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Born to Defense

original title: Jung wa ying hung


  • US Version
  • Original Version
Release: Sep 13, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened German DVD (US Version) and the uncut UK-DVD (Original Version)

- 9 cuts
- Difference: 101.7 sec (= 1:42 min)

A few minor jump cuts on the UK-DVD (< 0,5 sec) haven't been considered in the following comparison.

For its US release by Miramax / Dimension Films, Jet Li's early work, which is the only movie he also directed by the way, footage was cut and the credits were replaced with more modern ones. Contrary to many other Miramax / Dimension Films releases, this shortened version is still watchable though. The missing plot and comedy scenes are acceptable for most people I guess - the three "urinating on other people" scenes are supposed to belong to the latter category as well. Also redundant are the close-ups of drawing blood from Jet Li and so is the shot of him removing skin from his foot. US audiences have to watch neither of this. Whether or not this the movie got actually censored depends on one's own definition of the word. But since a lot of bloody fights and violence remains untouched, there's not much to complain about.
Another upside is the distinctly better quality because the shortened Miramax Version has been restored quite nicely. The uncut UK-DVD on the other is quite dark in a lot of scenes, not anamorph and an almost permanent flickering on the left which points to a VHS being used as source for this release.

Running time refers to
German DVD (US Version) in PAL / UK-DVD (Original Version) in PAL
00:00-01:24 / 00:00-00:58

Additional logos in the US Version, followed by alternate credits.
(Not considered in the main calculation.)

US Version 25.8 sec longer

US VersionOriginal Version

11:38 / 11:12-11:15

Extended shot of Jet Li plus the hooker in the background flashes her boobs.

3 sec

11:42 / 11:19-11:22

Further shot of the naked woman. She also reacts to Jet Li's demand to get dressed.

3.2 sec

14:34 / 14:14-14:42

It takes longer for them to get to sleep resp. Jet Li is doing more funny stuff in the Original Version. The first "urin cut"... because Jet Li also urinates in the pot in his room because he has drunken way too much alcohol. His uncle Zang comes along and does the same but it's too dark to aim which is why he urinates on Jet Li's leg. He explains he couldn't aim anymore because of his kidney damage. Li offers him a massage but Zang refuses because of the spicy spot. In the end, Li takes him to bed.

27.5 sec

31:20-31:21 / 31:27-31:43

After Zang crumpled, the US Version fades to black. In the Original Version, the shot is a couple of frames longer plus the following shot starts distinctly earier: the camera is on his arm, then it's beind zoomed out.

Original Version 14.7 sec longer

31:46 / 32:07-32:16

Additional close-up of taking a blood sample.

9 sec

31:48 / 32:18-32:28

The following shot starts way earlier, too. A fully loaded injection is being put away.

9.6 sec

33:01 / 33:41-33:53

Li is picking his foot. One gets to see a huge blister caused by his many rickshaw rides. He removes the skin.

11.5 sec

56:08 / 56:59-57:06

Missing shot of one guy peeing in another guy's face during a bar fight. He claims it was beer.

6.7 sec

73:10 / 74:07-74:24

The guards agree to teach Li a lesson. Of course, peer peeing.

16.8 sec

86:24-87:36 / 87:38-88:37

Only the US Version contains end credits. The Original Version simply sticks to the freeze frame, followed by a text box that reads "End" on black background.
(Not considered in the main calculation.)

US Version 12.8 sec longer

US VersionOriginal Version