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Shawscope Vol. 2 Blu-ray Box (US edition)

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The Covenant

Needful Things

The Truman Show

The Last of Us

Magnificent Ruffians

original title: Mai ming xiao zi


  • Celestial version
  • Arrow Video Blu-ray
Release: Jan 06, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Celestial version (represented here by the German Blu-ray from Black Hill) and the original version (included on the UK/US Blu-ray from Arrow Video).

- 6 relevant differences
- Duration: 7.1 sec

Several other master errors/"framecuts" with a duration of less than 1 sec each were not listed in the report.

In late 2021, Arrow Video released the "Shawscope Vol. 1" box set in the UK/USA, which included 12 films from the legendary Hong Kong film studios. In addition to 5 legacy HD masters from licensor Celestial, there were 7 new HD restorations here that did not have the infamous framecuts that can be found in most of Celestial's catalog. In several reports, exemplified by the comparison to The Five Venoms, where other reports for titles in the box are also linked. Since November 21, 2022 (UK) and December 06, 2022 (USA) respectively, the "Shawscope Vol. 2" box is now available. This time there are even 14 films on board, with 9 of them in new HD restorations without framecuts.

Magnificient Ruffians is on disc 5, along with Ten Tigers from Kwangtung. Already the difference in running time is clear here:

  • Previous Celestial master: 105:16 min (German Blu-ray) - equivalent to 100:35min in PAL speed on the Hongkong DVD by IVL
  • 2022 restoration from Arrow Video: 105:52 min (Arrow Video Blu-ray at 23.976 fps).

After subtracting Celestial's notes, the new Arrow version is still 01:02 minutes longer though. In a previous report for the German VHS, which was cut by 23 minutes, we had already noted a few moments and exactly these are noticeable here again. The added value is ultimately rather small - even though some may don't like it that it also affects minor details in fight scenes.

Running time details are arranged according to the scheme
German Blu-ray in 23.976fps / Arrow Blu-ray in 23.976fps

The German Blu-ray still has the Celestial logo at the beginning of the movie file.

+ 11 sec

In this case, the credits also used to be in white (instead of yellow like many other Celestial restorations). Still, the title and general design was a bit different. The Arrow master has no shading and probably corresponds to the original theatrical release.

German Blu-ray (Celestial version)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

11:19 / 11:11-11:12

The fighter on the ground can be seen earlier. When the sword is pulled away, there is a jump cut, probably that's why Celestial didn't start until the back part of the shot.

0.4 sec

A general note about the insertions that occur several times in the film when the main characters first appear: Again, the Celestial master had additional shading. Also, at least on the German Blu-ray, the spelling in the Latin alphabet has been added as well. Here illustrated from the 13th and 16th minute.

German Blu-ray (Celestial version)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)

66:29 / 66:52-66:55

A shot of the trio watching the fight is much longer. The three are still exchanging glances with each other.

3 sec

71:24 / 71:54

A long shot at the beginning of the fight is a bit longer.

0.6 sec

71:29 / 71:59

The same can be said about the next shot with stick waving.

0.7 sec

72:16 / 72:47-72:49

Guan looks victorious a little earlier in close-up as he fends off the staff with his chest.

1.6 sec

94:33 / 95:17-95:18

Here, a dissolve comes noticeably earlier.

0.8 sec

The end fade-in differs again. It also starts a little earlier in the Celestial version. After that, there are still celestial notes in the old master.

Celestial version 18 sec longer

German Blu-ray (Celestial version)2022 UK/US Blu-ray (Arrow Video restoration)