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  • Theatrical Version
  • Netflix Extended Version - Episode 1
Release: Apr 28, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Cruel_Hides - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (represented on the Swiss Blu-ray) and the Extended Version as mini-series in 4 parts on Netflix US

- 28 Deviations, including 14x alternate footage
- Difference: 1151.8 sec (= 19:12 min) without deviations from logos / credits / retrospective scenes at the beginning of the episodes 2-4

Episode 1 (Last Stage to Red Rock): 46:02 min without credits / 50:23 min m. A.
-> 8 deviations with a difference of 150.4 sec (= 2:30 min) without logos / credits

Episode 2 (Minnie's Haberdashery): 47:20 min without credits / 51:41 min m. A.
-> 8 deviations with a difference of 645.6 sec (= 10:46 min) without logos / review / credits

Episode 3 (Domerque's Got a Secret): 49:26 min ohne Abspann / 53:45 min m. A.
-> 6 deviations with a difference of 97.6 sec (= 1:38 min) without logos / review / credits

Episode 4 (The Last Chapter): 52:29 min ohne Abspann / 56:45 min m. A.
-> 6 deviations with a difference of 258.2 sec (= 4:18 min) without logos / review / credits

The different versions of THE HATEFUL 8

In 2015, with The Hateful 8 Quentin Tarantino's eighth film was released. It was thought up a special treat for the screenings on the big screen, because the 70mm film shot was shown in selected cinemas as an extended Roadshow version. Like other movie classics from the 50s and 60s (for example, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World), this version contained an overture, an intermission in the middle of the film and a few longer / additional scenes.

Through interviews, we vaguely labeled the additional scenes, but unfortunately the Roadshow version was never evaluated on any home media. So we could only trust on observations of attentive moviegoers beside these official statements. Among the supposedly 6 minutes of pure additional material without the intermission / overture, there was clear to be e.g. a chicken pluck scene with Mexican Bob. In general, a few scenes are simply played out in more detail, with alternative material in use.

The big surprise was presented in march 2019, when Netflix US promised a extended cut in their monthly newsletter. So most of us speculated we got to see the Roadshow version. This extended version was released only on Netflix US on the 25th April 2019. First thing we can tell: Curiosly this is a further, even much longer version.

Instead of the Roadshow Version, the movie is split up in 4 episodes as mini-series, with a full length of about 210 minutes, while the actual additional material sums up to roughly 20 minutes. There are a few extended scenes from the Roadshow Version, but cinema visitors writing in e.g. the agreed about completely new scenes added here. In episodes 2-4 the credits, a review and the intro are shown, so the complete length is bloated to a much longer runtime - but still there are really quite a few new scenes, so let's dive deeper into our comparisons.

Extended Version as a 4-part mini-series on Netflix US // Episode 1

The mini-series-version uses the same titles, like the chapters from the original theatrical version. However, several chapters were grouped together per episode and the transitions are set differently. E.g. Episode 2 uses the title of Chapter 3, but only starts about 10 minutes after the corresponding fade. All in all, a slightly different overall structure, which of course already results from the design as a mini-series anyway.

First we can state that only plot / dialogue extensions were added, the violent scenes show no differences. At least in the first half, small gaps in logic or simply open storylines are resolved more clearly. O.B.'s motivation for transporting the corpses of Marquis is one example, it is now explained by two new conversations in which a deal is agreed.

The much longer dialogue with Sandy, who uses the N-word about Marquis several times has to be highlighted. So the blowjob story he is telling for revenge later on, naturally get more power. Otherwise one can certainly argue or conversely understand why various scenes were deleted for the theatrical version. Additional characters like Michael Madsen as Joe or Mexican Bob now get more screentime.

In this episode 1 - Last Stage to Red Rock, more dialogue scenes with Marquis (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) were added, declaring the motivation of coachman O.B. Even Kurt Russell as John fires a few more comments in Daisy's direction.

Runtime information is according to the scheme: Theatrical Version Swiss Blu-ray / Episode 1 Netflix US Extended

Episode 1 - Last Stage to Red Rock

Additional Ascot-Logo on the beginning of the Swiss Blu-ray
Not included in the average duration.

+ 24 sec

04:57-05:08 / 04:33-04:44

Renaming "Chapter" to "Episode".

No time difference

Theatrical versionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

11:56-11:58 / 11:33-12:51

Marquis and John turning away to the side lasts a little bit longer in the Theatrical Version.

Meanwhile in the Extended Version Marquis pleads for help with the corpses on the way to Red Rock. A deal with O.B. is made and John helps Marquis to keep the horses still while loading the bodies.

Marquis: "Say, partner, you give me a hand tying these three fellows up on the roof, I'll make it worth your while we get to Red Rock."
O.B.: "Now, I hear you making $8,000 off these dead fuckers?"
Marquis: "Yeah."
O.B.: "Well, I'll help you for $250."
Marquis: "How about $150, and I pay for all your booze the first two days we're in Red Rock?"
O.B.: "Hmm."
Marquis: "They got a little social club in Red Rock?"
O.B.: "Why, yes, they do."
Marquis: "Let's take you to a night there, too. Now, that's a good deal, sir."
O.B.: "Shit fire, that's a damn good deal. But I can't leave these horses unattended, so you gonna have to get them folks to hold the horses."
Marquis: "Shit. I'll see what I can do."
He is going towards John, who is urinating: "Mr. Ru... Excuse me, you think you could, uh, hold on to these horses while we load these fellas on the roof?"
John: "Yeah, course. Come on, tramp."
He holds the reins, while Marquis is walking to the dead bodies.

Extended Version 76 sec (= 1:16 min) longer

13:19-13:23 / 14:12-14:39

Marquis says the full sentence "I'm gonna miss him" onscreen in the extended version, while in the theatrical version this is heard offscreen, when he lightens a match on his boots.
Additionally there's a little more dialogue only in the extended version.
John: "Had a horse like that once. About 20 years ago. Called him Cauliflower. I used to call him my beast friend."
Marquis: "And what happened to him?"
John: "Some rattlesnake shot him out from under me."
Marquis: "You make it right?"
John: "Oh, you know I did."
Marquis grins.

Before the versions synchronize again with the view of Daisy, you can hear O.B. saying "Leche!" a first time offscreen. In the theatrical version John is shown at this moment, in the extended version it's Marquis.

Extended Version 23 sec longer

Theatrical versionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

21:05-21:10 / 22:22-22:26

When you hear "There's another fella" both versions show different settings. The Extended Version shows the long shot a little bit sooner.

Theatrical Version 0,5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

21:14-21:18 / 22:30-22:59

This long shot is shown longer in the Theatrical Version and John leaves Daisy.

The Extended Version changes to a frontal shot and John ask Daisy some critical questions.
John: "Is that it, Daisy? That the surprise you got planned for me? 'Cause I know you got a surprise planned for me."
Daisy: "Maybe the surprise is I'm tired of running."
John: "You facing a rope, tramp. Ain't nobody get tired of running from that."
Daisy: "You might be surprised, John."
John: "If you're counting on surprising me, Daisy, don't count on it."
He then walks on, while the long shot starts sooner.

Extended Version 25,4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

21:45-21:59 / 23:26-24:12

In the Extended Version John points to the back in this scene and then the recording from the Theatrical Version is shown. The following dialogue is much longer and in alternative takes from the Theatrical Version. The identical parts are marked with italics fonts.

Theatrical Version

John: "This changes things, son. $8,000 a whole lot of money for a nigger. But with a partner, 18's a whole lot better."
Marquis: "You really think I'm in cahoots with that fella, or her?!"

Extended Version

John: "You know that fella?"
Marquis: "I know me some people around here. Spend a lot of time on this mountain hiding out from bushwhackers. Could be I know that fella. Maybe I don't. I wasn't expecting nobody."
John: "You weren't, eh?"
Marquis: "No, I weren't."
John: "This changes things, son. $8,000 a whole lot of money for a nigger. But with a partner, 18's a whole lot better."
Marquis: "I ain't got a partner no more."
John: "So you say."
Marquis: "You take a gander at them three frozen fuckers up there and see if you see any bullet holes in their back. Well, maybe Reverend Roy McCracken. Him I did shoot in the back. But, shit fire, he deserved it. He not only killed my partner, he tried to steal my damn horse."

Extended Version 31,8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

22:06 / 24:19-24:30

In the Extended Version Marquis now also says "You really think I'm in cahoots with that fella, or her?!".
Before the Theatrical Version starts a few moments later with the rest of the shot, John also reacts with: "That's my problem, boy. I don't know. And until I do, you in chains."

10,6 sec

22:23-22:30 / 24:47-24:52
In the Theatrical Version Chapter 2 is initiated while in the Mini-Series Version this is integrated in Episode 1 without reference.
The Extended Version shows Chris again as a transition, he's shouting "Hey!". Then you can see Marquis a little bit sooner from behind. The dialogue starts onscreen, not in the chapter overlay as in the Theatrical Version.

Theatrical Version 1,6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Netflix Mini-Series

35:21-35:36 / 37:44

The Overlay for Chapter 3 was removed. This time with no substitute material. The title is used 10 minutes later in the Extended Version for Episode 2.

+ 14,3 sec

43:53 / 46:02-50:23

Additional final credits for Episode 1.
Not included in the average duration mentioned above.

261 sec (= 4:21 min)