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Godfather: A Novel for Television, The (2/4)


original title: Godfather: A Novel for Television, The


  • TV Version
  • Theatrical Version
Release: May 22, 2011 - Author: Karl Gustav - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series

The shooting of the first Godfather movie were really nerve-stretching for Coppola, thus he originally decided not to direct the sequel. However, after the first movie was a huge box office success and praised by both the audience and the movie critics, Coppola didn't have to fear to be fired by the studio. Therefore, he was also able to set conditions if he was to direct and co-write the second Godfather movie.

One of these conditions said that he would be allowed to take all the scenes from both the first and the second movie to re-arrange them chronologically for a TV mini series. In addition to this structure the TV version also offers a few additional scenes or shows alternative footage (which - of course - also replaced too violent or sexual content).

5 years after the 2nd Godfather movie the TV mini series was aired on an US TV channel. To this day there does not exist a DVD version of this mini series.

The 4 reports will follow the TV version's structure, thus all the cuts will be listed in the correct chronological order. The first part mainly shows scenes from the second movie's theatrical version - only at the end of the first part you will finally see a few scenes from the first Godfather. The time designations will always be listed for both the TV and the theatrical version. The different types of cuts will always be listed as follows:

Exclusive Scenes in the TV Version

Exclusively Shown in the Theatrical Version

Alternative Scenes

The Godfather - A Novel for Television: Part 1

TV: 0:00 | P1: 20:03

Credits and flashback of the prior events in Part 1.

222 sec

TV: 3:42 | P1: 20:03

Michael at the wedding ceremony.

2.5 sec

TV: 5:29 | P1: 21:47

Extended shot of Sonny having sex while leaning at the door.

5 sec

TV: 5:44 | P1: 22:07

Ditto. The loud moaning can be heard through the door for an extended period.

2.5 sec

TV: 8:08 | P1: 24:34

Hagen tells Don Vito what the docs at the hospital had told him. He explains Consigliere Genco wasn't going to make it until the following daqy. Don Vito asks Sonny to tell each and everyone to come visit him at the hospital later, also Michael.

31 sec

TV: 9:32 | P1: 25:30

The men are at the hospital to visit Genco. In the hallway, Don Vito talks to Michael about his blinking things on his uniform. Why did he get these flashes. Michael says he got them for bravery. Don Vito replies he was surprised about the miracles Michael performed for strangers. Michael steps aside while Don Vito asks him sth. else. He wangts to know what Michael had in mind after his career in the army. Michael responds he wanted to finish school first. Vito approves and pats his face. Having finished that, Vito wants Michael to work for him just like a decent son regularly does. Vito has plans for him. Michael agrees, even though he has absolutely no intention to do so. Then they go inside Genco's room. When Don Vito takes his hand and bends over, Genco asks him for a big favor with a croaky voice. According to Genco, Don Vito has the power to save his life. But Vito replies he didn't have that power and Genco shouldn't be afraid to die. But Genco is concerned about his godfather. Who is supposed to be the next Consigliere. Don Vito ought to stick with Genco and help him to encounter death because death would be too afraid if he saw Don Vito and let Genco live. At least that's what Genco believes. Don Vito sticks with him until he dies while his sons and Johnny leave slowly.
The Theatrical Version contains an alternate transition with a length of 3.5 sec.

171 sec

TV: 13:21 | P2: 26:28

Jack Woltz's birthday party for Janie ends with a quick kiss on the cheek in the Theatrical Version.
The TV Version shows Hagen coming through the gate and a longer shotof Woltz gushing over Janie until he finally gives her her birthday gift: a pony.

TV Version: 35.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 4.5 sec

Screens only from the TV Version

TV: 18:12 | P1: 30:48

While leaving Woltz' house, Hagen sees weeping Janie on the upper floor. Her mother pushes her back into the room. Change of scenary. At the Corleone mansion. Connie and her husband Carlo had a fight so that Connie runs to her moms while she's crying. Sonny would like to intervene but Vito says it was none of his business. Then Vito asks Hagen what he thought about Woltz and if he was supposed to stand pat. Hagen is affirmative and Vito determines to send Luca Brasi to "convince" Woltz.
The Theatrical Version contains an alternate transition: Woltz and his mansion for an extended period. 4.5 sec

171 sec

TV: 20:45 | P2: 32:03

The scene with the head of the horse contains alternate footage plus the bed is more blood-soaked in the Theatrical Version.

TV Version: 7.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 10.5 sec

TV Version

Theatrical Version

TV: 27:42 | P1: 39:03

Michael and Kay are at the hotel. It's 3 p.m. and the receptionist wakes them up because they're being expected for dinner at his father's house. But Michael doesn't want to go there, so he calls his dad. But it's Hagen who picks up the phone. Before Michael says anything, Kay should pretend to be the operator who asks Hagen if he accepted the charges for a collect call. Finally speaking with Hagen, Michael tells him they were stuck in New Hampshire and they couldn't make it before the next day. Meanwhile Kay is messing out with Michael who tries to hang the phone to avoid that Hagen hears he and Kay are in bed right now.

143.5 sec

TV: 30:46 | P1: 39:44

On his way to Sollozzo, Luca notices the neon signs of the nightclub going out.

7 sec

TV: 32:29 | P1: 41:20

Luca gets stabbed in his hand.

0.5 sec

TV: 32:34 | P2: 41:25

Alternate footage when Luca gets strangled plus the Theatrical Version is longer.

TV Version: 1.5 sec

Theatrical Version: 8.5 sec

TV Version

Theatrical Version

TV: 32:37 | P1: 41:35

The strangling continues offscreen.

1 sec

TV: 32:42 | P1: 41:41

Shot of the knife in the hand while Luca is going down.

2.5 sec

TV: 34:52 | P1: 43:54

Sonny gets a call from some cop. He tells him Vito got shot 15 minutes ago. For $1000, Sonny orders him to figure out as much as possible about the assault. Then he tries to reach Hagen.

58 sec

TV: 37:21 | P2: 45:26

After Michael spoke with Sonny, he sends Kay back to the hotel in the TV Version. The Theatrical Version shows Sonny putting his arms around his wife. Suddenly he hears a knocking at the door. He gets the gun in the dresser.

TV Version: 12 sec

Theatrical Version: 19 sec

TV Version

Theatrical Version

TV: 38:45 | P1: 46:57

Sonny goes home to his mother and tells her about the attempted assassination of her husband. In case they were allowed to visit in hospital, she gets dressed. Sonny goes to his father's den and calls Tessio. He tells Tessio to send 50 men for protection. Tessio wonders that he doesn't want Clemenza's men but Sonny doesn't trust him at the moment. Then he gets a notebook from the safe and tries to reach Luca - without success.
The Theatrical Version contains a shot of Sollozzo hanging up the phone instead. 3.5 sec

155.5 sec

TV: 42:00 | P1: 47:40

Sollozzo explains to Hagen he assumes Sonny had been keen on the offer to protect him while doing drug business. Sollozzo also thinks Hagen thought the Don should have made the dead.

11 sec

TV: 42:18 | P1: 48:09

Sollozzo also says it was also Don Vito's mistake because he'd made mistakes as well. He explains no one could have gotten him that easily in broad daylight 10 years ago. He continues cooperating with Sollozo was also an advantage for the Corleones. Hagen almost weeps because he believes his friend Vito is dead.

29.5 sec

TV: 43:41 | P1: 50:02

Michael's ride back home after he got informed about the attempted assassination is longer. Having finally arrived, Rocco also offers to walk him to the door.

19 sec

TV: 44:17 | P1: 50:20

Extended shot of the leaving vehicle Michael came with.

1.5 sec

TV: 44:44 | P1: 50:47

Michael and Theresa Hagen go in another room. Sonny is already in there. He trying to figure out what to do next. He's glad to see Michael. Suddenly the phone rings. It's an employee from the phone company who confirms that the number Sonny gave him belongs to Paulie Gatto. Sonny asks Michael and Theresa to leave the room but Michael stays, even though he hasn't gotten involved in the family business so far because he never wanted to. Sonny is sceptical and tries to get rid of him by asking for the one who was calling the shots: Paulie Gatto or Clemenza? One of them is in charge that their dad is at the hospital now. Michael, kind of shocked, explains Clemenza can be exluded because he wouldn't dare. Sonny is glad to hear that because he just got informed on the phone that Paulie is the rat. But Michael asks Sonny whether it was really necessary to start killing people right at that moment because he's insecure whether his dad would agree with that. The total war among the families like last time? But Sonny doesn't get why he's supposed to act carefully or hesitate. Then Tom Hagen finally arrives.

153 sec

TV: 49:38 | P1: 53:08

Rocco admires Clemenza's new vehicle but Clemenza is upset because it only has wooden dampers. The reason for that is the scarcity of raw materials during war, even though the war is long over. Rocco gets the gun to kill Paulie.
The beginning of the shot of the two of them coming out of the garage is longer in the Theatrical Version. 3.5 sec

45.5 sec

TV: 51:12 | P1: 54:00

Paulie returns to the vehicle after having checked out if the appartment is an appropiate hideout. All that is part of Clemenza's plan not to arouse suspicion. So is his phony phone conversation which has to take place with Sonny in a restaurant. But he only eats pasta there while Paulie is waiting in the car outside. Back in the car, he tells Paulie that Sonny wants them to drive to Long Beach. Paulie says he never got informed about anything, as usual, and he didn't have the slightest clue what that road trip was about.

104 sec

TV: 53:43 | P1: 54:50

Extended shot of Clemenza taking a leak before Paulie gets shot in the car.

6 sec

TV: 54:13 | P2: 55:23

The transition after the murder is different. The TV Version continues with a shot of the house while the Theatrical Version continues with Michael on th ebench immediately.

TV Version: 16 sec

Theatrical Version: 4 sec

TV: 66:03 | P1: 67:01

After Hagen and the others arrived at the hospital, Capt. McCluskey is upset and leaves. The following shot of the street is exclusively in the Theatrical Version.

7.5 sec

TV: 66:35 | P1: 67:40

Extended shot of Michael and Clemenza in front of the house at the next morning.

3 sec

TV: 72:54 | P1: 74:03

After Michael learnt how to handle a gun, all of them are sitting at the table. It's one of the typical "awkward silence" moments.

21 sec

TV: 73:28 | P1: 74:57

Hagen is worried. Michael thinks it's too risky as long as no one know where the meeting with Sollozzo was going to take place.

8.5 sec

TV: 78:32 | P1: 80:10

Extended shot of Michael being driven to the restaurant.

11.5 sec

TV: 83:29 | P1: 85:19

The shot of Michael putting a bullet in McCluskey's head is slightly longer. (Superfluous cut)

2 frames

TV: 83:31 | P1: 85:21

The end of the shot is distinctly longer. Blood leaks out of the head wound.

1.5 sec

TV: 85:14 | P1: 87:05

Additional shots of Vito Corleone getting released from hospital. His family is already waiting.

44.5 sec

TV: 85:28 | P1: 88:03

Extended shot of Vito being taken into the house.

6.5 sec

TV: 85:47 | P1: 88:28

Vito's grandkids tell him how much they love him.

19.5 sec

TV: 86:04 | P1: 89:15

The woman are cooking while the kids are playing outside.

10 sec

TV: 86:15 | P1: 89:26

The men gather around Vito's bed before he awakes.

5.5 sec

TV: 86:17 | P1: 89:34

Extended shot Hagen bent over Vito before he explains how much trouble has been caused by the police after Michael took McCluskey out.

5 sec

TV: 86:25 | P1: 89:47

Hagen also mentions that the other familes were causing trouble as well.

9.5 sec

TV: 87:38 | P1: 91:10

Another shot of Vito lying in bed after Hagen, sonny and Fredo left the room.

11 sec

TV: 87:49 | P1: 91:10

Subsequently a preview of Part 3.

65.5 sec

Final credits TV Version: 23.5 sec