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original title: La Novia ensangrentada


  • Spanish Version (Blu-ray Bonus)
  • English Version
Release: Feb 21, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Spanish Version (abstracts of the bonus section from the US Blu-ray) und der English Version (Main Movie on the US Blu-ray)

Background Information About The Blood Spattered Bride

Vicente Aranda's The Blood Spattered Bride, shot in Spain in 1972, is some weird genre mix. Similar to the films of Jean Rollin, the film is basically a surreal vampire story with lots of female nudity. Considering its year of production, The Blood Spattered Bride contains quite modern comments regarding different genders and there are critical comments about the Spanish fashism as well - even though there have been implemented rather subtile in this what often simply appears to be just another exploitation flick.

Nowadays, the film is better known among genre fans because Quentin Tarantino once called it one of his favorites plus it has also been referenced in Tarantino's Kill Bill: Vol. 1 - the chapter even has the very same name. But those who are expecting a sleazy, yet entertaining trash flick will probably get disappointed. As already pointed out, the film deals with a few rather serious issues as well. Furthermore, the pace is quite low and the suspense builds up in a rather mystical way. Nonehteless, there are a few pretty harsh and brutal scenes, mostly in a sexual context which makes it a little difficult for international rating boards.

In the US, the film was heavily cut for an R-rating although a crazy grindhouse campaign as double feature with the low budget flick I Dismember Mama implied in a very gonzo way that audiences have already gone insane after watching this.
In the UK, cuts for the BBFC rating were required as well: Even for the theatrical release, the castrastion scene and close-ups of the bloody stab wounds in the abdomen were cut. And for its release on video, additional cuts were being made when Susan's cloths are being yanked off.

But the the following comparison focuses on the alterations in its country of origin because censorship was actually a big deal in Spain back then hence a heavily censored Spanish Version. Odds are this version is identically equal to version on the domestic VHS release, a DVD has never been released. For that matter, the following comparison is quite unusual. On 02/13/2018, a Blu-ray that contains both the Spanish and English Version was released in the US. The duration of said versins differs a little, the actual differences can only be found in the bonus section though...

The Censored Spanish Version La Novia Ensangrentada

As already implied: Basically, both versions are identically equal on the US Blu-ray and there is no second version advertized on the cover either. In the menu, this pops up automatically but the only difference in the "Spanish Version" are the alternate opening and end credits. For this, a Spanish theatrical print was scanned in HD while the rest of the movie originates from the very same, yet different source hence no further alterations.

In the bonus section however, there are four segments with alternate footage of the actual Spanish Theatrical Version which have been compared to the matching scenes from the English Version. Especially the combination of sex and violence appears to have caused some turmoil in Spain - the way it has been censored is quite creative though: Different coloring or alternate footage with less nudity is technique known from a few other flicks from that era.

Since the Spanish Version is allegedly a few minutes shorter which means there have to be further scenes that were cut. For that reason, the following comparison is probably not complete but getting the actual Spanish Version is much more difficult than it might appear at first glance. At least, the bonus footage reveals the strange ways of how different countries censored their films back then.

Last but not least, a word regarding the older US DVD by Anchor: Compared to the English Version on the new US Blu-ray, there are no alterations whatsoever. The length difference of almost one minute results from the fact that the US DVD lacks the entire end credits. Due to the enhanced picture quality of the Blu-ray, an upgrade should probably still be considered though.
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Movie Versions on the Blu-ray

The first few minutes originate from another master. Consequently, one gets to see the Spanish opening and the color of the picture is a little different as well. For the rest of the movie, the very same master is being used.

In addition to that, there is an 8 second length difference at the very beginning resulting from a text box in the Spanish Version.

Spanish VersionEnglish Version

After the last shot of the knife at the chest, the language in the newspaper article differs. The end credits are not idenically equal either and only in the English Version, the movie title pops up on the screen one more time.

Spanish VersionEnglish Version

Alternate Scenes as Bonus Feature on the Blu-ray

First of all, it should be pointed out that the bonus sequences do not represent all the alterations being made for the Spanish Version. In minute 32 of the audio commentary, it is being mentioned that the Spanish Version is 17 minutes shorter. Even the four highlighted alterations perfectly illustrate that more scenes with nudity in them, of which there are quite a lot in the movie actually, have most likely been cut - as long as taking that kind of action would not result in huge plotholes that is.

1. Alternate Hotel Room Sequence

Chronologically, the first scene to mention would be the shocking scene at the beginning in the 3rd and 4th minute.

While the first minute of the bonus sequene is identically equal, there is a negative filter for the scenes that contain nudity. As a result, one can't recognize anything. The actual shots are (in spite of the previous text box that says otherwise) different in one scene - as the different position of them on the second screeshots perfectly ilustrates because the Spanish Version sticks to the very same angle and the private parts while the English Version shows the scene from another angle as well. Also, the Spanish Version switches back to the regular color in the middle of the shot.

Spanish VersionEnglish Version

2. Alternate Bathroom Sequence

That is a weird one: Allegedly, reshoots for that sequence were only required because the rating board members appeared to have their issues with the uncensored scene so the decision to do a few reshoots in order to prevent censorship measures was being made. Summarized in the text box, camera man Fernando Arribas describes it a little more detailed in the bonus feature. According to him, that was a very specific instruction by the board members.

In the 20th minute, Simon (first name of the actor because his character name is not even listed in the credits) gets to Susan in the tub.

* The English Version contains close-ups of his leg plus he gets in the tub right in front of Susan who only says "Oh, no, please!". Then the scene is over.
* In the Spanish Version on the other hand, Simon gets in the tub from the other side about which Susan then here complains as well. Only here, she gets out of the tub and leaves the bathroom immediately afterwards.

Spanish VersionEnglish Version

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