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300 Trailer #2

original title: 300


  • US Trailer
  • German Trailer
Release: Feb 06, 2010 - Author: Jim - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Like the first one, the second trailer of 300 is censored as well. But instead of deleting the blood from the image, the scene is just cut our it's alternate footage.

Nevertheless the US Version of the second trailer is longer than the German Version because this time the German Version is cut as well, e.g. the scene where the HOM presents the heads of the defeated enemies or another scene that shows Leonidas talking to his wife. But the violent stuff is still uncensored, that's why it's the better one anyway, even though the cuts in the US Version aren't that long.

If nothing else's mentioned, the image on the left belongs to the German Version and the image on the right to the US Version. In total there are differences in 5 scenes (the MPAA logo is unconsidered).
The US Rating of the trailer ("The following preview has been approved for all audiences by the Motion Picture Association Of America") which is shown before the logos, is missing in the German Trailer.

4 sec

A shot of a Spartan hitting a Persian with his sword, some blood splatters.

0,75 sec

Here the image is darker so that the bruise under the left eye can't be recognized. Furthermore the bruises and the filth are darker and as a result of that the bruises on the right cheek look just like filth in the US Version.

No difference

Here, too.

No difference

The fight sequence is shorter, the last part where some blood splatters, is missing.

0,5 sec

In the German Version Leonidas hits an enemy with his sword, in the US Version he pushes him away with his shield.

No difference

There's blood on the monster's body. In the US Version the blood is almost black.

No difference