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  • Theatrical Cut
  • Extended Edition
Release: Apr 30, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
For many people, the more than 3 hours long theatrical cut of Peter Jacksons "King Kong" last Christmas already was an ordeal, especially with the detailed characterization of the main characters at the beginning in New York and then on the long transit to Skull Island. All the more remarkable it appears, that Jackson made an effort to create an Extended Edition, just like with the second DVD-exploitation of his three "Lord of the Rings"-movies one year later.
But he does not use the many deleted scenes (after all more than 30 minutes) but almost only new action scenes, missing in the theatrical cut for time reasons in parts completely.
Thus the fight against a giant fish and the first appearance of a single dinosaur are completely new. Towards the movies end King Kong's battle against the military in the streets of New York got expanded, however not in the dimension one could expect by the substantial deleted scenes, which hold much more material in store.
Without doubt the two new additional longer scenes are worth seeing, but they don't improve the movie, being a bit too leisurely tin the first half and in the second half to much accentuated with action. For the over-length of the movie is the fact responsible, that six bigger action scenes had to take place in the jungle and not only the detailed first act. Peter Jackson just does not succeed in restraining himself a little bit, in the Extended Edition a little less than in the theatrical cut.
Totally, the Extended Cut is 12 minutes and 20 seconds longer in 11 scenes than the theatrical cut. For continuity reasons one scene turns out 1,5 seconds shorter.
Shortly before the Triceratops“ attack, Hayes walks a bit longer up the hill 1,5 seconds

The group hears noises in the forest and people get scared. As the noises come closer, they start firing in the bushes until Hayes make them stop. Then a Triceratops lunges out of the coppice and attacks the expedition. He tramples over the men, flings itself all over the place and wreaks havoc. Denham, coming close to the animal several times, secretly films the scene while seamen are dying around him. 2,22 minutes

When Baxter tries to convince the men to return to the ship, Hayes, Driscoll and Lumpy gather wood for a raft to cross the swamp. Driscoll also shouts to the seamen that they need more rope. However, they rather seem inclined to join Baxter.
9,5 seconds.

Driscoll hauls another limb of a tree.
4 seconds

For continuity reasons the long shot, which shows Baxter finally walking to Driscoll, is missing.
- 1.5 seconds

The attack of a giant fish in the swamp and the errantry of the men and Ann Darrow in the jungle are new to be seen in the Extended Edition, in the following separately listed.
7:04 minutes

On two floats, the men carefully go across the swamp when suddenly water insects attack them and get on board. With kicks and the butts of their guns the men barely manage to ward off the creatures, although these seem to become more and more. Suddenly the creatures withdraw and it gets very quiet.

Something big seems to be in the water. The sea monster briefly touches a boat and the men panic again. Then the giant fish (as Jackson himself calls it)rams the float with Driscoll on board, lifts it, pushes it in front of itself and finally rips it apart. The men, carrying heavy baggage, get pulled into the deep. The others swim panic-stricken in the water. Under the surface, the fish again approaches.

One of the sunk men pulls off the baggage and emerges. Driscoll, who also went under, tries to keep the man from moving too much but can not prevent that the man gets devoured by the monster. Then the monster chases after Driscoll who barely manages to save himself between some roots. From the surface this is observed.

The creature emerges, drags one man along in its mouth and strikes several meters into the air. Denham shoots at the animal.

The monster snatches more men while the other can rescue themselves on land. Denham manages to film one of these attacks. Thereupon Lumpy is in contempt for Denham.

Shortly thereafter they again err through the jungle at land. Here we see Ann, bound to be close to them. They both seem to hear each other, but see each other as sign of new danger. Only Driscoll seems to assume that the noises are made by Ann and starts yelling when Lumpy starts to shoot into the jungle in panic. When checking up, the find out that Lumpy wounded a bird. So Ann and the men do not meet again. Lumpy gives the bird the coup de grāce by shooting it. After that they move on.

After the captain lets down the ropes to the men on the bottom of the canyon, the suddenly heroic Baxter shoots two spiders and urges the others to climb up the rope. But Jimmy notices the dead body of Hayes, takes his hat and bids farewell. Then Denham can be seen, briefly philosophizing about the last moments before death.
100 seconds

After King Kong frees himself from the net, he destroys one of the houses from where the seamen shot at him.
9,5 seconds


Because in the Theatrical cut the house still exists, the next shot with King Kong in the background got altered.
On the left Extended, on the right the Theatrical cut
No time difference.

King Kong chases the group down the rock.
11 seconds

King Kong chases Driscoll, driving in the taxi in front of him, a moment longer.
5 seconds

King Kong jumps onto the military vehicle, which shot at him just before, thereby crushing the officer. The common soldiers can rescue themselves from the wreckage.
6,5 seconds

One officer on a truck swears his team in the defense of New York against the monster, when King Kong runs past them and throws over the vehicle.
28 seconds