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Uncensored PEGI Version

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Censored Mastertronic Added Dimension/Xbox360 Version
Rating: PEGI 16+
Region: UK / US

Uncensored PC Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jul 12, 2012 - Author: Schaffi - Translator: Tony Montana
The third person shooter Infernal, released by Eidos, is about the fallen angel Ryan Lennox who carves out an existence as regular human being without any ability. Right before he gets ambushed by heaven, his girlfriend Mitchel can warn him. Ryan barely escapes the attack. Subsequently, he makes a pact with the devil who gives him new infernal power for his service in return. So Lennox is out for revenge in the name of Satan. Bit by bit, he figures out there's no difference between Good and Evil at all.

The game isn't exactly the cream of the crop in the shooter genre and has to deal with some weaknesses (disappoiting ending, some weird bugs). But if you're looking for a shooter to play now and then, you should sneak a peek.

For the release in Germany the Game had to be censored to obtain a FSK 18 rating. The UK first release by Playlogic/Eidos which has been released at the same time was uncensored. Unfortunately the later released UK budget version by Mastertronic Added Dimension did only include the censored German version. The reason for this is unknown. Maybe Mastertronic could only licence the German version or it was just an accident. However, since the first UK release was uncensored most likely it has nothing to do with the UK regulations itself.

A word regarding the Xbox360 version: In 2009 the game has also been ported to the Xbox360 (at least in the USA). But like with some other games (F.E.A.R., Dark Messiah of Might and Magic) the console version is censored compared to the original PC version. We couldn't check it by ourselves but it looks like the alterations are also equal to the ones made in the German version.

Compared are the Censored Version (USK Keine Jugendfreigabe) and the Uncensored Version (PEGI 16+).
The game has only been censored moderately but the alterations are typical for the genre.


Only the Uncensored Version contains the so-called ragdoll function. One can keep shooting at the corpse and the body reacts to every slug plus blood splatters with any hit.
This is impossible in the Censored Version. When the hostile got killed and you aim at the body, a little X pops up instead of a hair cross. Furthermore, it sounds like you're out.
The following screen has been taken from the Censored Version and shows a body that was supposed to get shot again. Due to the small size of the X, it looks like a red dot. To make it better recognizable, I intentionally chose a darker screen.

Now the screens from the Uncensored Version. They're illustrating how ragdoll works in this game.

Pool of Blood

Due to the missing ragdoll in the Censored Version, the resulting pool of blood on the ground are missing as well.
The screen has been taken from the Uncensored Version.

Civilians and Animals

Moreover, the possibility of shooting at civilians and animals has been censored as well. The effect is similar to the corpses. If you try to aim at an civilian or animal, a little red X pops up and the gun won't work either.
In the Uncensored Version on the other hand, it is possible to shoot civilians and animals.