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RoboCop versus The Terminator

original title: Robocop Vs. the Terminator


Censored SNES Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Genesis / Mega Drive Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Mar 08, 2012 - Author: LordAnubis - Translator: Tony Montana
Robocop VS The Terminator has been released for SNES and MegaDrive by Virgin Interactive. Some blood & splatter has been censored in the SNES Version but the Mega Drive/Genesis Version is uncensored. Most likely the edits apply to all SNES versions including the US version. However, we can only confirm the censorship for the European SNES version. If you have further information please contact us.

Compared are the European SNES Version, which should be identical to the international version, and the uncensored European Mega Drive/Genesis version.
Uncensored: on the left, Censored: on the right

Altered Image of the Title
The image of the title has been altered.

Removed Splatter Effects
In the Mega Drive Version, the hostiles explode bloodily. In the SNES Version, they just explode.

Blood Splatter on the Windows
When one of the shooters behind the glass gets hit, a scream of pain rings out and blood splatters against the glass. The SNES Version lacks it completely.