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Laugh it Up Fuzzball: Family Guy Three-Pack (Blue Harvest/SomethingSomething Something Darkside/It's A Trap)

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Family Guy

9.20 It's A Trap


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jun 11, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the shortened TV Version (Free TV premiere on FOX on 2011.05.22) and the uncut / extended DVD Version on the US DVD by 20th Century Fox

- 38 modified scenes, including
* 9x alternate footage
* 7 audio modifications
* 1 additional text

- Total difference: 692.8 sec (= 11:33 min)

Also the third Star Wars special of the popular animated series Family Guy was released as Uncut / Extended Version on BD and DVD. And just like the prequel, the third movie was released on BD and DVD a couple of months before it aired on FOX. That's why the TV Version cuold be considered a bonus version.

To sum it up, the TV Version lacks more than 10 min of footage to reach the length of two single episodes. Most of the modifications were made to tighten up the plot but it was no cencoring. But then again there are also some scenes that imply homosexual references which might have been the reason to cut these scenes out. Furthermore there are the usual audio modifications (e.g. beeped swear words too rude for TV). Really weird is the scene with C-3PO aka Quagmire talking to the Ewoks because this scene contains a hardcoded subtitle in the TV Version but not in the Uncut Version.

Here the links the comparisons of the prequels:
- Blue Harvest
- Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

The time index:
US TV Version in NTSC / US DVD in NTSC

Please note:

The comparison has been made with the DVD release which is why the longer version is called "DVD Version". The longer is also available on BD of course and both releases have the same content.
00:07 / 00:07-00:43

The TV Version only contains the first few words of the announcement. The remaining comment plus the following cutaway gag are missing, the power is off immediately.

Narrator: "(And now, back to) VH1's Salute to Singers From the '90s. Today's installment, 'Why they all needed to turn every vowel into the letter "A".'"
A TV show with a suy singing a song follows: "It used to bay that you loved may. But now it's nineteen-ninetay and I have to set you fray, fray. The letter A. The A, the A. The letter A. Thank yay!"

36 sec

02:49 / 03:25-03:43

There's an announcement before Darth Vader / Stewie gets out.

"Inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived. And also, we're missing a bunch of snow shovels from the storeroom. Does anyone know anything about that?"
The staff pretends not to have the slightest clue:
- "Uh... Snow shovels? No. Haven't seen any."
- "No."
- "Haven't heard about it. No idea."
- "No."

Additional shot of the front of the ship.

18 sec

03:31-03:32 / 04:25-04:53

The TV Version goes on with a Star Wars-esque transition to the following scene after Moff Jerjerrod / Roger mentioned the hole.

The dialog continues in the DVD Version.

Darth Vader: "Well, if I were you, I'd repair that hole before the Emperor arrives."
Moff: "The Emperor is coming here?"
Darth Vader: "Yeah. He loves this place. I was there when he came up with the idea for the Death Star."

A flashback of the Emperor / Carter Pewterschmidt follows. Being pretty wasted at a bar, he says: "Hey... Hey, Darth? Darth?"
Darh Vader: "Yeah? What?"
The Emperor draws a circle on a piece of paper: "That. That's what."
Darth Vader: "What? It's a circle. It's a good circle, I'll give you that."
Imperator: "No. No, no. Space station."
Darth Vader: "What?"
Imperator: "Yep."
Darth Vader: "What?"
The Emperor remains stubborn: "Yep, it is."
Darth Vader: "No way!"
Imperator: "It is. It is, big time."

DVD Version 26.9 sec longer

05:22-05:25 / 06:43-07:01

The TV Version contains an extended shot of Jabba / Joe and the others while they're laughing. The animations remains unchanged. Then the next transition.

The DVD Version contains a closer shot and the scene continues.

Jabba also says (this time in English without subs): "...triple-dog-dare." Subsequently a kid goes to melted down Han Solo / Peter and licks his ass. His tongue gets stuck. The surrounded people are laughing again and Jabba says: "Kid's tongue stuck to a ass."

DVD Version 14.8 sec longer

07:36 / 09:12-09:25

After Luke Skywalker / Chris introduced, Jabba's reaction is differently. The subs cause a laughter typical for sitcoms. Then the dialog with Leia / Lois and Luke.

Luke: "Um... Leia, wow."
Leia wehrt direkt ab; "I didn't get raped. Okay?"
Luke: "Okay."
Leia: "Okay?"
Luek: "Okay!"

13.2 sec

07:44 / 09:33-09:52

The DVD Version contains a slightly extended shot of C-3PO / Quagmire. Luke interrupts him and they keep talking for a while.

Luke: "3PO, please. Whatever you have to say cannot possibly be as important as this conversation."
C-3PO: "But you're standing on a trap door, and if Jabba pushes the button..."
Luke: "3PO, what did I just say?"
C-3PO: "But there's a trap door right under your feet! There's a huge monster down there, and if Jabba hits the button, the trap door's gonna open, you're gonna fall down into the dungeon below and get eaten by the monster!"
Luke: "3PO, please! We're talking!"

(Due to the cut, the scene seems differently in the TV Version because Jabba opens the trap door before C-3PO has finished his first warning.)

19 sec

08:31-08:32 / 10:39-11:13

The TV Version ends with the animation of Luke (no screen) and the following scene in the desert starts regularly. In between were commercials when it aired btw.

The DVD Version on the other hand goes on with the dialog between Luke and R2-D2 / Cleveland, followed by a further scene with Jabba and Han.

R2-D2: "Just so you know, the compartment I keep your lightsaber in is my rectum."

Transition. Luke and Han are being brought in.
C-3PO announces: "The mighty Jabba has decreed that you are to be thrown into the Sarlacc pit. There, you will discover a new meaning of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over 1,000 years."
Han: "No sweat. I'm bringing a box of All-Bran. I'll be sprayed all over the desert in a week. Right? Big lips on a stick knows what I'm talking about."
Then a shot of a weird creature and Han says: "Ha! Fiber!"

Then a transition to the following scene.

DVD Version 32.8 sec longer

08:39 / 11:20-11:22

The animation is longer plus Osama Bin Laden shows up in the desert and lets the audience know "Still alive!".

(If this was just removed due to current events?)

2.4 sec

11:08 / 13:51-14:22

Before Luke continues fighting on the other side, Han also gets his moment here.

Chewbacca / Brian warns: "Han, look out! Boba Fett is right behind you!"
Han: "All right, when l give the signal, we get him!"
Then they start nodding to each other for like 2 min and when they're finally done, Boba Fett / Giant Chicken has already vanished into thin air.
Han asks a creature next to him: "What happened?
Creature: "He fell."
Han: "Huh?"
Creature: "He Fell. Fell in the pit."
Han: "Oh! Good.
Creature: "Yeah."

31 sec

11:51 / 15:05-15:13

R2-D2 also asks Leia: "You want some laser hair removal, while I'm at it?"
Leia: "No, thanks."
R2-D2: "You sure?"
Leia: "Come on, we gotta get out of here"

7.8 sec

12:49 / 16:11-16:41

Only in the DVD Version, Luke starts arguing with R2-D2 about chips after Han's answering machine joke.

Luke: "Hey, we got any of those Chips Ahoy! Left?"
R2-D2: "No, those are all gone."
Then the sound of R2-D2 getting some chips from the bag including the corresponding noises. That means he obviously lied to Luke which makes him spinning the ship so that R2-D2 loses the bag of chips and Luke just says: "Well, now nobody gets them."

30.2 sec

13:46-13:47 / 17:38-18:05

"Star Wars"-esque transition to the next scene in the TV Version after complaining about Jeremy's visit.

In the DVD Version, the Emperor's conversation with Darth Vader goes on, another cutaway gag follows.

Darth Vader: "So, l think you'll be happy. The Death Star's going to be completed on schedule."
Imperator: "Excellent."
Darth Vader: "There is one thing, though, and I'm sorry about this, but your room's not ready till 4:00. So feel free to use our business center, or enioy the pool."

Then the mentioned cutaway gag. The Emperor is in the pool and he's surrounded by splahsing kids.
Imperator: "Stop it. Knock it off. Cut it out. Stop it!"
He energizes the pool to eliminate any bugging noise and says: "I deserve to relax, too."

DVD Version 26.2 sec longer

14:27 / 18:45-19:17

Extended shot of Yoda / Carl talking to Luke. He always mentions his name and reveals one last secret before he dies.

Yoda: "Do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor. Luke."
Luke: "Uh-huh."
Yoda: "When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be. Luke."
Luke: "Right here.
Yoda: "The force runs strong in your family. Luke!"
Luke: "Haven't gone anywhere."
Yoda: "Don't turn to the dark side. Luke.
Luke: "What's up?"
Yoda: "You fought Vader too soon. Luke!"
Luke: "Four inches away..."

32 sec

Audio modification
15:42-15:45 / 20:32-20:35

The animation of the lip movements have been slightly modifed and the comment was recorded again to reduce the impact of the swearing. The bold-marked part of the word is missing in the TV Version.

"Who's the only goddamn woman in the galaxy?"

Therefore the animation at the end of the TV Version so that there's
no difference
Screen for classification

Audio modification
16:51-16:53 / 21:41-20:43

Peter's comment was beeped for TV, just as expected.

"Yeah, we did this already. That's what's so fucked up!"

no difference
Screen for classification

16:53-16:54 / 21:43-22:44

Another premature transition in the TV Version.

The scene is longer in the DVD Version. Luke arrives, then a cutaway gag with Han.

Admiral Ackbar / Klaus: "General Solo will take a stolen Imperial shuttle and knock out the shield generator on the fourth moon of Endor, while General Calrissian has volunteered to lead the squadron to destroy the Death Star."
Lando / Mort disagrees: "I didn't actually volunteer."
Admiral Ackbar: "Everybody clear?"
Lando: "Am I the only one with a gold star on their uniform?"
Admiral Ackbar: "It's just for record-keeping. Okay! Let's go for it, people!"
Luke arrives: "Hey, is there anything I can do to help?"
Leia bumps into him: "Luke!"
Due to the previous brother sister thing, Luke lukes confused at her and asks: "What is it?"
Luke: "Ask me again sometime."
Leia: "What?"
Luke: "I know something about you!"
Leia: "Tell me."
Luke: "No."
Leia: "Come on, Luke! Tell me!"
Luke: "Nope!"
Leia: "Well, for God's sakes, tell me something about somebody!"
Luke: "Okay. Han runs an online employment website on the side."

Now a commercial for a homepage with a double meaning: "Economy got you down? Stressed out? Worried about your future? Sounds like you need a Han job. I'm Han Solo, and I have jobs for everyone. Come by and apply for your Han job, and I'll get you off and running. Other websites jerk you around and don't finish what they start. But with HANJOBS.ORG, we'll have you shooting for the stars! But keep it down, my neighbors don't know what's going on in here."

DVD Version 59.4 sec longer

17:26 / 23:16-23:37

A first scene at the ship.

Chewbacca: "3PO, why are you wearing a coat and tie?"
C-3PO: "Some people still treat flying as an occasion."
Han arrives and takes a seat, he seems to be deep in thought. Leia asks: "What's the matter?"
Han: "Oh, nothing. I just got a funny feeling I'm never gonna see her again."
Leia: "Who, the falcon?"
Han: "No, Elizabeth Hurley. just... I just think she's done."

21.4 sec

Audio modification
17:47-17:49 / 23:58-24:00

The Emperor swears differently about Vader's knocking at the door just after he farted. The animation is slightly different.

TV: "Damn it!"
DVD: "Shit!"

no difference
Screen for classification

20:49 / 27:00-27:03

Two more missing animations of the beginning of the bike chase.

3 sec

21:07 / 27:21-27:56

First a part of the chase including a gag about typical music for chases, then another cutaway gag.

In between, Luke says: "Oh! Can you play the theme from E.T., John Williams?"
John Williams and his orchestra appear behind him, also on bikes: "No, but I can do the theme to Entertainment Tonight."
After this was going on for while, a corresponding cutaway gag with the following comment from the off follows: "Celebrating birthdays today, IG-88 turns 27, Lando Calrissian is 42, and 'I Don't Like You, Either' Guy is 63."

35.5 sec

21:24 / 28:13-28:14

The beginning of the animation (some more shots of Luke's) is shorter.

0.8 sec

22:55-22:56 / 29:45-30:17

Transition to the following scene in the TV Version.

The DVD Version continues with another scene about Han and his entourage.
C-3PO says: "General Solo, somebody's coming!"
Luke appears and Han says to him: "Luke, there you are! Where's Leia? Have you seen her?"
Luke: "She didn't come back?"
Han is making a joke: "She probably decided to make like one of these trees and leave..."
Then he honks with the horn he's found earlier. Being done laughing, Luke asks: "Where did you get that?"
Han: "I don't know. I stepped on it earlier. It was just here in the woods. Been having a lot of fun with it."
Luke: "That's funny, because my friend lost his horn on the forest moon of Endor last year."
Han, now serious again: "It's not his."

DVD Version 30.2 sec longer

23:25 / 30:46-32:05

After Leia met Wicket, the Ewok / Tim (from The Cleveland Show) in the woods, the TV Version lacks an entire scene with Darth Vader and the Emperor. They're talking about misprinted t-shirts and Stewie's usual homosexual references are also an issue.

Darth Vader comes along with a huge poster and says: "Hey, hi. Me again. Hey, good news. The Death Star T-shirts finally arrived."
Emperor: "Oh! Sweet!"
But Darth Vader has to learn that sth. went wrong in the process of printing: "Oh, come on. Death Stab? Oh, for God's sake, Christie."
Emperor: "Why don't you fire that girl?"
Darth Vader: "She's actually, believe it or not, better than the last one."
Emperor: "I thought I told you to wait on the command ship."
Darth Vader: "Yes, well, the thing is, a small rebel force has landed on the forest moon, and my son is with them."
Emperor: "Kurt?"
Darth Vader: "No, Luke."
Emperor: "I thought Kurt was your son."
Darth Vader obviously tries to hide sth. else and says: "No, no, Kurt was just a guy I was hanging around with for a while. That wasn't my son."
Emperor: "What do you mean?"
Darth Vader: "I mean, he was younger, but he wasn't that much younger."
Emperor: "No, what do you mean, 'hanging around with'?"
Darth Vader talks his way out: "Oh, it's not... Just a dude, you know? Just some guy to, like, play ball with, and go to the movies, crash into real hard in the hallway. You know, just guy stuff. You know, just a bro, you know? Someone you can read the Sunday paper or share an orange with.
Emperor: "Honestly, Darth, I have no fucking idea what you're talking about."
Darth Vader: "Well, I don't know what you want me to..."
Emperor: "Look, just go down to the moon and wait for your son. I have foreseen that his compassion for you will be his undoing."
Darth Vader: "Got it. On my way."
Emperor: "No more of this Kurt shit."
Darth Vader (while leaving): "Yeah."

78.9 sec

Displayed text
25:17-25:20 / 33:57-34:00

Quagmire's comment is being translated by a hardcoded subtitle in the TV Version. In the DVD Version, no one knows what he just said.

Screen for classification

25:50-25:51 / 34:30-35:06

The TV Version continues with Luke and Leia reconciling.

The DVD Version also contains a shot of C-3PO talking to the Ewoks at the bonfire.

Most of what C-3PO says is Gibberish but some words in between actually make sense. And btw: those words are some of the lyrics of the main theme from The Fresh Prince with Will Smith: "...born and raised... ...most of my days... ... 'Maxing, relaxing all cool... ...b-ball... good... ...trouble... neighborhood... ...One little fight... ...scared... ...auntie and uncle in Bel Air. ...DJ Jazzy Jeff homeless."

DVD Version 34.8 sec longer

26:15-26:16 / 35:30-35:56

After the Mississippi thing, the TV Version continues with the following scene immediately.

In the DVD Version, Lois also says: "Speaking of which, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Darth Twitty."
The country singer known from previous episodes may perform here - including Vader's helmet on the head.

DVD Version 25.3 sec longer

27:45-27:46 / 37:25-38:52

The TV Version continues with a later scene immediately.

But the DVD Version goes on with some animations of the ships in space. Then Admiral Ackbar again. He orders: "All right. Stand by to jump to lightspeed. When we arrive at Endor, we will destroy the Death Star and then begin setting up the Ewok reassignment camps."
Lando complains: "I hate that stupid fish man."
Standing right next to him, Nien Numb / Rallo (from The Cleveland Show) mentions: "I say when we're done with this, we go over there and fry him up in a skillet."
He goes to light speed.

Another scene with the rebels follows. Han is joking around with a storm trooper for a longer period.

Han rock'n'rolls: "All right, here goes nothing. I'm going to sneak up on that guy."
He taps him on the right shoulder and runs to the other side. The storm trooper says: "Hey!"
Han smiles: "Gotcha!"
The storm trooper laughs: "Okay, you got me."
Han keeps doing it. This time, he points at the guy's nude chest: "Hey, wait, you got something there."
Then the finger in the face and Han is laughing again: "Oh, my God! I can't believe I fell for that."
His vic grinningly admits: "I know."
Han comes up with another gag: "Now, excuse me, I have to make out with my girlfriend."
He turns around and puts his own arms around his back, the storm trooper falls for it: "Oh! Sorry! I'll leave you two alone."
Han laughs at him again: "Nah, it's just me by myself!"
The storm trooper still likes it: "Oh, my God! That's so cool!"
Han suggests: "Hey, take your helmet off. I'll do 'got your nose'."
Storm trooper: "We're not supposed to take these off, but l really want to see that."
So he puts it off and presents a very tiny head. Han is confused: "What the hell? Your head is so small!"
The explanation follows immediately: "Yeah, that's why we wear these big helmets. It's a lot more intimidating."
Han: "I'll be honest with you. I don't like people who are different."
He shots him, then the transition in the DVD Version.

DVD Version 25.3 sec longer

29:51 / 40:57-41:09

A short scene with Lando and Nien Numb.

Lando: "What do you mean, we can't get any reading on the shield?"
Nien Numb: "Man, only thing l'm reading is Cat in the Hat. Damn cat! That hat looks ridiculous!"

Two more animations of the ships follow.

11.9 sec

30:14 / 41:32-41:40

Lando yells in panic: "Lando to Enterprise! Draw their fire away from the cruisers!"
But they just simply reply:
- "We're having tea, thank you very much."
- "Yes, tea."

8.5 sec

31:36 / 43:02-43:23

Further animations of the space battle.
Lando: "Look out! Here comes a squadron of PIE Fighters!"
Then a shot of ships shooting pies as ammo.

20.9 sec

32:08 / 43:55-44:15

The Emperor also says: "Okay, now fire at everybody else."
Lots of stuff gets destroyed.
Lando: "Holy shit! That blast came from the Death Star! That thing's operational!"
Nien Numb: "What's that mean?"
Lando: "It's fully functional!"
Nien Numb: "I still don't get it. I'm 5."
Lando: "Bang, bang, boom, boom!"
Nien Numb: "Bang, bang, boom, boom? Damn, that thing's operational!"

20 sec

Audio modification
33:10-33:11 / 45:17-45:18

In the TV Version, Seth Green's character in Entourage has been beeped. He's playing "An Asshole!"

no difference
Screen for classification

35:08 / 47:15-47:26

One of the storm troppers has a little exercise for Leia and Han instead of being a threat: "Okay, now you're in a laundromat, and there's only one available machine, and you're fighting over it. Go!"
Lois goes for it at once. She's shocked and replies: "Oh, God! It looks like all these machines are taken."
Peter responds with slightly gay pitch in his voice: "Oh, drat! And me with all my soiled underthings."

11 sec

35:43 / 48:01-48:09

Chewbacca kills another animal in the meantime: "Hey, speedy little hummingbird. You're so fast, aren't you? Oh, but are you as fast as this?"

8.2 sec

Audio modification
37:42-37:44 / 50:08-50:10

The Emperor's comment got modified one more time: "All right, let's everybody just calm the fuck down."

no difference
Screen for classification

Audio modification
38:29-38:30 / 50:55-50:56

Same here when the Emperor says: "Yeah, out the butthole!"

no difference
Screen for classification

41:20 / 53:46-53:54

Some more storm troopers get killed by the Ewoks. Then it's over and the remaining part of the scene with the Ewoks dancing on their tree houses is also in the TV Version.

7.4 sec

Audio modification
41:44-41:46 / 54:18-54:20

This time it's Darth Vader's comment that got censored: "Fuck you! You murdered me..."

no difference
Screen for classification


The final credits are compressed in the TV Version but that difference hasn't been considered in the process of calculating the length and amount of differences.

DVD Version 29.8 sec longer