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  • Theatrical version
  • Extended edition
Release: Apr 09, 2008 - Author: Mastermind_DD - Translator: Ryker - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison of the Theatrical Edition (TE) and the Extended Edition (EE).

Unless otherwise noted, all times given are related to the Extended Edition.

The EE (not including end credits) is a total of 24 minutes, 43 seconds longer than the TE.

The characters Bishop Aringarose, Silas and Bezu Fache are the ones that profit most from this extension. It allows us to find out considerably more about the shady schemes for Aringarosa and Opus Dei behind the Pope's back. More details about Silas' motives and background are given. In the TE this was clearly too short. Fache's connection to Opus Dei is made clearer and the scene, in which he apologises to Sophie and Langdon for his blind obedience, enhances his character considerably.

A great deal of further background information is also provided. It would, however, have been nice if Sophie's character had been fleshed out a little more. She has a strong scene in the Louvre, but sadly it still does not do justice to the character portrayed in the book. All in all, the EE provides a much more wholesome story than the TE.

Viewers who already found the theatrical version too long, have not read the book and are not interested in the backgrounds to the stories would be better off avoiding the EE. Others like me, who practically devoured the book whole and were rather disappointed by the TE, should give the EE a chance. There's still a lot missing from the book, e.g. Sophie's brother, the role of Andre Vernet, but this version makes the film a bit more worth seeing.
Lt. Collet approaches Langdon's table with a cigar in his mouth. You can Dan Brown and Charlie Rose among the attendees at the book-signing session.
13 seconds

Langdon is picked up by Fache at the door of the Louvre. Both of them walk to the elevator. In the EE, the scene is somewhat longer and the discussion is extended. Langdon explains that he met Sauničre during a panel discussion and that they rarely agreed on anything.
13 seconds

Langdon and Fache exit the elevator. In the TE they enter the Grand Gallerie immediately. In the EE they first walk down a corridor and have a brief discussion about security technology. At the end of the cut the camera lingers on a single picture.
28 seconds

The discussion in the airplane between Aringarosa and Michael has been extended. We are now informed that Opus Dei has a $47m building serving as their headquarters in New York, that there are special residences and that the order is sometimes known as God's Mafia.
Difference to TE: 28 seconds

As Fache asks Langdon about the meaning of the pentagram on Sauničre's chest, Langdon also explains that the symbol has existed for thousands of years and has many different meanings.
11 seconds

[NEED EXPLANATION]Langdon sagt noch, dass Religionswissenschaftler vom göttlich weiblichen sprechen.
2 seconds

Langdon on the way to the bathroom. You can see him on the way. In the TE he is there right away.
4 seconds

This scene has been extended. Sophie also says to Langdon that Fache thinks that he did it. He brought him to the crime scene in the hope that he might give himself up.
Difference to TE: 10 seconds

Lt. Collet looks at a computer monitor displaying the signal from Langdon's beacon.
10 seconds

It becomes possible to see that Fache has run into Sauničre's office. There is apparently some kind of command center set up there.
4 seconds

Sophie says that the alarm was triggered at 8, but that Langdon only held his speech at 9 and that the "Do Not Disturb" lamp was lit outside his room until 8.30.
9 seconds

The scene starts with Langdon asking "who are you?" In the TE, Sophie immediately starts talking about the letters PS. In the EE the scene is extended. Sophie says that Sauničre used the Fibonacci sequence to ensure that the decryption department and as such Sophie were involved. Langdon considers this to be a bold theory.
Difference to TE: 22 seconds

The scene in which Sophie explains the meaning of the PS to Langdon has been changed. The dialogue is by and large the same, but the camera movements and Sophie's movements are different. Sophie also takes the sheet of paper from Langdon's hand.
Difference to TE: 6 seconds

Langdon goes to the sink and places the bug next to the soap.
3 seconds

Lt. Collet tells Fache that Cryptology has cracked the code. Fache says that Sophie has already managed it and that he should have fired her for interfering in his work.
10 seconds

Views of Sauničre's corpse
There are four shots of Sauničre's corpse, meaning that we see more in the EE than in the TE. Image 1 is for the TE and image 2 the TE. As you see, the images in both versions are shown again.
KV 00:20:58 / TE 00:23:55

KV 00:21:17 / TE 00:24:13

KV 00:21:21 / TE 00:24:16

KV 00:21:35 / TE 00:24:31

Sophie looks at her grandfather for longer and says that he didn't find her in time.
8 seconds

Langdon sees the crumpled piece of paper on the floor. He briefly thinks, goes to it and picks it up.
7 seconds

Langdon looks at the piece of paper again and says "This can't be. Is it so simple?" We can see that both are standing right next to Sauničre's corpse.
4 seconds

Langdon and Sophie stand before the Mona Lisa for longer. Sophie says that Sauničre had spoken of the sacred feminine during his last visit. She looks around with the help of her flashlight and finds blood.
16 seconds

Voices can be heard. The police have found Langdon and Sophie. In the TE we can only see how a police officer comes running into the empty help. Langdon and Sophie run down a flight of steps. In the EE this scene has been considerably extended. The police officer sees Langdon and Sophie in the hall. Sophie uses the da Vinci painting "Virgin of the Rocks" as a shield. Sophie threatens to destroy the painting. She is very convincing, as the police officer slides the weapon to Sophie. They run.
Difference to TE: 57 seconds

After Sophie has lost the pursuers, she says that they will not get far with the car and that Fache hates being outsmarted.
14 seconds

Silas' flashback is extended. We learn that he was able to escape from prison due to an earthquake. While escaping, he collapses and is found by an unknown man (Aringarosa).
14 seconds

A Cop finds the left behind car at Garde du Nord. After a short cut we see Fache in front of the Louvre knocking the stuffing out of the cop, who let Langdon and Sophie escape. He should have shot the painting. Lt. Collet is tipping something on his cellphone.

28 seconds

Arrival at the Boir de Boulogne. After Langdon and Sophie passed the gates of the park we also see some hookers and junkies.
7 seconds

Langdon and Sophie are walking through the park and more squatters are seen. He asks her, if the police is patrolling the park, which Sopie abnegates.
Difference to TE: 15 seconds

Sophie takes the money for the junkie out of her pocket.
11 seconds

After Silas stroked the nun to dead he kneals down and looks at her.
7 seconds

Silas finishes his prayer with "E nomine patris et fili et spiritus sancti. Amen." and touches the dead nuns forehead.
7 seconds

Bishop Aringarosa arrives at Castel Gandolfo. In the TE the council starts immediately. The EE afore shows him talking to the prefect. The dialogue adumbrates, that Aringarosa has something in mind against the church leaders. The prefect brought a bottle of wine from the Vatican´s cellar.
84 seconds

A short shot with view over the table to Aringarosa.
2 seconds

KV 00:38:46 / EV 00:47:13

In both versions we look across the table towards Aringarosa.
TE: (Pic 1) We se the complete table.
EE: (Pic 2) The camera is closer to him.

Aringarosa introduces his plans to the attendees. In the EE he says additionally freedom has a high price and that the mission has already started. He also says that the teacher is well informed about Prieure.
Difference to TE: 22 seconds

Fache enters the police control room.
12 seconds

Langdon and Sophie have left the cab and are walking to the bank. The EV shows them walking into some kind of courtyard. The letters on the banksign cannot be read, but we se the banner.
3 seconds

A new scene has been added. Aringarosa is still in Castel and talks to the prefect by the chimney. He apologizes for ignoring him. The prefect asks how things will go on and Agrinarosa answers that he waits for the teacher´s call.
37 seconds

Vernet says, that the accounts exist since the dawn of banking.
3 seconds

This scene was expanded. The TE shows the candle first, then the wall and after that a cross. After that Silas comes into the Frame. The EE shows the candle, then Silas in front of the cross and then another one of Silas´ flashbacks. First he cuts somebodies throat in a car. Then he shots another person in the elevator.
Difference to TE: 14 seconds

Silas stands longer in front of the cross and has another flashback. He shots somebody in a greenhouse, then Jaques Sauničre. Afterwards we see the murdered nun.
21 seconds

The dialogue between Sophie and the transporter is longer.
Difference to TE: 12 seconds

The transporter is seen a bit longer.
6 seconds

In the TE Langdon only asks what has happened between Sophie and her grandfather. In the EE Sophie has opened the door earlier to catch some breath. Then she tells Langdon that she always had to put her head out of the window when she got excited, so she don´t got sick. Her grandfather named her because of this fact a dog.
Difference to TE: 33 seconds

Sophie has a short Flashback. She is with her grandfather, solving a riddle and opens a Kryptex. Langdon says that it could be possible Sauničre maybe was hoping that Sophie one day would join Prieure. As the grail got in danger he turned to her.
12 seconds

Fache chats longer with Vernet in the hospital
26 seconds

Langdon and Sophie are driving to the Chateau. They agree with each other not to tell Sir leigh about the Kryptex.
31 seconds

We see photos of Silas´ victims. The telephone rings.
13 seconds

Dinner is served. Sophie doesn´t want to eat, although Sir Leigh insists on this.
17 seconds

While Sir Leigh is speaking we see in the TE (Pic 1) Sophies Face. In the EE (Pic 2) we see Sir Leigh.

Sir Leigh says from the off that it is about life and death.
4 seconds

While Langdon, Sophie and Sir Leigh having a cup of coffee Sir Leigh tells Sophie, that someone has to understand the Scriptures to understand the meaning of the grail.
17 seconds

Different shot. Sir Leigh says: A mortal human being. The TE (Pic 1) shows Langdon standing by the window. In EE (Pic 2) we see Sophies face.

Langdon says that there were christians who thought jesus was a mortal and other ones who thought of him as a devine creature.
5 seconds

Sophie asks if the coucil of Nicäa voted for jesus´ divinity.
25 seconds

The three enter the workroom and Sir Leigh explains that this room happened to be a ballroom earlier.
11 seconds

This scene was upgraded too. In the TE Sir Leigh only says "Opus Dei". In the EE he says additionally that the belt is very rare nowadays. Then he commands Remy to take the gun.
Difference to TE: 12 seconds

Sir Leigh asks himself, what the katholic church would do if they get scientific proof that the picture of jesus which the bible had drawn is wrong.
11 seconds

Aringarosa gets a case. He walks towards the pooltable to open it.
14 seconds

A piece of dialogue between Langdon and Sophie was added. Langdon plays with the Kryptex and Sophie tells him to go immediately to the embassy after he has landed. He promises to stay with her to the end and she says that maybe her grandfather might have forseen all of this.
133 seconds

Langdon writes something on a chit.
2 seconds

Lt. Collet tells Fache that he will take care of the flight controller and that Fache should warn him earlier next time.
17 seconds

Aringarosa talks with the prefect and tells him, that he will fly to the teacher to London. There the change of the opus dei will take place.
18 seconds

Langdon, Sophie and Sir Leigh reach the Temple Church of London. Sir Leigh refers that it was hallowed in 1185 and that the rest of london grew around the church.
10 seconds

We see Silas and Remy in a car. Remy takes a gun from the glove box.
13 seconds

We see the tomb of a knight with entangled legs. Langdon explains, that the knights with entangled legs had been in the Holy Land.
6 seconds

Langdon gets the booklet while the camera stays on Sir Leigh.
3 seconds

After Langdon opened the booklet, we see another short cut of Sir Leigh.
2 seconds

Another new scene. The police examines under the lead of Lt. Collet Chatteau Villet. There they find a lot of surveillance gadgets and wiretap tapes of the grail´s guards.
88 seconds

Langdon and Sophie are waiting in a room in Westminster Abbey. Evidence and photos are lying on the table. Fache apologizes for having blindly followed his belief and that there have been at least 4 victims and that Sir Leigh killed Remy himself. After he left Langdon says that man investigates history to stop the slaughtering.
163 seconds

Sophie says that she believes to have been in this church before.
6 seconds

Langdon and Sophie climb down the krypta. We se a tepmler´s grave from the 13th century.
16 seconds

The guardian climbs up the steps of the krypta. Meanwhile Langdon and Sophie examine the Krypta and discover a guild stone with the inscription "King of Terrors" and an endstone on the ceiling.
17 seconds

The TE now shows the guardian climbing the stairs.
Differenz zur KV: 1 seconds

Langdon and Sophie enter a room with lots of paintings. In the EE Langdon thinks that these could be paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.
Difference to TE: 30 seconds

We see Sophies face in two different shots. Langdon says that a DNA test could have brought proof without a doubt about descendants.
18 seconds

The scene in which Sophies grandmother reveals herself runs longer.
9 seconds

Sophie comes out of the church towards Langdon a bit longer. She says that the filaments are gone and her grandfathers´ last breath was for her safety.
Difference to TE: 6 seconds

Additional scene showing Langdon walking through Paris.
9 seconds

Additional scene showing Langdon walking through Paris.
18 seconds

Additional scene showing Langdon walking through Paris.
19 seconds

Additional scene showing Langdon walking through Paris.
15 seconds