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Scream 6



  • US LD / VHS
  • German VHS
Release: Feb 08, 2010 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut US-LD by RCA/Columbia (R-Rated) with the German cut tape by Virgin/VCL (FSK18).

6 scenes have been cut what gives a total missing time of 2 minutes and 36.76 seconds.

As this comparisons shows even the US-LD is not a complete version and is based on the uncut R-rated version. This version is uncut in a sense of violence and blood but lacks a few plot scenes which are available on the German FSK18 tape.

Thanks to spannick who sent me the material for this comparison.
2 Min
The shop owner closes the door. One can see different shots from the outside of the shop. Later the owner is sitting behind her desk and an older man who is phoning someone.
40,08 Sek

3 Min
Jeff walks along the back alley. He meets a junkie which is shooed away. He moves on and enters the building through a door.
36,56 Sek

33 Min
Longer shot on Spike who picks something from his pocket.
4,68 Sek

33 Min
Again a longer shot on Spike who kneels on the ground to pick up money.
3,12 Sek

39 Min
Spike drives on his motorbike. He stops, gets up from the bike and walks towards his house. His girlfriend Suzie is following him. She asks him where he is going.
13,92 Sek

39 Min
Spike and Suzie are walking upstairs. Meanwhile Hoax is sitting on Spike’s bed and looks at the flyer of the shop. When Spike tries to ambush him he is uncovered by a creaking floorboard. Hoax gets up and hides the flyer behind a pipe which comes out of the wall. Suzie notices the pipe from the outside. Spike enters the room while Hoax tries to play the innocent.
Spike asks him what he is doing and Hoax answers he thought having seen someone. Spike is irritated and demands that Hoax empties all his pockets. As he notices that his pockets are empty he tells him that he is always broke and gives him some money. When Hoax thanks him for the spare bucks Spike wants him to leave and Suzie tells him that they are late for the cinema. Hoax passes Suzie who is looking after him for a while.
58,4 Sek