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Gladiator Cop


  • R-Rated
  • Russian DVD
Release: May 12, 2018 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Movie consumers that are served with a censored release in their domestic market are often able to find an uncut alternative in the US. However, there are some examples where that doesn’t prove to be true. Gladiator Cop with Lorenzo Lamas is such a case. It is cut in Germany and the UK, but film fans in those countries won’t find help in the US since the “R”-rated version is also censored. The very brutal fight scenes feature gruesome executions at the end which seemed to be too much for the MPAA.

The somewhat exotic rescue comes from Russia, where distributor Soventure has released a DVD that features the fully uncut version. It becomes clear that the “R”-rated version uses harmless alternate material in some of the most violent finishing moves.

Compared are the censored US R-rated DVD (by Monarch Home Video) and the uncut Russian DVD (by Soventure).

With 4 scenes that make use of alternate material, the “R”-rated version runs 2.68 seconds longer.

Alternate material
0:20:13: Instead of the explicit throat cut, the R-rated version shows the smiling Leo.
The R-Rated runs 0.12 sec. longer


Alternate material
0:48:04: As Mongol decapitates his enemy, the R-rated version shows Parmenion as he watches the fight. The uncut version shows how the head falls to the ground and the dwelling of the blood in its entirety.
The R-Rated runs 0.2 sec. longer


Alternate material
0:48:17: The uncut version has Mongol grabbing the head of his defeated opponent and throwing it towards Jodar in order to provoke him. The head collides with the fence and Jodar looks at his chest that has blood spurts on it. The R-rated version shows Mongol just waving his sword around and threatening Jodar with it.
The R-Rated runs 1 sec. longer


Alternate material
0:53:46: The uncut version shows the gimp as has the sword sticking in his throat. He falls to the ground gasping. The R-rated version chooses to show the cheering crowd instead.
The R-Rated runs 0.36 sec. longer