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  • Cinema Cut
  • Extended Cut
Release: Jul 09, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the uncut Cinema Cut and the uncut Extended Cut (both availabe on the German "Eyecatcher Movies" DVD).

There are 21 differences with a total length of 13 minutes and 56 seconds:

18 cuts = 13 minutes and 46 seconds
3 alternate scenes = 10 seconds

In the US, Robert Englund's solid debut as a director was 14 minutes shorter in movie theaters. This version is knows as "Cinema Cut" and it misses some smaller and some bigger plot elements but most of them are completely superfluous so I take it the footage was removed for pace reasons. A longer "Extended Version" was released on VHS and Laserdisc. As a detailed comparison shows, the Laserdisc Version is based on the Extended Version and yet it's not completely uncut - as the comparison shows. Whether or not the VHS is completely uncut is unknown. The DVD only contains the "Cinema Cut", a decent release of the "Extended Cut" hasn't been announced yet. In Germany, both the "Cinema Cut" and the "Extended Version" are available on the DVD released by Eyecatcher Movies. The VHS wasn't uncut either by the way.
2 Min
The store owner closes the door. Several exterior shots of some kind of esoteric store follow. Subsequently the store owner sitting alone at the counter plus and older man at a pay phone.
40 sec

2 Min
Now he's in the back alley. He encounters a fiend and gets rids off him. He keeps walking until he finally goes in a house.
36.5 sec

12 Min
Lucy tells Hoax to bring some kind of barrel for the fish fallen from the sky. Hoax gets the empty trashcan and they fill up with fish.
19 sec

12 Min
Lucy is looking for a particular phone numner. As soon as she's found it, she starts dialing.
14 sec

12 Min
Hoax comes in Angela's office and tells her he'd done anything he was supposed to do, just like she had requested. Angela is glad to hear it. She adds she knew he was the right for the job all along. Hoax shyly asks if she had anything else for him. Angela says she didn't and wants to know if they could meet again after lunch. But Hoax is too shy to even respond to that which is why she says bye. Being flattered, Hoax leaves the office.
54 sec

13 Min
At the end, Lucy tells Marty he was always welcome in her modest little cottage. The Cinema Cut contains a part of the previous scene from the Extended Cut instead.
CC: 6 sec
EC: 2 sec

Cinema CutExtended Cut

16 Min
Extended shot of Marty and Lucy discussing the fish incident.
27 sec

16 Min
Lucy keeps talking to Marty about her creepy experience. But Marty is sceptical which upsets Lucy because she doesn't like being called a liar. Marty justfies his reaction by explaining his job had made him listen to the weirdest stories and all of them turned out to be ludacris. Then he says he was going to write an article about it if she had proof. They go over to the fridge and Lucy opens the freezer with frozen fish in it. Marty asks if those were all, so Lucy opens the fridge and loads of fish fall out in Marty's direction. Marty slips and hits the ground. Lying there, he's completely surrounded by dead fish. Lucy's cats come along in order to eat the fish but she chases them off because the fish was fish from God. Change of scenery: Spike is lying on his bike. Suzie arrives and says hi but he doesn't remember her so she introduces. When Spike does remember her, he asks if there was no better place to meet. Suzie tells him to come with something. Spike gets off his bike and approaches her.
200 sec

16 Min
Spike wants to know from Suzie whether she always hits on guys like that. She resonds with a simple "sometimes".
8 sec

18 Min
Lucy and Marty are talking about the fish incident and that it was soon to be in the newspaper. Lucy gives him instructions how she'd like to see the story written. Marty says she was going to be on the frontpage. He adds her name was kept a secret but it wouldn't influence the layout because the editors dealt with that. He intends to sit on the sofa but the parrot asks he to get up. So he does, notices the sound of a motorbike outside and looks out of the window. He sees Spike on his way to his apartment. Marty wants to know from Lucy if the guy with the bike was her son. She explains he was her nephew and tells him to better keep his distance because he was bad luck and also vicious. Then Marty asks if she'd prayed for him the night before when the fish incident occured and if he'd been there last night as well. Lucy explains it had only been her and her son Hoax. Marty tells her he'd like to talk to her son. Change of scenery: among other things, Marty talks to Hoax about Spike and where he'd spent the night when the fish incident occured. Hoax explains Soike had been with his mom outside and he (Hoax) had been eating and the first one noticing the fish coming down. Marty looks kind of confused because Lucy told him differently.
176 sec

20 Min
Marty drives along the road and parks in front of the bar.
18 sec

24 Min
Extended shot of Spike snooping around in his pockets. In the Cinema Cut, a car is being started instead.
no difference

Cinema CutExtended Cut

24 Min
The shot of Spike on his knees in order to pick up his money is longer as well.
3 sec

25 Min
Wendy also tells Spike he'd been with his aunt and that a lot of weird things had occured at her house. Spike gets angry and says it was his house and his aunt was just his legal guardian until he was of legally an adult. Marty says it was alright and he was fine with it. As compensation, the Theatrical Version shows Spike eating crackers.
CC: 3 sec
EC: 17 sec

Cinema CutExtended Cut

29 Min
Spike arrives on his bike and stops. He gets off the bike and walks to his apartment. Suzie follows him and wants to know where he was going.
14 sec

30 Min
Spike and Suzie are on their way to his apartment upstairs. Meanwhile, Hoax is on Spike's bed. He's looking at the map from the esotheric store. When Spike tries to sneak up to him, the noise of squeaking wooden step tips Hoax off. Hoax gets scared and hides the map in a pipe sticking out of the wall. Suzie notices the wabbling pipe from outside. Spike enters the room while Hoax is whistling like nothing happened. Spike wants to know what he was doing there. Hoax explains he thought he'd seen someone but Spike doesn't believe him and tells him to empty his pockets. Hoax shows him his empty pockets. Then Spike says he was always broke and gives him a few bucks. Hoax says thanks, then Spike sends him out. Suzie calls Spike's name and says they were going to be late. Meanwhile, Hoax hurries past her and she watches him leave.
58 sec

48 Min
Marty is having a chat with Angela in his office. He tells her he was a reporter and he was on something big. He asks for her help and wants to know where Spike was and that he was going to invite her for dinner in return.
53 sec

53 Min
Marty's conversation with Mr. Dark is longer. Marty says there was a lot going on around there. Mr. Dark responds that's how it had to be and they were both working in the same area. After Marty asked him what made him think that, Mr. Dark explains if he told the people what they wanted to hear they're usually with him. Then he asks Marty to go to his office with him.
40 sec

53 Min
Mr. Dark is talking to an upset customer. With no interest at all, he gets rid off him pretty qucickly. Then he wants to know if Marty had any further questions.
33 sec

60 Min
At dinner, Marty tells Angela about prior incidents of raining fish and people who had witnessed the whole thing.
24 sec

60 Min
Angela claims she wasn't an atheist although she had lived in a convent for 12 years but she certainly didn't believe in miracles. Marty corrects her and says he wasn't talking about miracles but warnings.
23 sec