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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


  • US Theatrical Trailer
  • German Theatrical Trailer
Release: Jun 04, 2010 - Author: VideoRaider - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
I. Introduction

On February 15th 2008, Paramount Pictures released the long awaited trailer for "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". The trailer was released worldwide via internet and in theatres and was, of course, traslated into various languages.
When looked at closely, the different language versions have more differences than just the audio. In the German version, an American flag was cut, however, the US version is missing any threat from weapons (this was either retouched or cut).

This is due to a MPAA guideline, which states that in Green Band trailers (explanation follows) no scenes in which people aim weapons at each other may be included.

The MPAA also decided that no theatrical trailer may be longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, but every company may produce one longer trailer each year. Trailer being produced for the internet or TV are excluded from this rule. This explains the more and more common phenomenon of distinct internet trailers (e.g. the 4 minute trailer to „Terminator - Salvation“).

II. The US rating system for movie trailers

The MPAA rating systems falls into three categories:

Green Band

The Green Band rating is the most common rating, which studios aim to achieve for (almost) every movie they produce, no matter which rating the movie will get later on. Stanley Kubrick had a fight over several weeks with the MPAA to get the Green Band rating for "The Shining".The MPAA refused to give it the clearance due to the infamous elevator scene. Blood is an absolute no-go in Green Band trailers and therefore often removed or retouched (see e.g. the trailer for "Kill Bill: Volume I"). Kubrick refused to cut the blood out, but instead convinced the MPAA that it was rusty water. The MPAA believed it and up to date "The Shining" has the only Green Band trailer in which blood can be seen - and in what amount!

Yellow Band

The Yellow Band rating was introduced in April 2007 ("Rob Zombie’s Halloween" was the first movie to receive it) and is only relevant for viewers on the internet (it is not a rating for cinemas). There are Yellow Band trailers for movies like "The Strangers", "Burn After Reading" or "The Unborn2.

Red Band

Red Band trailer are usually only produced for movies which are sure to get a R-, X- or NC-17 rating. Usually, there is one Green Band trailer to reach the masses and an additional Red Band trailer for the hardcore fans (as seen with "John Rambo"). Red Band trailer may only be shown before X-, R- and NC-17 rated movies. Many US cinema chains have a certain family codex and do not show them at all. In March 2008, Regal Entertainment Group, the biggest of the cinema chains in the US, announced that it would show them again.

III. Censorship report

Comparison between the US theatrical trailer (Green Band) and the German theatrical trailer (FSK 12).

Both versions were released by Paramount.
The US version is always on the left side, the German version on the right side.

After the On May 22 overlay, there is an American flag which has been cut out of the German (and international) version. The rest of the scene (the convoi) has been slowed down to compensate this.

The flying flag is logical because it suggests that a major part of the movie actually takes place in the US and the flag is the visual introduction for this. Before this, there are snippets from the earlier Indy movies shown, also involving a map. It stays unclear why this was removed.
No difference in time

Alternative footage: There are less soldiers around Indy in the US version.
No difference in time

Alternative footage: The Russians do not aim at Indy and Ray. Three of them were removed completely, the others had their posture changed. The US version has also been zoomed in, probably to reduce the costs for retouching.
[FETT}No difference in time

A small comparison between the two scenes. The US version (red border) was put onto the German version's image and was made opaque.

Alternative footage: Again, the Russian soldiers point their guns to the ground.
No difference in time