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1.11 The One with Mrs. Bing


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 29, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV-Version (taken from the Blu-ray) and the Extended Version (taken from the British DVD)

- 14 alterations, 6 of those including alternative footage
- Difference in running time: 85.6 sec

Almost every episode of this sitcom classic was released in an extended version on the US DVDs. For TV some cuts were done in order to trim the episodes to the usual format, however, some censoring can be found as well. In Great Britain, only the TV versions were released on DVD at first yet the newer "15th Anniversary Edition" contains the extended episodes as well and was used as a comparison here.

The new Blu-ray release is identical all around the world and contains Ė only the TV Versions, the extensions can also not be found in the bonus material. People interested in buying the series now have to decide: Longer episodes or better picture quality? The latter is really great on Blu-ray, rescanning of the original 35mm tape led to a brilliant picture and it is now also in the 16:9 format with more information on the side of the picture. On the other hand, about 2 minutes are missing per episode.

Episode 1x11 ("The One With Mrs. Bing") is about 1,5 minutes longer. Besides some minor shortenings, a few good gags were removed in the TV version as well. Chandler's mother makes a few more sexual allusions in more than one scene (despite the sexual content, this is probably not due to censorship) amd the introduction to her final chat with Chandler is longer as well. The added comments about Rachel's spelling mistake in her erotic novel are worth watching, too.
As is the case quite often, there is also one part which seems to have been visually enhanced for the HD version.
Alternative Footage

The part after the intro starts differently.

TV Version: Exterior shot of the hospital, Monica can be heard asking "Why did I 'Woo-hoo'?"

Extended Version: A first interior shot (zooming out from the ECG) with a little more dialog.
Phoebe: "It's all my fault."
Monica: "No, it's mine. And why did I 'Woo-hoo'?

Extended Version 2,3 sec longer

Alternative Footage

The guessing about the patient continues a bit longer. Already two seconds before this visible difference, an alternative comment from the off can be heard, which is also included here.

In the TV Version, Monica says: "Look at his face. I mean, even sleeping he looks smart. I bet he's a lawyer."

In the Extended Version, Phoebe first comments on the fact that his name is unknown:
"I know. I hate that they are calling him John Doe. How sad! It's like he's a deer, a female deer..."
Monica looks at her a bit angry and Phoebe adds: "Oh, I was going to stop."
Monica can be seen in a different shot than in the TV Version: "Look at that face. I mean, even sleeping, he looks smart."

Extended Version 2,3 sec longer


A bit earlier in the apartment. Ross is confused: "I donít get it. You guys donít even know this guy."

3 sec


The chat about the book Chandler's mom wrote continues.
Monica: "Oh, I remember page 79! Yow!"
Joey: "Oh yeah, the thing after the opera with the girl with the trick hip. Huh?"
Chandler looks at him angrily and he stops talking.

9,8 sec


Later. The group is still sitting in front of the TV, Chandler's mother adds another ambiguous comment.
Mrs. Bing (Nora): "Needless to say, he got a huge tip..."
Rachel: "Oh my god, I love her!"
Chandler: "I think Iím having a stroke."

12,3 sec

Alternative Footage

Ther TV Version shows only a cut to Chandler being embarassed, when his mother sits down next to him.

In the Extended Version, Nora briefly continues to talk to Ross.

Nora: "I heard about the divorce. Lesbian, huh?"
Ross: "Yeah."
Nora, to everyone: "Well, you know what they say: Be careful what you wish for."
Cut to the grinning girls (and the confused Joey).

Extended Version 11,3 sec longer

Alternative Footage

An alternative take was used when Ross puts down his glass. In the Extended Version, he says "Umm, Iím going to go to tinker town."

Extended Version 3,5 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version


Nora continues to tell Ross that he is attractive: "Yes, you are. And the fact that you don't think you are makes you even sexier."

4,7 sec


The EV features a fade over, whereas the TV Version fades to black and then a bit earlier to the following city shot.

+ 1,3 sec

Alternative Footage

The TV Version fades out quite fast after the shot of Monica and shows an exterior shot of the hospital afterwards, there is a continuous pan upwards.
The EV shows a rather static shot of the hospital instead, there is only a short pan upwards immediately after the fade over from the shot of Monica.

no difference in running time

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version

Alternative Footage

The scene in Chandler's room starts ealier, his mother comes in first.

In the TV Version, her statement that she just wants to drop off the books for Chandler's friends can be heard from the off during the exterior shot before. There is only a close-up at the beginning in which she asks "Anything you want from Lisbon?"

In the Extended Version, the scene takes up a lot more time and Nora talks longer and onscreen. The parts in brackets are those that can also be heard in the TV Version, the latter of those can be seen in an alternative shot.

"Hey kiddo, (car's running downstairs, I just wanted to drop off these copies of my book for your friends.) Autographed. And give you a goodbye kiss. So here's a kiss, there's goodbye. (Anything you want from Lisbon?)"

EV 12,6 sec longer


After Nora said that it would never happen again, both Chandler and then her repeat: "Really, really stupid."

4,8 sec


More chat about the spelling mistake in Rachel's erotic novel.
Phoebe: "What, she could have 'heaving beasts'."
Rachel: "Right, right. But in this case she doesn't."

6,3 sec


Immediately in front of the final logo, there is a last addition to that.
Phoebe: "Oh wait, wait, wait, no. I just got to the part about her 'public hair'."

7,4 sec