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Ninja Warriors, The

original title: Ninja Warriors Again, The


Censored Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Nov 30, 2011 - Author: DarkChojin - Translator: Gladion
With "The Ninja Warriors" (resp. "The Ninja Warriors Again" in Japan) from 1994, Taito managed to create a decent remake of the 1988 arcade-classic of the same name, even though it misses the very well-made score of Taito sound-team Zuntata. Unfortunately (once again) the game was censored for the western market, even though the original version wasn't very brutal in the first place.
The opening
The opening scene was changed a little for the censored version. This may have been partly because the intro of the Japanese version is not a very good read, but probably mostly to remove the word "assassinate" (it is a known fact that Nintendo used to ban words like "to kill").


Here the text of both opening sequences:


This once great and opulent nation,is now in the midst of a terrible crisis.
Banglar the tyrant, having become the ruler of this nation, used his powerful army to opress the population.
Having been brainwashed, the people had lost their power to think for themselves.
The society was in ruins, and what was once a great economic power lie in darkness.

However, there was a ray of light left.
A small but powerful underground opposition force led by Mulk was mounting a great campaign to overthrow Banglar and restore light to the nation.

Banglar was to be assassinated by using the force of three androids.
An android strong enough to crush Benglar's armed forces would take a long time to develop, and by the time the testing stage had been reached, time had run out.
Banglar gathered his forces to crushs the resistance.
Here and there, the resistance force was quickly and severely defeated.
The resistance force was no match for Banglar's overwhelming force.
With no time left, the untested androids had to be used.
"Your mission is to overthrow the despotic regime and assassinate Benglar."
With this,the final battle had begun.

(Accomodated by the respective Japanese subtitles, the spelling mistakes are part of the intro, too.)

This once great and wealthy nation lay in the midst of a terrible crisis.

The tyrant, Banglar, used his forces to strike fear and terror into the people.
Once brainwashed, they lost the power to think for themselves.

The society was ruined. What was once a economic power lay in darkness.

However, a single ray of hope remained. A small, powerful band of underground revolutionaries, led by the famous "Mulk", launched a great campaign to overthrow Banglar and restore freedom to the nation.

Banglar would be deposed by employing a unique squad of three androids. Creating a technology powerful enough to defeat Banglar's forces took time to develop.

Just as the testing stage was reached, the tide turned against Mulk and his brave followers.

Banglar unleashed his troops to crush the resistance once and for all. The attack was swift and sudden.

Only one option was left:
The untested androids had to be used.

"Your mission is to overthrow the regime and depose Banglar."

With this order, the final battle began.

All blood has been removed. The Japanese version at least features green blood. As there is no version with red blood, the Japanese version is the one to be regarded as uncensored.


Female Ninjas
Female ninjas have been replaced by little ninjas with claws.