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Total Carnage


SNES Version
Region: USA/Europe

Arcade Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Apr 13, 2016 - Author: DarkChojin - Translator: DaxRider123
The Story
In Total Carnage there's war. The enemy in the game - General Akhboob - made an army of mutants and took American civilains hostage. You play either Captain Carnage (Player 1) or Major Mayhem (Player 2) and have to invade the enemies' base, free all the hostages and capture the general.

Ed Boon - creator of Mortal Kombat - was the voice actor for the evil General Akhboob. He curses at you during the game and (among other things) uses quotes from Smash T.V. (the more or less prequel of Total Carnage).

The Versions
There are only 2 uncensored versions of the game - the arcade version and the Amiga version. THe SNES version had to be censored by Midway - all the blood and gore effects were either re-colored or deleted. Additionally, freeing the hostages looks a little different in terms of texts (see below).

This is a comparison between the arcade version (rev LA1 03/10/92) and the regular US SNES version.

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

All the blood was colored green.

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

Whenever you hit an enemy with the rocket launcher, he normally is blown in to pieces. In teh SNES version, the enemies instead dissolve into a green mess.

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

One of the possible deaths of the heroes is being thrown through the air with a huge hole in the stomach (happens for example when you step on a landmine). In the SNES version there's no hole in the stomach.

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

Whenever you destroy a vehicle, the footsoldiers jump out of the burning wreck. In the SNES version, these "living torches" were colored green/dark red.

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

A cutscene was censored. In the uncensored version a soldier tries to appeal for help when suddenly a huge mutant appears behind him. The mutant eats him alive.
In the SNES version, the soldier was replaced by a news-van (?) which then gets eaten by the mutant. The general's messages "Great Scott!" and "Send in the Doomsday Squad!" can only be heard in the SNES version. Normally, you then would be able to read:

"Enter General Akhboob's bio-nuclear facility and hunt him down like a dog!"

but this was deleted for the SNES version.

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

In the uncensored version, hostages call you by shouting "Help me!" or "Save me!". There are a few different types of hostages, e.g. soldiers, lightly clad women, older men, scientists, and so on.
In the SNES version, however, there are no soldiers and no hostages covered in slime. Additionally, the hostages don't shout anything.

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

Censored Dialogue
As was already mentioned, a few texts in the game were censored for the SNES version.

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

After this sequence, Akhboob then says "You suck at this game!" (in-game voice). In the SNES version this was replaced by the sentence "You will die!" (still pretty offensive for a Nintendo-game). Additionally, the SNES version misses out on the following pretty funny text:

"All Smash T.V. Players should quit now and flee from this machine."

(a little hint at the even higher difficulty than in Smash T.V.)

1st Level Boss
Right in the first level you have to fight a pretty hard boss, a sort of "Terminator-Devil" named "Orcus". In the SNES version the head was altered so that Orcus looks less develish (and more like a goblin).

While you fight the boss, he becomes more and more damaged. In the SNES version, all the blood was colored blue. Besides that, all the effects were edited out. To be fair, the SNES would probably not even have been capable of displaying some of these effects.

The various stages of destruction in the uncensored version:

  • 1st Stage: First arm starts to burn
  • 2nd Stage: The arm falls off
  • 3rd Stage: Second arm starts burning
  • 4th Stage: The arm falls off
  • 5th Stage: One of the beast's eyes falls out
  • 6th Stage: The second eye falls out, too
  • 7th Stage: The upper head explodes
  • 8th Stage: The Torso explodes
  • 9th Stage: The lower beast explodes

Everything is accompanied by huge blood fountains.

Subsequently, General Akhboob arrives in a Jeep and curses at you... at least in the uncensored version. In the SNES version, all of these sequences were deleted (later, General Akhoob originally passes you in his car in the middle of the levels to curse at you).

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

2nd Level Boss
At the end of the second level you're captured by Akhboob's footsoldiers (you can't avoid it). Then you can read the following text:

"You have survived this far. I am impressed. Can you last to see the shocking conclusion?"

Then follows a sequence, where the main character is put on an electric chair (after an ironic comment by Akhboob) - then you have to survive the torture by pressing the right buttons. If you fail, the character burns until all that's left is the skeleton. In the end, the skeleton's head falls off and it falls forward.
No matter whether you survived the chair or not, you still completed the level.
In the censored SNES version, this whole sequence was taken out. The level ends right after the diamond bonus round.

(Images only originate from the uncensored version)

3rd Level Boss
The first few phases of the final battle against General Akhboob are identical in both versions. The differences start after the first phase of the huge Akhboob head. In the uncensored version, the head slowly moves backwards (after the lifebar is down to zero) only to re-appear as a huge Adolf Hitler head! It curses at you and uses German words like "Blutrache!", "Bekriegen!" or "Be mein Herr!". It's shouted in the typical Hitler manner. If you survived this second phase, the Hitler head moves backwards and then re-appears as a head that has been skinned.
In the censored version, you skip the Hitler-Phase and immediately fight the skinned head - which was additionally colored green (along with the blood fountain that comes out after you defeated him).

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

The endings of the game are drastically different from each other.
While the SNES version ends with a more humane way - General Akhboob lands in jail (at the end he says "See if I care..."). In the arcade version he instead is put on the electric chair (text: "You have captured General Akhboob! Fry the Scumbag!"). This scene is similar to the electric chair scene from the second level. Additionally, one of the sentences in the outro text is different(Arcade: "Congratulations! You fried the hell out of that jerk! Great job!" ; SNES: "You captured General Akhboob and put that jerk behind bars!").

Arcade:Super Nintendo:

After this end sequence the two heroes walkt towards the so-called "Pleasure Dome". If you found all the hidden keys in the game (220 in the arcade version and 120 in the SNES version) the heroes are allowed to enter the "Pleasure Dome". Here they meet a few nice girls and the heroes from Smash T.V. In the SNES version, the statues of the naked women in front of the "Pleasure Dome" were edited out (red circle). It's not too likely that the last image of the arcade version is included in the same way in the SNES version, but I can't say for sure (it's unbelievably hard, if not impossible to collect all the keys in Total Carnage; the end sequence of the "Pleasure Dome" can be seen when you enter a password, thus I can show you some pictures of it).

Arcade:Super Nintendo: