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1.18 Beauty and the Beach

original title: Poketto monsutaa


  • US TV
  • Japanese TV
Release: May 19, 2011 - Author: Kurisuteian - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Since 1996, Pokémon is possibly Nintendo's most successful franchise and since 1997, the TV-series of the same name runs for more than 500 episodes by now.

Even though aimed at kids, there are some episodes that stirred some attention in both the US and Japan. Thus, there are some episodes that are shown only in Japan or that were 'americanized' for the broadcast in the states. Most famous example is the episode "Electric Soldier Porygon", which was broadcasted on 12.16.1997 in Japan. Near the episode's end, the Pokémon Pikachu is trying to stop a torpedo with its lighting-attack, during this scene, the screen flickers with a frequence of 12 Hz red and blue for nearly four seconds. After the broadcast, there were numerous complaints about headaches, dizziness and even reports about epileptic seizures that were traced back to this scene. Consequences for the series were a four-month broadcasting-stop, an altered opening sequence and the changing of said scene.

The episode "Beauty and the Beach", that is being talked about here, was left out completely during the American first run at 4Kids Entertainment. Only as the series was rerun on Kids'WB!, this episode was shown, but with a few cuts (see below).

The length of the uncensored episode (not counting opening and ending sequence and the intermission of some sort of 'Pokémon guessing-game') is 19 minutes and 15 seconds. There were 37.7 seconds cut out and 2.3 seconds retouched.
1. change at 7 minutes and 3 seconds:
2.3 seconds of alternative footage

The kitchen, in which Ash and his friends help out, is set alight by Meowth by pumping oil into the oven. For the American TV-run, the two barrels have been retouched so you cannot read they originally said "Oil" and "Gas" any more.

Uncensored versionCensored version

2. cut at 13 minutes and 15 seconds:
26.2 seconds of missing footage

Team Rocket are trying to win the prize money of the beauty contest at the beach, so James dresses up as a woman. To Misty's question whether James wasn't actually a man, she is being run off by Jesse. With a clutch into his cleavage, James increases his breast size and enjoys being able to present his female side.

Jesse: We'll take victory!
Misty: James! What are you, aren't you a man!?
James: I am. My beauty doesn't exist in men though.
Jesse: Annoying little brat! Go away!
James: Well, service, service... Look here!
Announcer: Two women have suddenly burst onto the stage! I personally do not dislike them but... Everyone seems to be happy!

Images only from the uncensored version

3. cut at 13 minutes and 45 seconds:
4.0 seconds of missing footage

Jesse notes that Jame's breasts were natural. James comments that Misty was ten years too young and presents his bosoms once more.

Jesse: Naturally!
James: You participated ten years too early!

Images only from the uncensored version

4. cut at 15 minuten und 16 seconds:
7.5 seconds of missing footage

Team Rocket and Brutella are retreating from the beauty contest.

Jesse: Those women are more beautiful than me?! This isn't funny!
James: I am prettier than...

Images only from the uncensored version