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Release: Aug 05, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
After the enormous success of the first two parts of the Disney Musical as TV Movie also in the DVD market, the studio now gave, besides the big budget of 33 Million USD as well a theatre opening, which also was a smash hit with almost 100 Million USD revenues only in the US. It was like a big reunion of a loved family because nothing was changed: the cast stays the same so one can follow them the whole way and also behind the camera the names are the same than before, but everything bigger, more colorfully and more shrilly.

In principle the low user rating of IMDb might be a result of this. Because everything remains unaffected there is naturally some kind of tiredness. Nothing new in the Disney field. Technically almost perfect but the audience stays untroubled by improvements or even interesting dramatic ideas. The stage prop is well composed down into the smallest detail, the dance choreography faultless and the songs have quite chart capabilities. Also the actors all participate again (I told you before a family reunion), if it is Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens or Corbin Bleu, who all got super stars in a row. Director was again Ken Ortega, in his capacity as Hollywoods most famous dance choreographer who gave his debut with XANADU in 1980 and got in the main public focus with DIRTY DANCING in 1987. Since then he worked with superstars of the music business like Madonna, Cher or Gloria Estefan and among other things arranged the opening ceremony of the XIXth. Winter Olympics in 2002. Peter Barsocchini was responsible for the screenplay who invented the characters and constantly developed them further. By the way, the 4th part is already in progress...

Now, in the US the Theatrical Version and an extended Extended-Version has been released on DVD. The only difference is an added longer sequence of about 5 minutes but with nothing essential news. A matter of concern is the short song performed by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in a duett. Both DVDs have the same rating, are in anamorph wide screen 1.85 with DD 5.1 sound. While the theatrical version comes up in the regular Amaray with the only extra documentation "Cast Goodbye: The Cast bids an emotional goodbye...", the extended version is more voluptous and is delivered in an embossed slip case. This contains as bonus disc a digital copy for activating the movie on the computer and lots of additional material amongst also deleted scenes. The best choice for all the fans.
58:46 Min.
The only extension in the „extended version“ starts right after the dance performance at the junk yard. While the theatrical version fades to the school on the next day there are some acting scenes in the extended version. First Gabriella and Taylor are sitting at Montez’ home and reminisce about past highschool days. Their mood turns when Gabriella tells about her uncertainty of the common future with Troy. Taylor tries to encourage her however her eyes are filled with sad tears. Taylor says good-bye, mother Montez takes care of Gabriella and manages it in her motherly manor giving her a little hope. Change to the Boltons where both families the Boltons and the Danforths joyfully party. But Troy too is taciturned. Later he goes to his tree house where he musing watches his parents in the kitchen intimately and happily fooling around. Finally this scene ends in a song which Troy first begins and then turns into a duett via computer trick when Gabriella also begins her part of the song at home. After the end of the song the extended version also fades to the school.
( 302 Sec.)