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original title: Legion Of The Dead


  • R-Rated
  • Producer's Cut
Release: Jul 05, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison of the censored US version by Artisan (R-Rated) and the uncensored UK version by Anchor Bay (BBFC18).

German director Olaf Ittenbach's first American production had been censored by the producers upfront. However this "Producer's Cut" is officially regarded as an uncut version and has been released in the UK among other countries. Only in Austria an official Director's Cut has been released on DVD.
In the US the movie has been heavily censored to receive an R-Rating. About 8 minutes of film are missing, sometimes whole sequences had to go.

US version = 83:32 min. (NTSC)

UK Fassung = 88:41 min. (PAL)

Added cut duration = 8:22 min.
00:00 The US DVD starts a little earlier.+ 2 Sek.

05:55 - 06:00 A tracking shot in which Jeff wipes the blade of his knife with a rag has been changed a bit in the R-Rated. The shot has been slowed down so they didn't have to cut. The end of the shot is missing where we see a bucket with a Donald Duck sticker. Another sticker (again of Donald Duck) has been retouched in the R-Rated. No time difference.
US version:

UK version:

08:00 As the fat guy tells Jeff and Nicholas about the two guys from his childhood (those guys were Jeff and Nicholas) there is more use of coarse language in the UK version. Duing this we see a shot of Jeff.
10 Sec.

08:47 The flashback of the fat guy, in which we see him as a child, has been shortened drastically. In the R-Rated it looks like this: The boy looks over at the two guys standing in front of the car. Next he passes them the cash from the wallet.
The UK version continues like this: one of the guys says something to the boy. Next we see him walking past a house and stopping in front of a window. Inside we see one of the guys raping Jeff's and Nicholas's mother while the other one watches and forces the father, who's sitting on a chair all tied up and gagged, to watch as well. Then he shoots the couple. Finally we see both guys grinning madly.
51 Sec.

09:08 How Jeff cuts the guy's throath with a knife has been completely removed. Blood splatters around and we see Jeff stabbing the guy, cussing. Nicholas keeps cool and says that they still need the guy. Jeff continues the stabbing and rips the guy's heart out. He throws it in the bucket with the sticker. Then he presses his mouth against the mouth of the dead guy to bring him back to life. After the guy awoke he knocks out both of them and the screen fades to black.
61,5 Sec.

The R-Rated just inserts a brief shot of Nicholas which doesn't appear in the UK version.
+ 1,5 Sec.

10:15 After the driver got out of the car to see Nicholas the end of the shot is missing. He turns to Jeff who draws his gun and says "Welcome to the Legion". In the R-Rated the last word "...Legion" is still audible.
2 Sec.

10:19 After Jeff shot the driver the R-Rated fades out earlier. Originally he still says something like "Happy for Knives" and puts the gun away.
4 Sec.

14:13 Psycho Mike tells William and Luke more bloody details about what he did to the hitchhiking couple while he's fidling around with the knife. They both get sick because of that.
27 Sec.

14:14 Mike asks them if his story isn't quite insane. In the UK version he asks them twice.
5 Sec.

16.16 As Mike shoots the cop the beginning of the gory headshot-shot is missing.
0,5 Sec.

16:18 Mike kicks the dead cop on the floor.
4 Sec.

20:42 As Nicholas draws his gun to shoot the grandma he shoots himself in the leg. The bloody hit isn't included in the R-Rated. Furthermore Jeff laughing at him is missing, too. So is Nicholas shooting at him and both of them sitting on the floor, arguing, while the grandma dies of a heartattck.
40 Sec.

36:41 As Joe shoots Mike several shots of the bloody gutshot are missing.
1,5 Sec.

38:06 As the grandpa shoots Jeff the R-Rated misses two bloody shots of the gutwound. Blood squirts out.
1 Sec.

38:26 After Nicholas emptied his clip the sequence ends in the R-Rated. The UK version shows him grabbing a knife off the table and cutting off grandpa's left arm. The gagged woman rams her heel into Jeff's leg. Blood comes out of the wound and Jeff calls for help. Nicholas grabs an axe and stumbles onto the woman, ramming the axe in her skull. Blood comes out of the back of her head.
20 Sec.

43:21 After Nicholas shot the two hippies we see more footage of him standing by the door, cussing.
4 Sec.

55:15 We see more of the bald guy who got knocked over by Casey, the cook. The bald guy turns around and wants to kick Casey, who grabs the leg and breaks it with a loud crack. The guy screams. Cut to another guy who watches this.
12 Sec.

57:30 The R-Rated shows how a bullet enters the head of a bar customer (via CGI). After that a shot of blood splattering the wall behind him is missing, as well as the screaming bartender who gets his head blown off via shotgun. The beginning of the next shot (guests running around wildly) is also missing.
4 Sec.

57:46 A long piece of the bar shooting is missing.
21,5 Sec.

57:52 A Legion guy aims his shotgun at Casey and shoots him. Sparks fly around behind him. The beginning of the next shot of the guy with the bandana is missing.
7,5 Sec.

57:55 End of the shot of the bandana guy rolling across the floor. He comes up behind the counter and fires a machine gun at a demon who loses his right arm and falls to a table, all bloody.
10 Sec.

58:00 The bloody gutshot of a Legion guy is actually longer. The next shot of him falling over is also missing.
1 Sek.

58:17 Shot of Peter after he catched his rifle. After that we see a man and woman hiding from the bullets and the beginning of a shot of Luke.
3,5 Sec.

58:35 Jeff grabs a guy -CUT- presses him against the wall and with the words "Welcome to the Legion!" he rams his knife into his stomach. Blood gushes from the wound. Then we see Peter giving a demon an explosive head shot.
8,5 Sec.

58:45 The guy with the glasses receives a bloody gutshot and falls down screaming. After that Joe returns from the toilet, takes a confused look around and starts beating up a Legion guy. After the guy went down Joe grabs his tie and hits him in the bloody face.
16,5 Sec.

59:03 Demonized Geena tears another demon apart.
1,5 Sec.

59:08 She rams her hand through the head of another demon.
1 Sec.

59:10 Geena pulls her hand back and looks at it. Jeff puts his knife right to a guy's face.
4 Sec.

59:14 Much more footage of Jeff getting shot by William.
9,5 Sec.

59:56 The scene of William pulling the knife out of Joe's back has been censored. Some gory close-ups are missing. Joe taking a drag off of his cigar is also missing.
7,5 Sec.

60:02 After Joe fell down face first the R-Rated misses how he's getting back up as a demon right after that. General panic ensues. Geena gives him a headshot killing him for good.
4 Sec.

69:43 The conversation of William and Luke has been shortened. Luke explains he'd do anything for their friendship, even break a finger or something. Geena starts to provoke Luke until he really breaks his pinky. He then rolls his eyes and passes out, stammering confused stuff. William takes care of him. Meanwhile the wounded guy who is about to become a demon thanks to Geena starts spitting blood. Genna kneels down beside him.
89 Sec.

71:00 Brief close-up of the newly-turned biting a chunk of flesh out of his girlfriends neck..
1 Sec.

71:01 Ditto.
1 Sec.

71:29 Beginning of a shot of Luke threatening a turned guy with a pistol and then handing him a rifle to kill himself. Luke asks him: "Girlscout or Boyscout?". During this shot a severed head can be seen on a table in the background.
5 Sec.

71:37 Same shot as before.
6 sek.

72:00 After the guy shot himself (also not visible in the UK version) the R-Rated misses a shot of the dangling hand of the dead guy. Blood drips on the floor.
3 Sec.

75:07 William falls to his back as he tries to pull Luke back inside. He holds Luke's seperated arm in his hands and starts to scream, then throws the arm away.
6,5 Sec.

The R-Rated just inserts a brief shot of Togaio and in the next moment William's already laying on the ground, without the arm.
+ 0,5 Sec.

76:09 After Peter's girlfriend became a demon he breaks her neck.
6,5 Sec.

76:10 Peter shoots at his girlfriend -CUT- and she receives a bloody headshot. Her head dangles from legt to right.
5 Sec.

76:13 We see more of Geena after she shot at Peter. The beginning of the next shot of Peter with blood coming from his head is also longer.
4,5 Sec.

76:14 End of the shot in whcih Peter falls over after being hit in the head.
2 Sec.

76:33 Beginning of the shot in which William is hit by a shard of glass.
2 Sec.

76:36 Again the beginning of a shot is missing in which William is hit by another shard of glass.
1 Sec.

76:39 End of the shot in which he breaks down.
3 Sec.

78:07 We see Togaio standing with his arms spread. He yells at Geena: "For we are last. For we are god. For we are eternity!".
6,5 Sek.

78:08 Two shots of Togaio's left hand getting blown off after William shot at him.
1 Sec.

78:16 Endof the shot in which Togaio is bursting apart.
0,5 Sec.

79:54 The R-Rated fades out as we see the last distant shot of Luke and William. The UK version shows Psycho Mike speeding his car along the highway. A snake slithers over the ground in the foreground. Then we fade to black and we hear Mike's voice. The credits start rolling.
9,5 Sec.

83:32 In the R-Rated the music ends before the X-Vision logo. In the UK version it continues over the logo.
8,5 Sec.