for him. Murdock runs back in the room and jumps on the table.
Murdock: "Oh, me lady."
The fight with the guards continues.
Now, the doc intervenes: "Murdock?"
Murdock gives him his stuff. Then he jumps through the window.

Face runs to Murdock and pretends to be an employe.
Face: "No problem. No problem. I got him. I got him."
Face drags Murdock away. The people at the meeting watch them leave. They still can't fathom what just happened there.
The doc tells them sarcastically: "So, sue me."

228.6 sec resp. 3 min 48.6 sec

28:20 / 33:15

A part of the famous "Let's prepare a vehicle" scene is missing.

28.6 sec

34:56 / 40:19

Gino pays his brother Giuseppe aka Joe a visit in jail.
Joe: "Gino. Gino. I can't believe you came all this way."
Gino: "Giuseppe. Or Joe? Joe, that's what they call you here."
Joe: "Come on, Gino."
Gino: "Joe Scarlett. The scourge of the American underworld."
Joe: "OK, Gino. Enough already."
Gino: "Enough? Enough is right. Are you ready to come back with me?"
Joe: "Come back? America's been good to me."
Gino: "Oh, looks like it's been good to you. You come here, become a boss of a bunch of idiots. They can't even sit on this girl until you're free."
Joe: "What are you talkin' about? They still got her."
Gino: "I got her. And she stays with me until this is finished.""
Joe: "You don't understand Gino. You never did."
Gino: "You're right. I never did."
Joe: "It was always you, Gino. Always. Papa would teach you, talk to you and put you in charge. I was little Giuseppe. Little Giuseppe this, little Giuseppe that. Here, I'm somebody. People are afraid of me. Joe Scarlett. That name means something. They shake when I walk into a room. I'm a big man, Gino. I'm a big man here."
Gino: "You're a big man, my brother. You're a very big man. You are my brother. We are blood. I do for you. I get you out of this mess that you always got into since you were younger. You and I will know I got you out of this. I make you a big boss again. Guard!"
Gino looks at his watch. Then he says: "You tell your big-time American lawyer that he call me at my home in Palermo to tell me of your release."
The guard opens the door to the cell and Gino leaves.

173 sec resp. 2 min 53 sec