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Day of the Triffids, The


  • US Laserdisc
  • Uncut
Release: Mar 23, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Laserdisc by Image Entertainment and the Uncut Version (German DVD by Carol Media).

A mysterious meterorite shower is the reason for huge parts of the population lose their vision. Furthermore, some new kind of flesh-eating plants preying on humans were created. Sailor Bill Masen still has his vision because he had eye surgery a few days before and because of that, his eyes were protected. Accompanied by a little girl, he fights to get from England through France up until he reaches Spain in order to find further survivors in some sanctuary. At the same time, scientists Karen and Tom are in some abandoned lighthouse, trying to find a way to take down the killer plants for good.

The killer plants end of days flick is quite charming actually, even though there are a few issues contentwise. But as soon as rubber monsters are ready to take action, The Day of the Triffids is grindhouse at its best which makes it recommendable for fans.

Unfortunately, the US Laserdisc is incomplete. When Bill and the girl are leaving the harbor, a few seconds are missing. Whether or not this is an intentional cut or simply a jump cut due to a reel change remains undeterminded.

Please note: Jump cuts with a length of less than 1 sec have not been listed in the following comparison.


Uncut Version (German DVD): 90:18 min (in PAL)
US Laserdisc: 94:07 min (in NTSC)

The shot of the burning harbor is longer.

Bill tells the girl they were going to the conference in Paris. At the harbor, there is a further explosion.

Uncut Version: 22 sec