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1.16 The Broken Seal

original title: Naruto: 1.16 解放された封印


  • US TV Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: May 04, 2011 - Author: Jim - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB - more from this series
There is no time difference in this episode. Differences due to the new opening and ending are not counted.

On September 10th in 2005 the smash hit anime "Naruto" made its debut in the "Toonami" program of Cartoon Network. However, for a lower rating some editing was necessary.
Yet, the level of editing is really moderate (especially compared to the German one, which contains almost not a single drop of blood and is HEAVILY censored). For the most part only some blood was removed or its amount reduced. The fights themselves are usually completely intact.
Besides that the US version had some scenes redrawn in order to correct faces of characters or other minor "mistakes" and make the series more look like the manga.

Of course the US version has its own opening and ending, which is resented by many fans because its music background doesn’t sound as good as the original songs. Besides that, all the original names were kept, but some are spelled or pronounced incorrectly.
Nevertheless, the US version is very good – at least for a censored version.

The comparison goes as follows:
Left: Japanese version
Right: US version

About the episode: As expected the impact of Haku’s needle attack was slightly censored, but moderately. However, it is interesting that in the long shot of Sasuke all needles are missing, although they apparently weren’t considered a problem in other parts of the episode. Even needles that are stuck in Sasuke’s throat are shown several times after the censored shots.
The animation of Haku coming out of the mirror was redrawn.

no time difference

The needles in Sasuke’s body as well as the rather small puddle of blood were retouched.

no time difference

Two needles in Sasuke’s arm were removed. They are also missing from the zoom-in in the next scenes. Furthermore, a different part of the picture was zoomed-in on.

no time difference

The needles in Sasuke’s throat were also removed.

no time difference

The US-version zooms in on Naruto’s face when he says that he would kill.

no time difference

Correction: The shape of Naruto’s teeth was redrawn.
In the following shot Naruto’s beard was smoothed out.

no time difference

In the scene where Naruto moves his head up, the beard was again smoothed.

no time difference


no time difference