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  • R-rated
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 07, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Zuernling - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-rated version and the uncut unrated version (both represented by the US-DVDs)

R-rated: 79:42 min without end credits (83:12 min with end credits) in NTSC
Unrated: 80:08 min w/o end credits (83:38 min with end credits) in NTSC

- 3 cuts
- length of cuts: 25.4 sec

It's Alive is a remake of Larry Cohen's trash-horror-flick from the 70s of the same name, which back then was already followed by two sequels. Cohen was involved in writing the remake's script.

The prematurely delivered baby of a young couple (Bijou Phillips and James Murray) already creates a massacre in the operating room. The unusual case remains unsolved for the time being and thus the mysterious killer-baby can keep hunting merrily in the vicinity of its parents' home.

Even if this rough plot summary and the cut scenes suggest it: you shouldn't necessarily expect a fun-splatter movie.

To achieve an R-rating, some of the movie's bloody scenes had to be toned down. As usual, an unrated version, probably containing the movie in its original form, was released simultaneously with the R-rated DVD.

Runtime information refers to the R-rated DVD

Various shots of the badly battered hospital employees.
Also, the last shot of Lenore with the baby starts a little earlier.

11.8 sec


The splash of blood in the air can be seen a little while longer, then shots of Marnie getting killed follow.
At the end, you see the baby's hand sticking out of her mouth.

6.6 sec


After the shot of Chris, the whole scene of Officer Marcos getting split in two and the baby working her legs is missing.

7 sec