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4.02 Knight of the Juggernaut Part 2


  • Syndicated Version
  • Uncut
Release: Jan 05, 2018 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut Syndicated Version (UK Blu-ray by Fabulous Films / First Edition) and the uncut Original Version (UK Blu-ray by Fabulous Films / New Edition).

- 2 cuts
- 1 additional scene in the Syndicated Version (= recut)
- Length difference (excl. recut): 102.1 sec resp. 1 min 42.1 sec
- Length difference (incl. recut): Syndicated Version 333.7 sec resp. 5 min 33.7 sec longer

Please note: Minor differences such as missing credits, missing or different black screens etc. have not been listed in the following comparison. The focus is on the alteration made for reruns in syndication and that is it.

Basically, the UK Blu-ray is a highly recommendable release even though some people complain about the abscene of the TV movie "Knight Rider 2000" because it is available as bonus of the DVD release. The problem is that this was originally another pilot for second Knight Rider series that never saw the light of day. So technically, the movie is not part of the original Knight Rider from 1982. However, definately worth criticizing is the fact that the Blu-ray set only contains the shorter Syndicated Versions of all the two-part episodes which have been cut to a length of approx. 45 minutes (Blu-ray / NTSC) in order to fit in the slot.

But at least one has the chance to get the discs with the uncut episodes via Fabulous Films. One can either send the discs with the Syndicated Versions and get a free replacement or one can keep the old discs and get the ones with the uncut episodes for a small fee (payment via Paypal). Either way, the new discs then will be shipped to your address.
According to Fabulous Films, the first batch with the shorter episodes is completely sold out. But of course, there is still a slight chance that one gets a copy of those because the vendor still has some in stock.

Last but not least, a few words about the Syndicated Versions: Admittedly, they are still OK to watch but fans will realize that scenes are missing. The huge exception here is the pilot "Knight of the Phoenix". While the alterations of the second part of the pilot are being kept within bounds, they did a real number on the first part of the pilot. Including the opening, "Knight of the Phoenix Part 1" has a total length of approx. 3.5 minutes (!) and after that, the second part already begins. Basically, everything is missing. If one is not familiar with the show or the story of the pilot, it is incredibly hard to follow resp. I would say it is almost impossible. This is also the reason why the Syndicated Version of the pilot only consists of one single episode while the other two-part episodes still consist of two episodes each. Considering that there are only 3.5 minutes left of the first part of the pilot, this is not a surprise though.

Time index refers to
Syndicated Version (UK Blu-ray First Edition) – Uncut Version (UK Blu-ray First Edition)
Additional Scene Syndicated Version / Recut
03:45 / 59:13

Here, the missing parts of the huge sequence (please see 38:57 / 48:48 in the comparison of part 1 - click) from the Uncut Version. For that reason, the Syndicated Version now starts with Michael, R.C. and Bonnie.

A few night shots, followed by a cab showing up.
Cabbie: "End of the line."
Michael: "Wait a minute. Where's the alley?"
Cabbie: "You'll have to find that on your own. I've been mugged down here twice. This is as far as I go now. That'll be $14.90."
Being annoyed, Michael reluctantly pays the guy: "Thanks."
Michael tries to talk to some guy standing around on the street: "Excuse me, I'm looking for an alley behind a surplus store… "
But the guy is so wasted, he almost falls.
Michael: "Oh, yeah, yeah… You eh… You got your own problems there, buddy."
Michael keeps walking. All of a sudden, some street thugs show up on his six.
Thug #1: "Hey! Why don't you give me $10?"
Michael: "I'm a little short on cash tonight, guys."
Thug #2: "We'll take whatever you got, dude. Every lil bit helps. Come on, gimme ten bucks. Come on, brother."
Thug #1: "Hey, why don't you give me ten bucks? Gimme ten bucks."
Thug #2: "Come on, man. Come on."
Now, R.C. aka The Street Avenger intervenes: "Cool it, suckers!"
One of the thugs from the off: "Ain't that the Street Avenger?"
R.C.: Ain't you the same creeps I stopped just last week?"
Of course, they deny everything and get out of there fast.
Several comments are audible while the thugs are leaving (impossible to determine who says what):
- "No,man. That wasn't us, was it? Come on."
- "Let's get out of here. Let's get out of here quick!"
- "Let's go. Come on! "
- "Run, run!"
R.C. climbs dow to Michael: "You Michael Knight?"
Michael: "Yeah."
R.C.: "Bonnie said you might get lost."
R.C. is just about to get inside when he realizes he has seen Michael: "You look familiar."
Michael: "We met the other day. Different alley, similar circumstances."
R.C. laughs: "Yeah. Follow me."

Michael and R.C. get inside.
R.C.: "Bonnie, I found him."
Bonnie: "Good. Hello, Michael. I'll be right out."
R.C. (to Michael).: "By the way, Reginald Cornelius III, RC3 for short."
Michael: "RC3."
R.C.: "Hey."
Michael: "Hey, thanks for that."
Michael points to the alley.
R.C.: "No big deal, man."
R.C. takes off his clothes and drops his gun on the ground. This is when Michael realizes the gun is fake.
Michael picks it up: Excuse me?
R.C.: "It's rubber."
Michael: "Yeah, I can see that."
R.C.: "Alright, see, what happened is, a few months back, things started getting pretty nasty around here. So I borrowed this M-16 that my brother brought back from Nam. You want some coffee?"
Michael: "Eh, no."
R.C.: "Alright. So anyway, I borrow this M-16, I get all dressed up like this and I around the city calling myself the Street Avenger. I shot up a couple of gang rides, you know. No big thing. Anyway, I made myself the dummy rifle out of rubber."
Michael: "You do this often?"
R.C.: "Well, not much anymore. I'm in eh… semi-retirement."
R.C. laughs.
Michael: "Oh, oh, yeah."

Bonnie mischt sich aus dem Hintergund ein: "How do you like the garage?"
Michael: "Ehm…"
Bonnie erklärt: "It's the cheapest thing I could find. And given our nonexistent budget, I grabbed it."
Michael: "Given our nonexistent budget, I love it."
Bonnie: "It belongs to RC3's father."
Michael: "Your dad."
R.C.: "Yeah".
Michael: "Don't tell me. RC2."
Both laugh.
Bonnie: "Any luck this afternoon?"
Michael: "No, Marta's gone. She took everything she needed: Clothes, dog. How's K.I.T.T. coming?"
Bonnie: "I think we bit off a little more than we could chew."
Michael: "Wait a minute. You said you could get by with the equipment in the semi."
Bonnie: "I can. To a point. I can recreate his systems and technology. But the structural damage was little bit more than I bargained for. To repair that, I'd need a fully-equipped machine shop and skilled technicians."
R.C.: "From your lips to RC3's ears."
R.C. leaves.
Michael: "Who is this guy anyway?"
Bonnie: "The Street Avenger."

R.C. opens the door and gets his guys.
R.C.: "Alright, now Bonnie: Say hello to your new pit crew."
Bonnie laughs.
R.C.: "Alright, guys. This is the boss, Bonnie."
The guys are thrilled, Bonnie laughs.
R.C.: "Now, this tall guy is Michael."
Michael: "Obliged. How you doin'?"
R.C.: "Alright, now this is how it is. OK, listen. I answer to Bonnie, you answer to me. And this ist he patient."
The guys get cracking. R.C. walks up to Bonnie and Michael.
R.C.: "Alright, just 'cause this is the ghetto does not mean that there's no talent down here. Don't let the way these guys look fool yu. These brothers are bad."
R.C. goes back to the others.
Michael: "Well, Cinderella, looks like your wish came true."

Syndicated Version 333.7 sec resp. 5 min 33.7 sec longer

18:49 / 01:08:53

R.C. and his guys are restoring K.I.T.T. Michael is thrilled.
Michael: "Wow! This is great! It's a car again. This is incred… These guys are good."
R.C.: "Man, I told you they were bad. See, with all the unemployment around, they don't get a chance to show their stuff very often. So when they do, look out! Michael, I'm telling you this is going to do some great things."
Michael: "Fantastic! I can't wait. Where's Marta?"
R.C.: "She's in the semi with Bonnie. Man, if Bonnie could write the checks as quick she writes blueprints, we could build us a whole fleet of K.I.T.T.s."
Michael: "Work on the car."
R.C.: "Alright, thanks."
R.C. then yells at one of his guys: "Yo, Steve, Steve, man, give my man a little room with that arc. You're gonna burn him to a crisp."
Because R.C. touches the car, he is being yelled at as well: "Hey!"
R.C.: "Excuse me, Rembrandt."
R.C. provocatively touches the hood one more time. Then he leaves.

The beginning of Michael's conversation with Bonnie and Marta is missing as well.
Bonnie: "What happened?"
Michael: "He's not there."
Marta: "What about Dr. Quinlin?"
Michael : "He's not there either. I got in. I got up to the second floor where the security wing is, just like you said. I even managed to get into a room where they were keeping him but he's gone."
Bonnie: "Michael…"
Michael: "No, look. Wait, wait. (I honestly believe that he's still alive.)"

75 sec resp. 1 min 15 sec

21:45 / 01:13:01

Additional shots while the music keeps playing.

27.1 sec