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  • European Version
  • US Version
Release: Aug 04, 2013 - Author: Bob - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

The Movie

Contrary to other recent wickedly expensive fantasy epics, Jack the Giant slayer has a subtle Princess Bride vibe which certainly can never be any harm. Especially Elmont, played by Ewan McGregor, and King Brahmweel, played by Ian McShane with often humorous pragmatism, are a lot of fun. Hard to believe but Stanley Tucci as baddie doesn't get the most exciting part to play. This movie is serious and intelligent work which is quite an upside. There aren't lots of movie about a Princess that needs to be saved but the people at some point realize that the life of many subordinates is worth more than a single one - even though it's the life of a Princess. Probably a modern way to look at it in real life but movies are usually old-school in this particular matter. The Princess needs to be saved, no matter what.

Nevertheless, the movie isn't flawless. Hero and Princess are alright but the other actors perform on a higher level. The giants are pretty ugly (in a good way) and the scenes with them being in the clouds are funny as well. But for some reason, a huge battle was requires in the third act and that's just unfitting because the movie changes its direction all of a sudden. In this case, less would have been more. Less battle sequences and more coolness would have been great. Not only that it would have lowered the production costs but it would also have been accepted by the audience - I'm pretty sure about that.

The Versions

Interestingly enough, Roman (a visitor of our page) informed us about differences between the German and the US Version. He also had it confirmed by John Ottman, the cutter. John Ottman himself removed the footage for the German release.

John Ottman: "Yeah, the German version cut out anything with Fallon burning in the water. Apparently there's restrictions on people burning in fires in Germany."

It was also Roman who confirmed to us that the cut version was shown in Swedish movie theaters, too. Apparently, Germany isn't the only country that only got the censored version.

Although the so-called European Version does contain alternate footage and was released in more than just one country, it hasn't been considered an alternate version of the move.

There are 3 differences in the grand finale. The US Version is 13 seconds longer.


Elron shoots more bolts in Fallon's face. The European Version contains a further shot of Elront with the crossbow as compensation.
no difference

US VersionEuropean Version

The US Version contains a longer shot of Fallon in the burning castle ditch. The European Version contains a slightly extended shot of Officer Bald instead.
US Version: 4.5 sec | European Version: 0.5 sec

US VersionEuropean Version

Bold longer in the US Version. He doesn't make the slightest attempt to save Fallon.
8.5 sec

US Version