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Doom II

original title: Doom 2


Rating: PEGI 18+
Region: Europe

Uncensored original version
Rating: BBFC 15
Region: Europa

Release: Nov 23, 2012 - Author: The Hitman - Translator: Gladion
There is not a lot left to say about Doom. A game, which for over 20 years now either hit the headlines, relerased new and extended versions, filled modders with delight and is simply barrels of fun to this day. In celebration of the imminent birthday, the makers decided to create an all-round carefree package for its faithful fans and those who might become ones. The BFG-Edition offers the first intallment of the classic series, as well as the two sequels, including Add-Ons. Innovations are of course almost exclusively found in the youngest rendition of the series: an Expansion Pack (The Lost Mission) comprising seven levels, a stereoscopic 3D-mode and partly improved textures.

There are censorings, though. The level Command Control was censored as is known by now. In early versions of the level, the player would pass a cluster of computers which would descend into the ground and reveal they are formed like a Swastika. Later versions of this level had the computers rearranged. Part 2 has to put up with alterations in the secret level - just like in the German version or the Gameboy Advanced-versions.

The uncensored Original version of Doom II has been compared to the censored BFG-version.
General change

Medi- and Berserkerpacks
The red cross on the packs was replaced by a red-and-white pill-symbol.
Uncensored Original Version:Censored BFG-Version:

Level censorings

Swastika- and Hitler images
In the secret levels which reference the classic Wolfenstein, all the national socialist symbols were removed.
Uncensored Original Version:Censored BFG-Version:

The SS-soldiers that appear in the secret levels were replaced by regular Zombiemen.
Uncensored Original Version:Censored BFG-Version:

Level names
The two secret levels were also renamed in the BFG-Edition.
Uncensored Original Version:Censored BFG-Version:

Finally, the secret levels' soundtracks were altered. The "Wolfenstein (IDKFA)" map does not feature the track Evil Incarnate any more, but the song DOOM. The same alteration was made on the map "Grosse (Keen)", which previously featured The Ultimate Challenge.