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L.A. Wars


  • R-Rated
  • Original version
Release: Feb 22, 2023 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison of the US VHS from Monarch Home Video (R-Rated) and the uncut US Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome.

L.A. Wars

Los Angeles is the scene of a hard-hitting gang war in which newcomer Raul Guzman tries to put drug lord Carlo Giovani out of business. When the streets are littered with dead gangsters, Capt. Roark keeps the order to put an end to this. Roark sees only one possibility and that is to bring an outsider into the organization. He thinks of the ex-cop Jake Quinn, who was dishonorably discharged from the service after he strangled a rapist. By chance, Jake saves Giovani's daughter Carla's life and becomes her bodyguard.

L.A. Wars is the archetype of a 90's video store action tearjerker that delivers on point exactly what you would expect from a film of such caliber. The simple plot serves mainly to pack many shootouts into the film with a one-man-army finale in which pretty much everyone gets shot over. The whole thing is enriched with hot sex scenes and splendid overacting, whereby especially the cliché of the Italian godfather is played out. Vince Murdocco (Flesh Gordon) plays the sympathetic hero, who goes undercover with gangsters, while the sexy gangster girl succumbs to him. In my eyes, a real genre gem. If you like action trash, you should definitely get this movie.

Uncut version on US Blu-ray

In the US on VHS only the cut R-rated was released by Monarch Home Video. In 2020, Vinegar Syndrome released the film on Blu-ray as part of the Vinegar Syndrome Archive series. The release can only be ordered through the Vinegar Syndrome store and is limited to 4000 copies. The Blu-ray comes in a sturdy cardboard slipcase and also includes a movie poster. Included is the uncut version of the film, which was pulled from a 16mm print. The picture quality is surprisingly good. The bonus material includes some interviews with the makers and stars of L.A. Wars. In May 2023 a new Blu-ray re-issue by MVD Rewind is available as well.


The burning Hector, who is tied to the chair, can be seen for a longer time. The following shot in which he topples over with the chair begins earlier.

BD: 3 sec


The burning Hector can be seen on the ground longer.

BD: 1 sec


The gangster who grabbed the pump gun can be seen earlier, before he is thrown backwards by the hit.

BD: 1 sec


The gangster is seen having sex with the blonde woman for a longer time.

BD: 19 sec


The gangster and the woman are mercilessly caught by the hail of bullets. Several bloody hits can be seen.

BD: 3 sec


There are two missing shots of the dead gangster and the dead woman after the gangsters stop shooting.

BD: 4 sec


The gangster at the front door is seen earlier as he is hit bloody.

BD: 2 sec


After the car drives away, a gangster is seen sitting at the barber shop.

BD: 3 sec


After the white car skids, the BD shows the barber slitting the gangster's throat with a knife.

BD: 3 sec


Raul flinches as Vinnie shoots at him.

BD: 1 sec


Rosa appears and shoots at Quinn's arm. Quinn pulls a knife and throws it in her face. Rosa falls to the ground. Quinn leaves. Miguel shows up and screams.

BD: 24 sec